hall of games awards


Tyler Posey at the 4th Annual Hall Of Game Awards Red Carpet 15.02.14

Okay, so Stuart Snyder has been at the helm  of Cartoon Network for seven years marked with a lot of bumps and jolts and kept the network stagnant  ratings-wise for the most part.

So Snyder was at the helm when the live-action agenda went into full effect with disastrous results like the ill-fated CN Real that wanted to prove that Cartoon Network was “more than just cartoons” and the Hall of Game Awards, which hasn’t been fruitful nor beneficial to anybody nor the network as a whole.

So Snyder was at the helm of Cartoon Network that largely maligned and pushed serious action cartoons like Sym-Bionic Titan, ThunderCats, and Young Justice out of the way and pushed Toonami off the network altogether for about four years (it’s now on Saturday nights/Sunday mornings on Adult Swim, where it’s growing tremendously and largely outside of Snyder’s scope). 

So Snyder was at the helm of Cartoon Network when their competitors were growing and expanding beyond their core networks and creating new brands and channels while the lone CN spinoff channel in the US, Boomerang, was largely on autopilot until about December 2013. 

So Snyder was at the helm of Cartoon Network when Warner Bros Animation became more estranged from their corporate cousin by not telling them up front about lengthy hiatuses and premature cancellations. Oh, and allowing Thundercats, Generator Rex, Sym-Bionic Titan, Scooby-Doo: Mystery Inc, The Looney Tunes Show, Green Lantern, Young Justice, Batman: The Brave and the Bold, and Beware the Batman to have low-key, largely unadvertised end runs. 

So Snyder was behind the helm of Cartoon Network that brought some of the best new cartoons in an era (Adventure Time, Regular Show, Gumball, Uncle Grandpa, and Steven Universe) only to have them rerun to death in every open slot on the lineup.  Oh, and he pushed out great creators like Tartakovsky, McCracken, Faust, Rudish, Atoms, Greenblatt, Van Orman, and Hirsch. who felt at the time the network was moving in a direction where they weren’t wanted.

So Snyder was behind the helm of Cartoon Network that saw the network’s hours decrease 12 hours a week. 

After hearing that Snyder’s planning to leave Cartoon Network before the end of the month, I am curious what the network I love so much is going to do in his absence and if they’ll ever find their place in the world again and go to bigger heights. I’d love to see that happen. 

Just once I’d like to see a post-AOL-era Cartoon Network replacement boss better than the guy he replaces, not worse. 

So, au revoir Stuart Snyder. 

It’s been real.