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I have known about not being straight for a couple years, but only in the past few months figured out about being a lesbian. (I though I was aro/ace for a whole but then girls happened lol) In general I think I am perceived as being straight, and I want to change that. I am in a pretty accepting and open community, I jut feel like I haven't gotten around to really being out/ I don't know how to make that happen/ I don't know how to casually bring it up in conversation. I'm in 11th grade btw

I get u anon (I’m a junior too!). you gotta feel empowered–you set the terms, you decide when the mood is right, the power to come out is yours, and nobody else has the right to take it away from you. run through the halls with a rainbow flag on your back, pass out violets to the girls at school, or start somewhere telling people you feel safe and comfortable with.

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