hall of fame!


fucking christ I am sobbing

“If the men find out we can shapeshift, they’re going to tell the church!“

the part of adulthood that nobody prepared me for was how some nights you’re like “yknow what? i’m in the mood to cook a full 12-course meal for myself” and other nights you’re like “tortilla chips are basically an entire meal it’s fine”

me about my ocs in my head: engaging personality, developed backstory, relatable goals and interests, unique and well researched abilities

someone: so tell me about ur oc

me: *already crying* shes a lesbian and i fukcigng lov her,,

Learning modern languages: Hello! How are you? My name is Josh. I am happy today. Where is the bathroom please?

Learning ancient languages: Life is long and unbearably hard. Each day barbarians slaughter another member of my family. Pirates, sailing swiftly across the wine-dark sea, have kidnapped my sister and stolen our grain. We are starving. Oh immortal gods! Soon we all will die.