hall of awaiting

I dont know why Im so afraid of flying when there are FUCKING SUBMARINES. Like I know Im more likely to fly more in my life than ride in a submarine, but id rather be 35,000 feet in the air than in thousands of feet of water. Like imagine a fucking kraken ambushing the submarine, or like a pissed off whale ramming the submarine into a fucking trench. Id be sitting at the dining hall, eating as I AWAIT my death and the water slowly rises above my head. At least in a plane I have a 1% chance of surviving a crash.


As her guests started to arrive, Vanessa was up in her room. Slipping on the black lacy and diamond designed dress. Loving how it is fitting her curves perfectly. Even the Goddess didn’t need any make up or curling tools. Placing a gold grain on her head with her birth gem hanged down between her forehead she adjusted the strap like string across her bust a little before placing the neclace on. Giving her hair a shake, watching her natural blue curls fall down to her lower back. With a smile on her face, Vanessa left the washroom and down to halls of her castle. Sebastian awaits for her at the doors to the ball room. Smiling at her with a small bow or respect.“ You look beautiful, your highness.” The demon complemented. She gave a smile and small nod.“ Shy thank you Sebastian. You look handsome tonight. Thank you for setting up this party.” Opening the door for her she steps in as all the attention went on her. A beautiful smile as she makes her way to the throne. Her tattoos glowing baby blue.

Lily stood, as she said she would be, in the Entrance Hall awaiting her best friend. She was humming quietly to herself and grinned as she noticed Ellie descending the staircase. Admittedly, she was excited that they would be sitting together, and she wondered why they’d never done so before. “Hi!” she exclaimed once the other girl approached her, engulfing the older girl in a tight hug. She pulled away from her and started making her way into the Great Hall. “So, where should we sit? And I’m ready for everything you needed to tell me. Maybe. Assuming it’s all good things.”


...And Dance

@spencerreiddr: Dancing Prompt (ReidxReader)
Note: a continuation of “Our Song…” :)

The wedding went flawlessly, and my wedding day was already the best day of my life. But now, as I made my way hand in hand with Spencer down the walkway toward the reception hall, I found myself anxiously awaiting the surprise that was coming. After my laborious and fruitless hours trying to come up with a song that fit, Spencer had taken over. And, in true Spencer fashion, when he’d found it, he had refused to tell me.
I’d been wondering about our wedding song for months, and now I was moments away from hearing Spencer’s choice.
“Are you ready?” he asked with a small smile, squeezing my hand lightly. I smiled and nodded.
“Okay. Let’s go,” he said. He led me through the door to the sound of applause as our names were announced.
Mrs. Spencer Reid.
What a beautiful string of words.
And then, a quiet melody rose up from the speakers as my husband-husband!-pulled me in close to his chest and smiled down at me.
It took me only a few seconds to recognize the song, and by the first line, memories of the day I met Spencer Reid were flooding my brain and I wondered why I’d never thought of it.
“Spence,” I whispered.
“You like it?” he asked softy. I nodded, leaning my head against his shoulder.
“I love it,” I replied.
“Darling, I will be loving you, till we’re seventy,” he whispered to me, the lyrics he murmured matching the voice in the speakers.
I recalled that day in the trendy little coffee shop where they’d been playing this song. The day I’d seen Spencer, hovering near the bar looking horrendously out of place amongst the hipsters of the world. And I recalled the slight, quick smile he’d shot me from across the room. This handsome stranger with the beautiful eyes.

He looked heartbreakingly handsome in his wedding tux, with his new wedding band settled onto his finger, his arms wrapped around me as we swayed slowly. As the chorus to Ed Sheeran’s ‘Thinking Out Loud’ hit, he spun me out in a circle and then back in with a smile.

‘People fall in love in mysterious ways, maybe just the touch of a hand.’

I remembered the moment he’d walked up to me, three weeks later in the same coffee shop, and handed me a perfectly made cup of coffee, just the way I like it, and his long, slender fingers brushed against mine as I took it from him. His profiling skills had told him what to order. He’d gotten it perfect, and after that first cup of coffee, Spencer and I were practically inseparable.

“I love you so much,” he murmured in my ear. I could tell the song was going to end soon, and I didn’t want it to. I wished we could just stay like this forever.
“I love you too, Spence.”
He smiled into my hair.
“Happy Wedding Day, (Y/N).”
Happy Wedding Day, indeed.

Falling for you (Luke) - Request

anonymous asked:

Can you do a blurb when you and Luke are friends, but only talk a little bit when you are in school, but then he starts to slowly get closer to you and admits he may have a crush on you. Thanks :)

You awoke to the sound of the rain hitting your window outside, it was pretty dark and gloomy. But unfortunately you had to get out of bed for that hell hole they called ‘school’. Thankfully you were surrounded by people who made the day that bit better. 

Sitting in the school hall, you awaited the arrival of your headteacher for the assembly. Late as usual. You managed to get a seat closer to the back, meaning once this torture was over you could escape a lot quicker. Your eyes wandered over the students talking and giggling, which could have been you if your friends had shown up. 

“Hello.” A familiar voice chirped beside you. 

Your eyes met the blue colour of those who belonged to Luke. A smile now creeping onto your face, you maintained that calm posture and greeted him with a nod. “Hey.” you cooed. 

Leaning back further into probably the most uncomfortable chair possible, he positioned himself in what you could only assume was comfortable for him. “Noticed you were sat alone, don’t mind, do you?” 

Shaking your head, he smiled. You turned your attention back to the front as your headteacher had entered. His monotone voice echoed around the still room. Boring you almost half to death. He droned on about some of the usual issues that were being raised. Nothing new. Throughout the rest of the assembly, Luke had you giggling. He was telling you about his adventures over the weekend, you pretty much clung onto every word. 

“Shh.” A teacher interrupted behind you, but it only gave you and Luke something else to giggle about. 

The assembly finally came to an end, you and Luke walked out together, heading to your first class. You was slightly gutted that he wouldn’t be in your class until later, but you were sure you would survive. Considering you and Luke rarely spoke in school anyway. But when you did, it was definitely something you cherished. 

Lunch came around a lot quicker, you couldn’t deny that it was your favourite time. You sat down at a round table, waiting for a few of your friends to show up. “We gotta stop running into each other like this.” 

Turning your attention to beside you, you were greeted by a smiley Luke. “We do.” He dragged one of the chairs out, taking a seat beside you once again. “Don’t worry, I’ll be gone in a min. I know your girls would kick me ass otherwise,” He chuckled. Joining his laughter, you hadn’t noticed his hand was now touching your arm, until he spotted it himself. “My bad.” He blushed. 

You would never admit it to him, but you definitely had a little crush on him. Although your conversations were short, you enjoyed his company. He wasn’t like the other guys, he didn’t just talk to you to get into your pants. He actually made conversation and brought a smile onto your face each time. 

“So, I forgot to ask. How was your weekend?” He cooed.

“It was okay.” 

“Just okay?” He cocked his eyebrow. 

“I stayed in all weekend watching crappy films and then did some homework. Trust me, I don’t have the greatest of times.” You chuckled. 

Narrowing his eyes, he smiled at you. “Well that’s just no good. Tell ya what, how about next weekend we do something?” 

“Like what?” you gushed. 

Scratching the scruff of his beard he exhaled deeply. “Hmm.” you couldn’t help but giggle at his attempt to look as though he was so invested in his thoughts. “There’s a film coming out, that I actually wouldn’t mind going seeing. There’s just one problem.” He smirked.

“Oh?” You raised a brow.

“Yep. You see, my friends are out of town that weekend. And I don’t know who else would be interested in joining me on this little trip to the cinema.” 

Laughing once more, you joined him in this long think. “That is a toughie.” He nodded in agreement, keeping his eyes locked on you. 

“I mean, I guess I could cancel my plans and join you?” You smiled sarcastically. 

“How noble of you!”

You both laughed, as you made the plan official. Your friends turned up just as he got up to leave, flashing you a wink as he walked off. 

The rest of week was pretty much you holding back the slight excitement of getting to spend time alone with Luke. Even if it was in a dark room, full of other people, and you couldn’t actually speak because of course you had to be quiet. But it was definitely worth it. 

When the day finally came, you dressed in something casual, to avoid getting to dressed up. It was simple but cute. Luke said he would meet you at the bus stop, which he did. 

As you reached the location, he was already there. Smiling as he spotted you walking towards him. “Right on time.” He motioned to the bus coming up behind you. “Guess I’m lucky then.” You smiled. 

Luke allowed you to take the window seat, and you both chatted the ride there. He told you about his plans for when he leaves school, and you did the same. You was surprised to find out how much you both had in common. “Gotta admit, you’ve got good taste in music, Miss Y/L/N” He winked. 

“I blame my parents.” You laughed. 

“They listen to it too?” He looked surprised.

“God, no. It’s because of their music taste that I turned to the music I listen to.”

Both laughing, he let his hand softly graze your thigh. But blushed immediately afterwards. 

Finally reaching the cinema, Luke insisted on buying the tickets and snacks even after you said you didn’t mind. But he gave you the excuse that it would be more gentleman of him to do it. 

“Okay, but next time I’m buying.” You promised. 

“There will be a next time?” He asked, cocking his brow. 

You felt your cheeks flush as you hit the sudden realization of what you had just said. You was already making plans before you had even finished with today. 

“Okay. Next time, you pay.” Luke winked, easing the tension slightly. 

You had managed to stay quiet throughout the film, you wish you could of said the same for Luke. He would often distract you to talk about something relevant to what was happening on the screen. Apart from a few giggles, you kept your mouth shut. But listening to Luke proved to be more interesting than the actual film. 

“That was a good film.” He cooed.

“Really? I didn’t even know you watched it.” You chuckled, causing Luke to join in. 

“Yeah, yeah. I talk too much. I get it.” He pushed your arm, causing you to stumble slightly. “You hungry?” Nodding, he dragged you off to some small cafe that he promised had great burgers. 

As you were both sat at the table, deep in conversation once again. You felt this connection with him. Like, he was just the right person you needed in your life right now. You hadn’t noticed that you were now staring at him in complete awe. 

“Y/N?” He chuckled, snapping you out of your daydream. 

“Oh my god. I’m sorry.” You flustered. 

His cheeks were beginning to match the colour of yours, but he looked down at the table and faked a cough to hide his flushed cheeks. “So, there’s actually something I wanna tell you.” 

He raised his eyes to meet yours, his cheeks still flushed. A smile quivered on your lips as you began to overthink the many scenarios of where this conversation was going. 

“The conversations that we’ve had have with no doubt been my favourites. I feel like I can really talk to you, you know? And I want to be around you, more. I guess, what I’m trying to say is that I like you, Y/N. And hopefully… you like me too?” He nervously stammered. 

Your quivered smile soon enough turned into a bright beam. You would never have guessed that the confident Luke would have been the one getting nervous over telling a girl he likes them.

“I like you too.” You smiled, reassuring Luke. His nerves soon calmed down, and he was back to giggling about the plans for next weekend. 


i made this slightly longer than it was intended to be. But I couldn’t help myself :)

Anyway, i hope i did it justice for the one who requested.

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On the deserted western shore of the Undying Lands and facing the Encircling Sea and the Walls of Night are the Halls of Mandos where, in lore of the Eldar, the spirits of slain Elves are called to inhabit the Hall of Awaiting, until the summons of Iluvatar at the time of the World’s End. This is the House of the Dead, the vast mansions of the Vala Namo who is also called Mandos, the Master of Doom, who knows the fate of all. He is the stern Judge of the Dead, who only once felt pity, when Luthien sang to him. His wife is called Vairë, the Weaver. His brother is Lórien, the Dream-master and his sister is Nienna, the Weeper.


I was getting out of the last class when I saw a bus come into the parking lot. A lot of kids ran there to see what it wasall about. I had heard americans were coming but I forgot it was today. I remember when I almost got to go to Londob, but they cancelled the trip last minute. I had never gone out of Italy.

There was a little committee waiting for them when they got off the buss, teachers and members of the school board. As so many did, I too approached the bus to see who climbed out of there. The chem teacher spoke and said there were some activities planned for them, to do with some of us. It was all ready in the main hall, and whoever wanted could go along with the new kids.

I decided I could go,since I had nothing else to do. So we all went to the main hall and awaited further instructions from the teachers. The americans were placed in the left side of the room,and I was looking at them, some of them wore weird clothes but other than that they looked like us. I hoped they spoke Italian, because I had no idea of English.

Glue Guns and Glitter

Only a week and a half had passed since the Slashers and Ghouls had arrived at Crystal Lake, but Angela had been running everyone ragged with her list of camp activities. From wood carving to hiking, cabin repair to cookouts, wallet making to campfire songs and everything in between, Angela had let no minute of the vacation go to waste. At that moment, the group was piled into one of the activity halls awaiting to hear what Angela’s next plan was.

“So what do you think it’ll be this time?” Cody asked with an exhausted yawn. “Candle making? Pottery? Raising the dead?”