hall for public performances

  • Aoi: I was organizing some files on my Mac when the ab* performance at Shibuya Public Hall turned up....
  • ah, this brings back memoriesー. I wanna do it agaaaiiin.
  • *aoi with bon.cra-z: a session band with the members Aoi (vo. & gt.), Hiroto (gt.), Kazuki (gt.) Chiyu (ba.)and Jin (dr.) who performed (exclusively Hide songs) at the PS Company Peace and Smile Carnival 7 days in 2011.

The Beatles backstage following their performance at the Public Hall, Preston on September 13, 1963, and on stage during that gig. 

“To me as a young teenager, it seemed that they had arrived from another planet. I remember leaning up against the front of the stage when they played their first spot and the dance floor was almost empty. “John Lennon was holding his hand over his eyes, looking out and saying ‘Good evening, everybody, wherever you are’.”

“Paul was very chatty and Ringo was quite loud and funny. Every time someone offered Ringo a ciggie, he would take the whole packet off them and offer everyone else one.”
[Pete Morris, on the Sept 13th 1963 gig at Preston Public Hall, Lancashire Evening Post, 3rd Nov 2016]