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you: intellectuals think the same as everyone else, they just talk differently.

me, an intellectual: Although academic English is well-adapted to the low-context culture in which it is used, its inherent qualities are not sufficient to justify its relative inaccessibility; its use can only be explained as an expression of social status.

The Sanctum of Light, done for the @legionzine since books have been shipping and arriving!

Super glad to post this! And since it was awhile ago and I was doing a lot of things during that time, I’m thinking of revisiting and doing another piece of this stunning place!

(also shh, that’s @rattle-me-bones​ ‘ eseeria in the middle with ashbringer shh)

some really, really, truly good things about world of warcraft: legion:

  • suramar
  • the really heartwarming jarod & maiev reunion subplot in the creepy demon ghost jail in val’sharah
  • an actual tiny bit of effort being put in to making the class order halls be unique & have genuine character and charm, as opposed to the garrisons in wod which were like the wow equivalent of the evil soulless clone summer camp in that one animal crossing creepypasta and/or goosebumps book
  • arcanist valtrois, from suramar 
  • world quests which can sometimes feel like a chore but represent an attempt at max level/daily content that’s varied and brings you to all different corners of the map
  • lots of interesting and vibrant and wonderful female characters interacting and arguably flirting with one another at a frequency that would be completely unprecedented for blizzard if not for overwatch (2016)

some really really truly bad things about world of warcraft: legion

  • malfurion
  • that boss in neltharion’s lair who keeps shouting “tiny piddle; big puddle” and haunts my dreams
  • that one world quest that you’re forced to do every day before you do anything else in the game, including logging out, where you have to go on an awkward coffee date with illidan and say 5 nice things about him without accidentally interrupting any of his long monologues about how everything he’s ever done was actually really good and heroic. at the end of the quest he accidentally spills his cappuccino on ur blouse and looks kind of sheepish about it but doesnt apologize. also in the next patch they’re making it so that you have to complete this quest every 45 minutes to keep your subscription which i guess is very bold and very immersive  if nothing else
So I've got a story

So I have math as my first period and it gets really cold in that class in the winter because it’s at the end of the Hall and in a really secluded and separate part of the school. It happened to be snowing really hard outside, and the heater just decided to give out. This all happened before school started. So there I was, shivering in my math class because I forgot my jacket that morning and my math teacher busts out this giant fluffy blanket and throws it at my head. I gladly accepted his gracious gift and he even let me take it to my other classes. So I was just walking around the halls, going from class to class with this giant ass blanket flowing around me like a cape and the hall monitor starts to yell at me. I looked at her dead in the eye and said “I am freezing and I will fight you for this blanket” and she left me alone because she’s not used to students talking back to her. By the end of the month, the heater still wasn’t fixed and the trend had caught on so my entire school brought blankets with them and tied them around their necks and that hall monitor still hates me because she had no power to stop it.

And that’s the story of the time I turned everyone in my school into superheroes.


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Request: Hi! I know you just did a Fred Weasley x reader request, but if you wouldn’t mind, could you do one where the reader gets in trouble for kissing Fred in the halls before class, and has to go to detention with Umbridge and use her quill to write how they “won’t distract other students before class.” (Or something.) And after, Fred finds out and gets really upset but also super protective. If you can that would be awesome! Your work is amazing!

“What class are you heading to?” Fred asked, his hand intertwined with yours. 
“Umbridge,” you say with a sigh. 
You got to the outside of the door. Fred turned to face you. “I’m sorry, love, it’s only an hour though.” Fred leaned down to kiss you. 
You wrapped your arms around his neck and kissed him. “I love you, I’ll see you after class.” 

You walked into class to see Umbridge staring at you. You sat down beside your friend (your friend’s name) and continued glancing at the glaring woman. 
“What’s her deal?” you ask. Your friend just shrugged. 

You get through the lesson, but continue to get death glares shot at you. The bell rings for class to dismiss, but Umbridge catches you by the arm. 
“Yes, Professor?” you ask. 
“I saw you and Mr. Weasley in the hallway.” She pursed her lips. 
“And?” you ask. 
“I’m putting you in detention. When’s your last class?”
“Right now, Miss,” you say, annoyance filling your entire body. 
“Come into my office, then.” You follow the toad of a woman into her office, which was filled with cat pictures. 

You rolled your eyes and sat in a small desk. “You’re going to write some lines for me. Write: I will not distract other students before class.” 
“How many times?” you asked, staring at Umbridge. 
She smiled. “Until it sticks.” 

You picked up the quill, finding no pot of ink at the table. “Do you want to give me some ink or just write with my blood and spit?” 
She laughed. “You won’t require ink.” 

You began writing your lines and felt an irritation at your hand. You wrote about five lines before glancing at your hand. The words you had just wrote were carved in, blood dripping out of the wound and onto the table, before scabbing up once more. You continued writing, the pool of blood growing larger. The blood drips on your skirt and you feel the warm liquid on your thigh. You are covered in your own blood and that’s the last straw. 
“I believe that it’s stuck,” you say, motioning to the blood oozing out of your hand. 
“You may go now, (your name). Don’t let it happen again.” 

You walk out and storm back to your common room, trying to escape the stares. You were coated in blood. You made it to the (your house name) common room and ran to your dorm. You stripped off the soaked clothes and threw them on the floor, jinxing the blood off. 

You changed into leggings and your Weasley sweater. You walk out of your dorm and set off to find Fred. You find him running around the hallway on the second floor. You run to him and throw your arms around his waist, hugging him tightly. 
“(y/n) what’s wrong?” Fred asked rubbing your back. 
“I really do not want to talk about it.” You were seething and Fred getting overprotective would not help your case. 

The two of you head to the Room of Requirement. This is where you always went when you needed to talk or just get away from people. You walked into a room set up like a living room. Fred sat down on the couch and you laid down across him. Fred had the habit of playing with your hands. When he reached for your left hand, you jerked it away. 
“(y/n), can I please see your hand.” You knew he wouldn’t give in so you gave in. 

You sat up and reached your hand up to him. He grabbed it and read the writing. “Who made you do this? Was it Umbridge?”
You nod. “We have to go to McGonagall. This is abuse.”
He stands up, grabs your right hand, and the two of you walk to McGonagall’s office. 
“Professor, we need to talk, it’s very important,” Fred begs. 
McGonagall motions the two of you inside her room and lets us sit on the couch. 

Fred explains the situation and you show your hand, the words etched into your skin. 
“This is unacceptable,” she says, horror filling her face. 
“I hate her,” Fred says. “No one should have to go through that, especially not you.” He grabs your good hand and you lean against him. 

The next day is hectic and unexpected. McGonagall calls Umbridge out on her torturous discipline and almost gets fired for it. You go through your second day of detention and find yourself crying in Fred’s arms directly after. 
“We could run away. Start the joke shop. You could be our brains!” Fred said, holding you close. 
You laughed. “You sure don’t have any for yourselves.” 
“We could do it tomorrow. Make a big show if it,” Fred suggested. 

“Give her hell from us, Peeves!” Fred yelled as the three of you flew out of the Hogwarts castle. You show up at The Burrow, unexpected and unannounced. Mrs. Weasley is surprised to say the least. 
“Did you get expelled?” she yells. “What are you doing here?” 
“No, Mum, it’s not like that-” George starts. 
“Oh (y/n), they dragged you into this?” Mrs. Weasley questioned.

“Can we sit down?” you asked. Together, you and the boys explained the whole situation. Mrs. Weasley was infuriated by the end of our discussion. She stormed off and George followed, leaving you and Fred alone. 

“Have I told you I love you recently?” Fred asked. 
You wrapped your arms around him. “Not recently, no.” You smiled up at him. 
“I love you.”
“I know.”