hall ball

Our Summer of Steven playlist! 28 tracks and 43 minutes of music from the episodes “Steven Floats” through “Know Your Fusion”.

Please click through to Soundcloud to see credits for each individual track!

Aivi & Surasshu
Ben Levin
Jeff Liu
Rebecca Sugar

Deedee Magno Hall (Pearl)
Tom Scharpling (Greg)
Zach Callison (Steven)

Additional Musicians
Jeff Ball (strings)
Jesse Knowles (trumpet)
Kristin Naigus (flute)
Rekcahdam (drums)
Stemage (guitar)
Tim Teylan of The Consouls (saxophone)
Julian Sanchez of The Consouls (saxophone recording engineer)

★ Promo art by Joe Johnston

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Hall-North Model 1843 carbine

Manufactured by Simeon North in Middletown, Connecticut c.1844-55 - no serial number.
.525 cap and ball, Hall breechloading action with North side-lever conversion, saddle ring.

The last of the Hall series rifles, the first breechloading military firearms. These carbines were used by hussar regiments during the Mexican and later the American Civil wars.