Use of the halion sonic SE for some basic synth pad and siren FX makes a relatively easy task of incorporating MIDI into the track even easier. It is a feature that only exists on cubase 6 otherwise I could do it at home since I am armed with Cubase 5. Quantizing was also executed to create a breakbeat style staccato to the synth stabs. (tutorial 5)

-Colin Bunyan, Dec 13th 2011, LMU Headingley-


Halion - [Minecraft Build]

I fucking quit. I made a wall that looked half cool once. 

Chapter 2 of Don't You Dare Look at Him in the Eye

Derek’s instincts were screaming at him to pull Stiles into his arms, rub himself all over the teen’s  body until the scent of Duke was eradicated. But he held back, suppressing the urge to touch his face, run hands over his ribs, press their bodies together. If he gave in, he would be no better than Deucalion. The loathing he felt for the other man grew exponentially. He would tear him apart for what he’d done.

A Meeting With the Leaper Daemon

Halion’s footsteps echo through the ruin as he walks, his body tensed and knuckles clenched. His single, yellow-green eye looks about at the warped stonework making up the forgotten halls of Mehrunes’s Spite in a quick, almost nervous manner as he descends further into it’s depths, preparing himself for what awaited him below. Few things set the battle-hardened, cold-hearted captain on edge, but being summoned by his master was on the top of that short list.

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正直、アップデートだから買ったけど、Native instruments Kontactよりもこっちの方が軽いし、プリセットもなかなか仕える音色が多い。ただドラムは…..だけどw


This is what happens when you try to duo heroic Ruby Sanctum and have no idea what you are doing.  You push him so far into the twilight realm that he takes 800% more damage and you get some funky 1 million damage criticals.

We hit the enrage timer and I got one shot. But purgatory kept me alive for 3 more seconds, long enough to get that final death strike off.  Twas an epic feeling.

YOOO the closed species i’ve been workin awnnn /o/ ;u;
- as a race, they tend to be very superstitious. one largely held belief is that darker-colored halos, though they are much rarer, are a harbinger of poor health.

- halions with black halos are seen as bad omens for the family they are born to and while it is not a commonly-spoken about practice, these children are often abandoned in hopes that it might cleanse the family.

- while halions are generally very plain under their clothing, those that are born with more intricate or ornate markings, or showy colors, tend to dress in a way that shows it off, as it is an uncommon occurrence and seen as attractive. even those with off-color halos are often sought after as partners because of their perceived beauty.

- before a halion gets its ribbons, the two connected rings that will form the end of their future ‘tails’ simply float around them in free space.

- these halos are very nearly always interconnected – separated tail halos are seen as bad luck and damaging to the spirit.

- while the 'tails’ they use tend to be flat patterned ribbons, it is not unheard of to have other things to connect the back halos to the body, such as braids, chains, or strings.