halino perez


Seriously, we’re always in workout clothes together. But hey, she’s the only one ever willing to exercise with me!

Halino totally busted my butt at the gym! I am just a big jar of weaksauce. And now my arms and back are killing me :(

After treating ourselves to some lunch, I introduced her to the world of cheap Asian groceries!

1st day of Summer!

It’s always nice to catch up with her! I’m glad that she’s doing well <3

- Walk/Run 1.7 miles. Check
- Give Halino 6 mangoes and 2 pineapples. Check
- Visit Halino’s mommy, She loves meh. Check
- Beach. Check (We planned on boogie boarding, but once we got there we were too lazy / it was too cold!)
- Not wear a bra for 3+ hours in public. Check
- Stuff ourselves silly at Islands. Check