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This Day in Spacey History brings us some blurbs from The Halifax Herald regarding The Shipping News - in town to film a scene at The Herald Building where Quoyle is dozing off in the inky press room:

[In between takes, Mr. Spacey, 41, clowned around, tried to smear black chalk on a makeup artist and danced a little jig to the rhythm of the presses.]

[In a scene shot Monday afternoon in a staff lunchroom, Mr. Spacey had to chomp into a cheeseburger during numerous takes.

He related a tale of his first film dinner scene, which took four days to shoot. “You learn very quickly in film” not to eat a lot during takes, he said.

Asked if he had put on weight to play Quoyle, who is described as fleshy in the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel being adapted into film, Mr. Spacey said not really.

“If I’d really wanted to, I’d have had to start eating at the Economy Shoe Shop a lot earlier,” he said with a smile.]

We also learned that Kevin took scuba lessons:

[He also mentioned that he is taking scuba diving lessons for dream sequences in the movie and plans to get certified as a diver.]

This editorial cartoon appeared in the Halifax Chronicle Herald today. On a day when very few could formulate words to express their feelings about the horrific events of yesterdays attack in Ottawa Bruce MacKinnon captured the emotions of the nation perfectly. 

Cette caricature est apparu dans le Halifax Chronicle Herald aujourd'hui. Un jour où très peu pourraient formuler des mots pour exprimer leurs sentiments sur les terribles événements de hiers attaque dans Ottawa Bruce MacKinnon a capturé parfaitement les émotions de la nation.

From Dr. Seuss & Mr. Geisel: Miles Davis, the jazz trumpeter, died four days after Dr. Seuss, and Canadian newspaper cartoonist Bruce MacKinnon drew the two men meeting on a heavenly cloud. Both had acquired wings. Davis, holding his trumpet, wore his trademark slouch hat, and Ted his trademark bow tie. “So you’re Dr. Seuss,” Davis said. Ted replied, “So you’re the cat in the hat.” (Courtesy Bruce MacKinnon and The Chronicle Herald in Halifax, Nova Scotia)