- boukoku no akito finally ends. i was expecting that they’ll include up until suzaku pwns EU (he’s the white shinigami after all), but eh, at least this ended in a happier note
- surprising hyuga/jean moment, i didn’t expect hyuga to be dere in the end orz
- yukiya lives and ashley is part of the gang, all is well
- i didn’t expect akito/leila to be canon w/a happy ending, (it doesn’t help that i’m just meh and neutral about them) but at least. it wasn’t a downer ending to their love story.

but who cares about all those.

holy shit suzalulu lives on!!!!

- well yeah, suzaku tried to kill/choke lelouch earlier on, but this makes up for it orz
- “let’s return together, to nunnaly” mY HEART suzaku stop being dere
- suzaku letting lelouch sleep on his shoulder i cannot take this asdfdflhjd
- and this very cute and sweet scene happened after the title card of “to beloved ones”, right after the canon kiss of akito/leila. was that a hint, sunrise? ahahaha

- bonus: i was wondering how they’d escape the prison. surprise, a wild rolo appears!