There is the kiss of welcome and of parting, the long, lingering, loving, present one; the stolen, or the mutual one; the kiss of love, of joy, and of sorrow; the seal of promise and receipt of fulfillment.

~ Thomas C. Haliburton

~ Artist Adam Martinakis
~ George RedHawk animation

Highlands cottage weekend...

Was wonderful! We drove through Wilberforce - the Geocaching Capital of Canada - on our way to my aunt and uncle’s place. We’ve never been there before and it’s been YEARS since I was in the Highlands. We have to go back because apparently they have some pretty awesome waterfalls up there!

Water was a balmy 72C, but I didn’t swim. We went for a boat ride, played some washer toss, had a fire… It was just lovely…

And on the way home we drove through Haliburton so we could go past my grandparents’ old place… I was quite nostalgic for a good chunk of the ride home. I have lots of wonderful memories of that place… Hiking with Grandpa on their 100 acres, helping him in his woodshed, the swing he made for me, playing with the dogs, fishing in the pond, catching frogs, Three Legged Bear Rock, picking raspberries, stargazing, feeding chickadees right out of my hand, baking with Grandma…

After Grandpa passed away, we sprinkled his ashes in the pond because he wanted to be there forever. Grandma and Grandpa built the house and it was their favourite place in the whole world, but after Grandpa died, Grandma wanted to be closer to all of us, so she moved out. A week before she left, the beaver dam holding the pond together broke and the pond disappeared. Grandpa left that place too, and I believe he followed Grandma away and stayed with her the whole time she was still alive.

My absolute favourite memory of that place was the first time I ever saw fireflies. They were flitting and flickering down by the pond and I was amazed. Grandpa went down and came back with a jar full of them so I could see what they were and then let me release them. Ever since then, they always make me think of him.

I miss my grandparents, but I’m happy that I have such fond memories of them, and that my dad’s side of the family seems more intent on getting together more often so that we can reminisce and remember them together.

2017 IIHF World Championships Canada Roster


#11 Travis Konecny (Philadelphia Flyers/London, Ontario)

#17 Wayne Simmonds (Philadelphia Flyers/Scarborough, Ontario)

#53 Jeff Skinner (Carolina Hurricanes/Toronto, Ontario)


#9 Matt Duchene (Colorado Avalanche/Haliburton, Ontario)

#14 Sean Couturier (Philadelphia Flyers/Bathurst, New Brunswick)

#21 Brayden Point (Tampa Bay Lightning/Calgary, Alberta)

#28 Claude Giroux (Philadelphia Flyers/Hearst, Ontario)

#29 Nathan MacKinnon (Colorado Avalanche/Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia)

#53 Mark Scheifele (Winnipeg Jets/Kitchener, Ontario)

#71 Alex Killorn (Tampa Bay Lightning/Beaconsfield, Quebec)

#90 Ryan O’Reilly (Buffalo Sabres/Varna, Ontario)


#4 Tyson Barrie (Colorado Avalanche/Langford, British Columbia)

#5 Jason Demers (Florida Panthers/Dorval, Quebec)

#7 Josh Morrissey (Winnipeg Jets/Calgary, Alberta)

#19 Mike Matheson (Florida Panthers/Point-Claire, Quebec)

#44 Calvin De Haan (New York Islanders/Carp, Ontario)


#1 Eric Comrie (Manitoba Moose/Edmonton, Alberta)

#31 Calvin Pickard (Colorado Avalanche/Winnipeg, Manitoba)


- boukoku no akito finally ends. i was expecting that they’ll include up until suzaku pwns EU (he’s the white shinigami after all), but eh, at least this ended in a happier note
- surprising hyuga/jean moment, i didn’t expect hyuga to be dere in the end orz
- yukiya lives and ashley is part of the gang, all is well
- i didn’t expect akito/leila to be canon w/a happy ending, (it doesn’t help that i’m just meh and neutral about them) but at least. it wasn’t a downer ending to their love story.

but who cares about all those.

holy shit suzalulu lives on!!!!

- well yeah, suzaku tried to kill/choke lelouch earlier on, but this makes up for it orz
- “let’s return together, to nunnaly” mY HEART suzaku stop being dere
- suzaku letting lelouch sleep on his shoulder i cannot take this asdfdflhjd
- and this very cute and sweet scene happened after the title card of “to beloved ones”, right after the canon kiss of akito/leila. was that a hint, sunrise? ahahaha

- bonus: i was wondering how they’d escape the prison. surprise, a wild rolo appears!