- boukoku no akito finally ends. i was expecting that they’ll include up until suzaku pwns EU (he’s the white shinigami after all), but eh, at least this ended in a happier note
- surprising hyuga/jean moment, i didn’t expect hyuga to be dere in the end orz
- yukiya lives and ashley is part of the gang, all is well
- i didn’t expect akito/leila to be canon w/a happy ending, (it doesn’t help that i’m just meh and neutral about them) but at least. it wasn’t a downer ending to their love story.

but who cares about all those.

holy shit suzalulu lives on!!!!

- well yeah, suzaku tried to kill/choke lelouch earlier on, but this makes up for it orz
- “let’s return together, to nunnaly” mY HEART suzaku stop being dere
- suzaku letting lelouch sleep on his shoulder i cannot take this asdfdflhjd
- and this very cute and sweet scene happened after the title card of “to beloved ones”, right after the canon kiss of akito/leila. was that a hint, sunrise? ahahaha

- bonus: i was wondering how they’d escape the prison. surprise, a wild rolo appears!

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Documentary recommendation for the week:

Iraq for Sale: The War Profiteers

From IMDB:

Documentary portraying the actions of U.S. corporate contractors in the U.S.-Iraq war. Interviews with employees and former employees of such companies as Halliburton, CACI, and KBR suggest that government cronyism is behind apparent “sweetheart” deals that give such contractors enormous freedom to profit from supplying support and material to American troops while providing little oversight. Survivors of employees who were killed discuss the claim that the companies cared more for profit than for the welfare of their own workers, and soldiers indicate that the quality of services provided is sub-standard and severely in contradiction to the comparatively huge profits being generated. Also depicted are the unsuccessful attempts by the filmmakers to get company spokesmen to respond to the charges made by the interviewees.