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write your name in song titles.

J- Joa Yo! by Aoa

A- Airplane by f(x)

S- Say My Name by ODESZA

M- Madness by Miss A.

I- I Love You by Jay Park

N- Na Batida by Anitta

E- EOEO by Uniq

why did you choose your url?

because i wanted something new lol and it fits me 

what’s your middle name?

symone ^^

if you could own a fictional/fairytale pet what would it be?

a puffle im bein dead ass honest

favorite color?


favorite song?

rn it’s between lets play for 3 minutes by halo and kiss my lips by boa

top 3 fandoms.

im like in everything almost everyone is my fave ??

why do you like tumblr?

well i like all my followers and ppl i follow plus nice seeing cute clothes and stuff plus lots of things that peak my interest, its nice

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Hali , does Harry look like he's crying in You & I video that you reblogged?

Nah, I don’t think so.

Harry’s just really dedicated whenever he performs. If it’s a dramatic song with heartfelt lyrics, he’ll have this intense look on his face as if he’s living out the words right there on stage. And whenever it’s an upbeat happy/sexy song, he’ll be dancing around, doing splits, and bending down while looking like he’s riding someone reverse cowgirl style. All of these mannerisms and movements, are what makes him a great performer and very entertaining to watch.

So no, I don’t think he was crying. I think he was just being Harry!!

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Sidney Crosby is from Hali and he looks like a bridge troll so I agree

Well Sydney Crosby wasn’t a girl from my high school so