MIEP6 1/2

“Y/n open up this door!” Calum shouted as he banged his fists against your door.

“Calum go away! Anything you need to say you can say to your lawyer who can relay it back to me.” You said hoping to piss him off enough to leave.

It had been 4 months since you served Calum with divorce papers. He had refused to sign them.

“Y/n this is fucking stupid! My kids are in there! You can’t keep me away from them now!” He shouted angrily.

“Dad?” Makaio shouted when he was on his way to the bathroom.

“Kaio!” Calum shouted.

“Go back in your room Kaio.” You said to your son, not wanting him to see this.

“But mom…” he started to say.

“NOW.” You said sternly.

He put his head down and went back to his room.

“Wow what a bitch. See Makaio you need to tell the nice lawyers that you want to live with me.” Calum said trying to sway your son.

“He’s gone but real classy Calum, calling his mother a bitch in front of him.” You said rolling your eyes.

“Oh don’t act like you haven’t called me much worse your majesty.” Calum said condecendingly.

“Not in front of them. You need to leave now - before I call security to kick you out.” You said bluntly.

“Ha! Kick me out? I pay for this place!” He said smugly.

“Oh yeah that reminds me, today is my last day here. You can’t hold this over my head anymore, I’m leaving.” You said proudly.

“HA! Yeah right. Where could YOU go? Are you fucking selling drugs? Sleeping with another man? I swear to god y/n if you’re moving in with a guy and taking MY kids with you. What kind of place could YOU afford!” He snarled.

“A nice place actually. Plenty of room for just me and the kids. A place that YOU have NO control over.” You said proudly again.

“Bullshit. You have to tell me, I’m their father, I have the parental right to come see them.” He said smugly.

“Yeah um no. According to my lawyer I don’t have to let you see them until you SIGN THE DAMN PAPERS and we work out a custody agreement.” You said.

“I don’t understand why we have to get the fucking world involved in our business. We can settle this outside of court y/n.” He said calmly but frustrated.

“Yeah can we? Because everytime we are together to try, we fight and I have to fight the urge to punch you in your smug face!” You shouted.

“Go to hell!” He shouted.

“Already there!” You shouted back.

You heard him storm off and Halie started to cry.

“Oh no babygirl it’s okay, momma promises it’s okay shhh.” You said calmly as you picked her up to rock her.

Makaio walked into the room with tear stained cheeks.

“Why do you have to yell so much?” He asked sadly.

“Baby I”-you started to say.

“Both of you.” He said walking toward you with tears.

“Baby I’m so sorry. I never want you to see that. I don’t want it to be this way.” You said, fighting the urge to cry yourself.

“You fix everything momma, fix it.” He said with a sigh.

A tear fell down your cheek. “Honey, this isn’t a broken toy or a homework problem, momma can’t fix this one. Daddy can’t either. It’s broken. I tried to fix it Makaio and it didn’t work. I don’t know what else to do.”

He put his hand on your leg. “Try harder.”

You felt your cheeks flush red. “Makaio I cant! There’s nothing else I can do! Your daddy doesn’t care enough about us to try with me! I can’t do it by myself!” You snapped.

You looked into his eyes and there you saw a broken heart. He was way too smart for his age and so sensitive. You mentally kicked yourself for snapping at him.

“Makaio I didn’t mean that. Your daddy loves you and your sister very much. And we do love each other, but we can’t live together anymore. I’m not just blaming him, I’m blaming myself too.” You said calmly.

“Then why do you hate him so much?” He asked sadly.

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“Do you even think Apollo will be ok with me moving in with him? I mean, he did get kinda mad at me that one time for wearing Jester’s shirt.” Chase questioned, looking to Hali. The two had been discussing his living situation for a while, but Chase couldn’t help but be reluctant. Maybe the fact that he an Jessii were now somewhat a couple it made him staying on the couch there a bit awkward, or maybe it was that Hali wanted him to be able to sleeo somewhere other than a couch.

Bug of the Day

The problem with these brown marmorated stink bug nymphs (Halyomorpha halys) is that they look different enough from the adults that I never remember what they are ‘til I’m back looking at the photos on my laptop screen…at which point I typically say “Darnit, should have squished that thing!”