Just wanted to play around with a human design of Tamatoa but he is already crab perfection. Who needs anything else really?

I wanted to give him a rounder body like Roadhog from OW with big meaty claw hands. 

Edit: For some reason The pictures were coming out a little too small so but I wanted you guys to be able to see more of the details on him. 


Hey guys, long time no see! Since i’ve officially quit my job I’m offering commissions and keeping them open! Before I could only do about 5 at a time because of time restraints but now they’ll be available until further notice. Get one for yourself or as a gift. The options are limitless! 

For the first time in years I will be offering traditional commissions. These were last opened in 2010. So the decision to reopen them is a big deal for me. These will all be drawn traditionally with copic markers, prisma color pencils or micron pens depending on your preference. These will also be available to ship so you can have your one and only crafted piece. Pieces are all drawn on 9x12 sized paper.  Contact me for more information