halfwolf rants


Hello everyone~

I don’t think I said anything here, but I’ve been drawing mandalas for months now and uploading the final results to my instagram (my user is halfwolf.tk if you are curious).
A while ago the lovely @ginger8lee asked me if I could make a video showing how I draw them. Sadly, I can’t make a video to save my life, but I can take lots of photos! =D

Soooo here is a kind of tutorial of my most recent mandala ^^ Hope you like it ;)

Sooo I found these in carrefour today and obviously I had to buy one because Star Wars, and I could use it as a pencil holder and how cool is that? Plus, it had cookies inside it (Star Wars and cookies. How could I resist??)

Anyway, I was more excited about the jar than the cookies because I thought they were mini chocolate chip cookies. But oohh boy, I was wrong.

Star Wars’ chocolate cookies!!!

Best. Purchase. Ever.