Dance Moms is on Soon

Is anyone else hopelessly addicted to this show? My personal favorite is Paige because I think we can all relate to being talented, but not talented enough to be noticed. Her best friend is Chloe. I’m sure as dancers you all know how hard it is when your best friend is your competition. But what if your best friend doesn’t even consider you competition? I think tomorrow I will make a note about this, Competition in the Dance World. Message me letting me know what you would like to see from me, or leave comments. Lots of love : )


Yesterday the dance department at the performing arts school I go to had it’s winter showcase. The first act of the show were songs from The Nightmare Before Christmas and the second act had songs from Elf the Musical. It was mostly contemporary dance for the first act, and a lot of tap and musical theatre in the second.
If I can be honest, I wish we had just chosen one. So many great songs were cut from Nightmare which is one of my favorite movies, and I think the show would have gone a lot better if it wasn’t cut short.
That being said, people came up to me after the show saying what a great job I did and how great the show was. I guess I’m always my own worst critic. In case anyone was wondering, I danced the role of Jovie (Buddy’s love interest in Elf) which was fun but involved a lot more acting and mugging than dancing. What I really wanted to be was Sally, but I don’t want to sound ungrateful. I’m only a junior and there will be bigger parts.
Also, my tiny little dance studio is putting on a production of the Nutcracker tomorrow and I will be Arabian which is awesome because that’s my favorite song from the Nutcracker.
Are any of you in winter shows? What parts are you playing and what shows are you doing?

Sorry, Everyone

Usually, I write a couple posts between 4-6 and have them posted throughout the night so that you can get new notes and photos while I’m in dance class, but I had no chance to come home today. I promise to do extra tomorrow. In the mean time, feel free to send me a message telling me what you would like to see from me.