Halfway Home

Everyone, I am very glad to say I’m halfway through my new script. And it is analytical, educational, focused, and shows examples of points being made. It is entirely on spooky and how to achieve spooky and why spooky works.

And the other half is all about the kind of ‘hidden meanings & symbols’ fun I bring to things like Wham City Comedy work.

You’re gonna get a single video that’s half breakdown of fear and its mechanics, and half artistic interpretation and symbol puzzle-cracking. All on the same topic.

I am so, so happy to be back in business. This is the best possible topic and approach to come back with and really sets the tone for some things I want to achieve this year.

These words are the way I care for a heart that isn’t in my hands, the way I thin out the road to your heart. These words are the way I’ve learned to reach for the smiles in your tears, listen for the wind at the bottom of the tenth cup of coffee. Sometimes all you need is someone to read you before you run out of feelings, before we run out of commas to give the clouds to breathe. I’m still learning how to be happy without being in love. Darling, I’ve been staying awake while you’re asleep trying to learn how forgive myself through your dreams. I’m halfway home to nowhere with arms that can never forget the texture of everything I’ve lost, and maybe one day, all this love will be enough. and i spoke to death a few years back, he said that it wasn’t time for such a flatline. while i die to make you out as something more than forever mine, while i write where i can’t forget, poetry won’t save us, but it’s a fucking start. and i won’t love the same after this, and i’m a sinner, aren’t we all? some thoughts ring true, the feelings of yesterday leave us blue. i searched for you in the sky, the sun said to ask the moon. the moon said to ask the wolves. the wolves love to howl like how i love to feel love just to be love while in love to see love to breathe love to taste love to feel love to touch love to leave love, aren’t you my love? aren’t you my baby? aren’t you my everything? aren’t you my flaws? aren’t you my imperfections? why weren’t you there my everything? why weren’t you… and we only have more questions, but never enough answers… and we only ever wonder about you when our minds wander and yeah i never treated you right, but we were never going to make it– shit, it was a nice thought though. we would’ve been wonderful. to this day, i still think you’re beautiful.
—  The Ate & The Bunso


Because I’m feeling Emotionally Bad again here’s another imagine us in the brownstone post

Joan loves video games. Sherlock took his time deducing this about her because it was only pertinent to a case that one time. But over the years she’s brought several consoles to the brownstone. She uses one of the guest rooms as her “media room” to play so she doesn’t have to use the main media room, which has always been a Sherlock Space.

Joan has her favorite games, and Oren always sends her new ones for Christmas. A couple MEs and paramedics she’s made friends with come over to play on their days off, once they’ve exchanged enough info and stories and alcohol outside the brownstone and Joan feels comfortable inviting them into the special place that the brownstone has become for her, both a place for work, a place of refuge, and a place that is halfway between home and a memorial to something she both lost and found, and can’t figure out how much has been regained.

And when people come over to play video games with Joan she always makes popcorn on the stove. People bring their favorite sodas, and over time it becomes all but a monthly gathering with people swapping recipes and stories as well as trading video games like playing cards, with always the unspoken promise the games will be returned to their rightful owner.

When Sherlock first sits in on one of these gatherings, just to watch, never to play, he sees how happy Joan is, how relaxed, and much like with her and baseball, he feels an irrational jealousy (please look up “That Bloody Team” on ao3 I’ll link it when I’m off mobile). After a few weeks he unexpectedly brings Joan a new game and asks her, very humbly, if she’ll help him learn to play it. Also spouts some research about how video games improve critical thinking and he wants to test that. Joan, of course, smiles indulgently and agrees. Marcus and one of Gregson’s daughters somehow end up joining them, and Marcus gets a kick out of seeing Sherlock struggle at something. Next time Chantal comes with Marcus and while Sherlock doesn’t improve much he’s more interested watching Joan’s expertise than he is in actually learning anything himself. Joan slowly realizes this over each video game gathering he attends. He seldom plays, mostly watches and asks questions.

At some point someone brings their dog to the brownstone, a pit bull with separation anxiety. Joan finds out just how much Sherlock loves dogs, and later they have an in depth conversation about dogs and though they can’t afford to keep one, Joan makes sure to invite the friend with the dog over more often even when it’s not Video Game Night.

10 Song Lams Playlist

1. Broom People - The Mountain Goats / 2. January Wedding - The Avett Brothers / 3. You Wouldn’t Have to Ask - Bad Books / 4. Salvation - Scanners / 5. Cold War - Janelle Monáe / 6. The Gardner - The Tallest Man on Earth / 7. Halfway Home - TV on the Radio / 8. California - Delta Spirit / 9. Two Headed Boy - Neutral Milk Hotel / 10. Regrets - Jay Z

Things to take tomorrow:

• Fimo (thanks for the reminder @cjs-findhorn)
• photos
• coffee for the journey
• change of top in case I spill the coffee
• cardigans (can’t deal with being cold)
• phone - for sat nav, local directions, and texting T when I get lost
• portable charger - else I might get stranded halfway home
• colouring in case I’m early and need to pass 30 minutes sitting in a lay by before arriving
• gin (I’m pretty sure you mentioned gin @lastchanceshot?)
• hairbrush

What else could I possibly need? I’m only going for 90 minutes lol

anonymous asked:

i went to my friend's bday party this weekend & i thought it was gonna be really great but i was so uncomfortable the whole time i had to call for a ride home halfway through the party

im so sorry baby but tbh it happens to everyone ur gonna have better nights 💕

leesh  asked:

[text] OH FUCK OH FUCK -- ellery and harry!

elle harry

hey babe 

love, why aren’t you home? thought you finished class early? 

me too h, me too

was it not cancelled? did something come up? 

nope, i’m still done early 

then why aren’t you here

i think you should be asking why aren’t you here? 

wait why

i’ll let you figure it out baby

oh fuck OH FUCK 

we were supposed to meet up, fuck i was meant to pick you up


shit shit shit babe i’m so sorry dammit i got swamped with… 

with ordering cat toys online? 

there’s SO many! 

i’m on my way! 

don’t bother i’m already halfway home 

Elle i’m on my way!

fine fine, i’ll sit on that bench outside my favorite restaurant

and to think i was going to buy some new lingerie…not anymore. can’t give that treat to someone who forgets about me


ooh shucks :/

i’ll make it up to you 

sure sure 

I picture Team Skull going to that discount store whenever they need to get the necessities. Yeah, they can be annoying, but they pay for things like everyone else and get an earful from Plumeria if they make a mess at all. The cashiers sigh when they see them walk in since they know there will be some shenanigans, but never enough to kick them out or ban them.

They do stuff like eat all of the free samples.

They horse around with shopping carts a lot. One small female Grunt in particular likes to ride around in one and they have jousting matches with them in the parking lot.

Guzma was super embarrassed once when he lost one of the Grunts and had to have him paged by a cashier to come to the front of the store. It was still better than the time they were halfway home before he realized they’d left one behind.

Plumeria constantly has to tell the Grunts to put things back and not buy so much junk food.

Overall they usually spend an hour longer than they should when out shopping.

Universal Paradoxes (AU) || Open

Felicity had made it a late night in the office, long after her lectures were over for the day.  She’d called Aaliyah hours ago to ask her to run by her apartment and check on CeCe for her, so she was free to introvert in her office as long as she needed.  Which definitely helped when she was suddenly stricken with a vision – no, a memory – of her dad, alive and well and looking older than he was when he died.  By the time it passed she was sobbing, unable to combat the sudden feeling of loss and confusion.  And that was her sign to go home and turn in for the night.

She was halfway home before more visions started assaulting her with no real order.  A roommate dying and a black hole sucking up a man, an explosion rocking a cafe and killing a police officer, a scientist with a kind smile whom she calls friend…  A broken crane and a masked guy, training with that same guy, laughing with him and a group of face that felt as familiar to her as family…  Something wasn’t right.  The visions were too real, like they were from another life.  But that didn’t make sense.

Fel didn’t realize she’d dropped to her knees and was clutching her head – which felt like it was being slowly and agonizingly cracked open – until she felt something (someone?) touch her shoulder.  “Please, get back,” she gasped.  She felt energy burning in her eyes, and squeezed them tightly shut to keep the red glow from being seen as she tried to wave off whoever or whatever it was.  “I’ll be okay I just –  Just need a moment.”