“Not With Haste”: a short for Jearmin Week day 2

Armin is not the type that usually keeps company, but he’s also not the type to abandon someone in need. When he stumbles upon a weak and injured traveler, he makes it his duty to care for and protect the young man.

I’d like to thank small-town-ink for letting me use their artwork as inspiration for this piece.

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like you showered and put on lipstick that i kept kissing off. and we went to a party but we made out on the bus and almost had to turn around and go home halfway. instead we locked ourselves in the bathroom when we got there and had sex on the floor. 

handholding in public because we didn’t want to let go. 

you smiling when i got off the train. carrying home your too-heavy bags another time while we couldn’t stop talking. falling asleep with your head on my chest on someone else’s couch. 

did these things really happen? i mostly remember all the tears and arguments and fighting. i’m so wary of having an in facto ‘relationship’ because everything scares me. it’s been good several times but it’s always ended horribly.


Tribes- Halfway Home


Jason Mraz // Halfway Home

It’s so amazing seeing him play this. He puts so much emotion in it, you can just tell this song means a lot to him.