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Manga Rant

The reason I don’t read much shoujo manga anymore is because I can’t remember the last shoujo manga heroine that didn’t irritate me. Take the one I’m reading now for instance:

Heroine is annoying AND a liar.

Hero is an insensitive jerk.

Friend 1 is a bitch who manipulate the heroine’s idiocy.

Friend 2 is a blind idiot.

Amazing guys with zero flaws STILL fall head over heels for the heroine even though she’s not the prettiest or the smartest or the kindest or the most popular OR the most truthful girl around.

It’s baffling.

Curse my inability to leave a manga unfinished.

Not much irritates me more RP-wise than when someone firmly believes they understand my character when all they really have is a generalization of them that they refuse to shake because it fits some sort of narrative they want to perpetuate.

I try very hard to be patient with people since I write mostly OCs, but I feel as though I give an ample amount of information that someone should be able to glean enough about my characters to see beyond generalizations and cliches and what not, and beyond that, I leave myself wide open for any and all questions one might have about them. I don’t think there exists much of an excuse not to know certain integral things about them aside from sheer laziness or willingness to invest the appropriate amount of time into them that I feel is required to RP well with them.

It’s… Really disheartening to have to combat assumptions and I simply don’t have the energy to do it anymore. So. I’m not going to.

Last night I went to a wedding celebration, and after the best man and the father and a few others made some really touching and funny toasts, they said “Alright, now it’s time to cut the cake” and, in a very carrying whisper, some guy said “I love cake”, and everyone lost it

I arrive at University. 2 1/2 days pass.

“I fucking knew I could make friends; I just needed to get rid of the people who already knew me,” I say to myself.

Fanfic Appreciation Day

It’s August 21th and apparently today we celebrate fanfic!!! I’m late!!! But I wanted to use the occasion to thank each and every fic writer I follow here for producing amazing content, pouring hours and hours of their lives on the page, pushing through their personal struggles to still get out there and still create the things you care about, and that we (or at least I) care about very much as well.

Being the mess that I am, I’ve barely read anything those past months, and I absolutely need to correct that. But guys, what you pour in those cold hard internet pages is so damn precious and I can never thank you enough for your boldness and fragility. <3

(I’m sorry in advance that I might forget to tag you, author who reads this and I’ve forgotten about, or if I’m not familiar with your work. As mentioned beforehand; I’m a mess that will try to better herself until next august)

So. @natsora and your incredible burning resolve in writing your Ryder’s story on such a regular basis, @illusivesoul and the way you show your undying love for your favorite pairing, @stories-of-arani and your thoughts and dives in salarian meta (there’s a fic or two from you I can’t wait to read), @inquartata30 and your great diversity of craft and the Grunt/Miranda fic that was so sweet and unexpected, @sexy-salmon and your extract on Kirrahe that was so good!, @autodiscothings and your amazing sense of aesthetic and class in words and settings, @mordinette and the absolute loveliness of your stories and for being a very very old source of comfort when I wasn’t active in the fandom yet, @thunderheadfred and the way you have with words that leave me breathless every time how do you do that, @lyricsaboutcats and your deep dives in character’s emotions and your glorious latest attempt at noir, @vorchagirl for making me curious about characters I initially didn’t pay too much attention to and then making me long for their well being, @bronzeagelove for so many Good Turian Boys In General, @saphistar for cutting through just the right way with Colbat, @sparatus for the snippets I’ve read and the thoughtful exploration of meta and implications, @omegastation for the thoughtfulness, the exploration and the care with your craft…

You are all amazing in your own ways. Keep going, for you and the words in your head first and foremost, you’ve got some amazing crafts ahead of you I can’t wait to read. <3