halfway there: electricity and the south

cocconas  asked:

nova's my name!!

Your name reminds me of phlox purple. Haha, the image is probably influenced by your galactic name (supernovas and et cetera… I bet you’ve been told this a thousand times), but I think it fits you: bright enough to be considered as both pink or purple. According to Wikipedia,

“The pure essence of purple was approximated in pigment in the late 1960s by mixing fluorescent magenta and fluorescent blue pigments together to make fluorescent purple to use in psychedelic black light paintings. This tone of purple was very popular among hippies and was the favorite color of Jimi Hendrix. Thus it is called psychedelic purple. Psychedelic purple is the color halfway between electric purple and magenta.In the 1980s there was a Jimi Hendrix Museum in a Victorian house on the east side of Central Ave. one half block south of Haight Street in the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood of San Francisco which was painted this color.Another name for this color is phlox, as it is the color of the phlox flower. The first recorded use of phlox as a color name in English was in 1918.”

Thank you so much for your ask, Nova! :)