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Endless Summer in The Crown and The Flame Universe

Yup, you read that right, people. Halfway through writing my ‘MC is a princess and Jake is a stableboy’ AU, I realized that I could make an entirely new world set in TCATF. So it’s now become a series, with the first part hopefully up before the week’s end.

Below the cut are the ES gang as their TCATF AU counterparts. It’s not set in stone and there are a couple characters that I’m struggling with, so I’d greatly appreciate any ideas and suggestions. Thanks!

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Happy freedom season for America

We got:

  • A literal fucking empire, let’s elaborate
  • 25% of the world’s prisoners, but only 5% of the world’s population, many of whom are in for nonviolent offenses and paid cents on the hour for their labor
  • Some prisoners getting paid nothing at all for their labor, in instances of literal slavery
  • Drones bombing people halfway around the world on a routine basis
  • An occupation in Afghanistan that’s been going on since fucking 2001
  • An airport security routine that routinely violates privacy rights and is basically authoritarian theatre
  • Poor people paying about 20% in taxes, with real wages unchanged since the 19 fucking 70s, while most of the real income gains have gone to the 1% richest people in our society
  • Income inequality the worst it’s been since the Great Depression
  • Minorities, mentally ill, and/or homeless people getting brutalized and shot routinely by the police
  • No left-wing party worth speaking of, just diet right, classic right, and zero-calorie right (now with 3.27% of the popular vote)
  • About half our food being wasted while people starve
  • The NRA advertising authoritarian, us vs. them rhetoric straight out of old-timey propaganda films
  • A president who is on the record as having endorsed and committed sexual assault, has committed fraud, and isn’t even good at the thing he was supposed to be good at
  • His opponent during the election, who used literal slave labor and has endorsed bombing people halfway around the world on a routine basis, as detailed above
  • Gerrymandering so thick that we’ve got states that aren’t even classified as democracies anymore
  • A mainstream media that acts, unconditionally, as a willing accomplice to the state
  • Our politicians trying to slash programs and agencies whose aims a majority of our population like and want
  • People having to call and beg our politicians to not cut the things that we like and want
  • Our politicians doing fuck nothing that’s any good for anyone except their corporate owners, even though a single party controls the whole government right now
  • A holiday full of drinking and fireworks so we can forget about the fact that we live in a dystopia

I love how creatively Dear White People is filmed and that each episode is slightly thematically different based on the central protagonist. Gabe’s replicates old films because he loves movies, Lionel is an introverted thinker so his process shows him creating scenes with his imagination, Coco is reconciling her past with her future so we get a lot of flashbacks, Sam has a strong personal drive but inner confusion so her episodes are the least linear, jumping back and forward with less structure.

“My God, Will Graham, if I didn’t know better I’d say you seem to be actually enjoying the predicament we’re tangled up in.”

“Keep using more puns, for once I’ll let them slide since I can’t get away.”

For @avidreadr2004 & @hannibalsimago requesting the pups tangle our murder husbands after chasing a squirrel <3

#squad goals

okay but taako and lup only achieving a sense of identity after joining the IPRE

taako and lup are identical, even going so far as having the same haircut and let people tell them apart by colour coordinating themselves, taako wears one colour, lup wears another - except they’re constantly swapping and pretending to be each other. if taako doesn’t want to go to class, lup will put on his outfit. If lup doesn’t want to talk to someone she’ll tell them she’s taako and that she’ll “tell lup they were looking for her.”

no one ever truly gets to know them, never gets close, because they don’t let them - they seem distant to people they’ve sometimes had lengthy conversations with because that was with the other twin. its fun and isolating and assures they’ll never get hurt because the only person they’ve let get close is their brother/sister, the only person they’ll ever trust to watch their back.

It changes with magnus who always makes an attempt to guess who is who, something not many people - not even their aunt - did very often. After a while he’s right every time and they start lying about which one they are in an attempt to stop magnus from getting too close - it fails because he finds them both equally as interesting as the other and isn’t deterred when he learns he’s talking to the “other twin”. It isn’t until taako is leaving class one day in a bad mood and magnus catches up with him that he realises maybe things are changing. Magnus tries to start a conversation with taako, who lies and says he’s lup before trying to leave, then magnus laughs and says ‘sure taako, whatever you say’, he’s the first person to ever be able to tell them apart.

then barry, then lucretia, then merle, then davenport.

It gets to the point where it starts stressing them out, how could they tell them apart?? no one had ever been able to do that, not even their family. They sit down with the team and ask, confused and more than a little vulnerable. The team smile and say that even though they’re inseparable they’re still two different people, they all like them both for different reasons and maybe they should try exploring those different reasons. Merle laughs and says ‘your voices are different, idiots.’

They start to make changes though, the first time they all see each other again after that meeting their clothes are totally different from each other, taako has his hair tied back and is wearing a large hat, lup has braids and lots of jewellery. No one points it out, they just smile and greet them. After that they grow more independent of each other, occasionally switching places (they went as each other for halloween once) but thanks to their new family they realised that maybe letting others get close, letting them know the real lup and taako, might not be too bad.


That’s definitely not the first thing that should have come to mind, Kuroo

(tho it looks like no one really minds

aside from bokuto that is)

“lol look at all the salty mercy players crying about the changes, gg crybabies”

ah yes, how strange and unusual that people are reacting to changes that makes the hours upon hours they’ve spent learning to play their chosen hero as intended completely wasted, because some forum wankers apparently believe that being strategic and switching to a more defensive playstyle when you have ult is completely unreasonable behaviour 

mira-alani  asked:

Hi Eleanor! In your reply to an ask recently you wrote lovely tags about Isak taking himself on dates (following advice from Even) and I love this concept so much! I would love more of your thoughts on this, possibly just in Isak's case or really about any/all of the skam characters, whatever you feel more like doing :)

ahhh, lovie! of course you would ask me such a lovely question! taking myself on dates is so important to me and I love the idea of my favorite characters loving spending time with themselves, too! here’s a list of what I think Isak likes to do when it’s just him.

  • I’m super sure Isak’s into art, like, this boy wore an Edvard Munch shirt under his adidas jacket, so a museum is at least a once a month thing. he loves doing research as well, always ending up on random wikipedia pages at three in the morning, so he comes prepared. he knows what he’s seeing, who he’s seeing, when he’s seeing and barely even needs the small bit of information written next to each piece. sometimes he spends the whole day in a museum, taking in paintings and sculptures and not leaving until it’s already dark outside, and sometimes he’s done in an hour, but he always feels a little bit lighter after being surrounded by so many beautiful things. bonus, Even never forgets to ask him what his favorite piece in the exhibition was when he gets home, and Isak always answers with, Even Bech Næsheim, sculpture come to life, Oslo, 1997.
  • making playlists! like, Isak’s into music and organizing so making playlists is the ultimate way to relax for him. he buys a bottle of Fanta, puts on his comfiest sweater and socks, sits down on his bed and just… goes for it. like, he gives each playlist the coolest name he can think of, takes his time carefully figuring out what kind of vibe he’s going for and then spends at least two hours putting the best songs in exactly the right order. he he has a playlist for everything! places, events, people – there’s at least seven playlists about Even on his Spotify account, and two about Jonas, one of which used to be really sad but now just includes songs about best friends going on cool adventures.
  • books! Isak’s a reader, okay, I’m sure of this. he’s a slow reader too, which means he really takes his time getting into them. he loves hanging around book stores and feeling cool and intellectual and could spend three hours in a book store easily, and used to do this when he went shopping with Even all the time, letting his fingers run over the spines and taking his time deciding on whether or not to buy a book on European football statistics, or something about dragons. Even’s not as keen though, so after the fourth time Even asks him what time it is, Isak sends him away to a clothing store and tells him they’ll meet up in an hour and it just kind of grows from there. Isak’s now reaching the point where he goes to book stores even without Even hanging back, and making fun of him and he loves it.
  • also! taking late night walks! watching David Attenborough documentaries! going on the airbnb website and saving the best, most extravagant vacation rentals ‘for later’! people watching in coffee shops! taking long showers! online shopping! and he has at least one pinterest board dedicated to pictures of cool watches.

The main lesson cancers need to learn in this lifetime would be to learn how to find home within themselves. Home will not be in another person or in 4 walls. They will have to find home within them so that they may come to realize that who they are will always bring them comfort. With Jupiter being exalted in Cancer we can see that Cancer is on a journey in life to become a home for themselves. They are also,to an extent, becoming halfway homes to other people in order to make them better. That is an important goal of Cancer individuals. To become a home no matter where they go is to free and become a higher version of themselves.

gilalyallen  asked:

Hi! The Austen-inspired tabletop is a thing called Marrying Mr. Darcy. Enjoy!

Okay, this is going to sound a lot harsher than I intend, but no.  It’s not.

I’ve played Marrying Mr. Darcy.  I own Marrying Mr. Darcy (with the Undead Expansion Pack).  I’ve been aware of it ever since it was on Kickstarter… what… 5 years ago? And I really enjoy it.

But it’s not a roleplaying game.

(For the record, neither is Polite Society, @cardsagainsttheregency​ (which I started), Pride and Prejudice the Game, The Jane Game, or any of the other “suggestions” I’ve been given since making that Jane Austen riff on D&D mechanics.)

The only thing that’s an actual roleplaying game would be The Regency Life, but I’m not into play-by-post RPGs.  I’m mainly making this post in the hopes that folks will stop messaging me about the above-mentioned games.

Also, while I’m in full-on grumpy Mr. Palmer mode, I’m going to point out that this is a pretty regular thing I notice, that somebody says “Hey, wouldn’t it be awesome if there was a roleplaying game like <insert franchise/desired mechanic>!”

Which people immediate follow-up with “Hey, you should check out <something that isn’t a roleplaying game and fundamentally fails at weaving cooperative narrative in a social environment.>”

So, for the sake of future clarity, when I reblog something about wanting a particular type/kind/or function of a roleplaying game, this is what I don’t want:

  • board games
  • card games
  • video games
  • movie suggestions
  • book suggestions
  • to be told to write a book?!?!?! (that happened it was weird)

This is what I want:

  • Hard-bound book with luscious illustrations and a ruleset designed for cooperative storytelling as well as suggestions on how to create thematically-consistent challenges for the players to overcome
  • D&D 3.x / OGL-compliant sourcebook 
  • Sarcastic reply about how I should just use GURPS

•Bisexual people exist.
•Bisexual people are not “half-way out of the closet”.
•Bisexual people are not confused.
•It is not a “made-up” sexuality.
•It does not mean that we will date two people at the same time.
•Bisexual people are not attracted to every person they meet.
•Bisexual people do not always date males and females equally.
•Bisexual people can prefer one gender over the other.

Thank you for following me

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SO, i hit 500 followers just a few days ago and i want to say a huuuge thank you!!! to EVERYONE who follows me! i really appreciate it!!
you are the best people, you make me happy everyday, i love you so damn much💜   

guess it’s like follow forever? but it wouldn’t be me if i just write a bunch of urls here yknow
so here a looong post of nice words about my lovely friends whom i cherish so much 🌸

(you don’t have to read everything, just find the part where i mentioned you | if we talking scroll to the bottom you are probably mentioned there:) )

((also even though i’m gonna mention a lot of people here i just can’t mention everyone, so if you follow me, my friend i love and appreciate you so much <3)) 

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