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I love how creatively Dear White People is filmed and that each episode is slightly thematically different based on the central protagonist. Gabe’s replicates old films because he loves movies, Lionel is an introverted thinker so his process shows him creating scenes with his imagination, Coco is reconciling her past with her future so we get a lot of flashbacks, Sam has a strong personal drive but inner confusion so her episodes are the least linear, jumping back and forward with less structure.


That’s definitely not the first thing that should have come to mind, Kuroo

(tho it looks like no one really minds

aside from bokuto that is)

I wasn’t ready for 2000 yet, but its here!!!!

I wanted to finish the animatic before I got 2000, but there were a few hiccups along the way (I lost motivation to finish it for a little while, Then I lost inspiration for the original song i was going to use) but everything has been running smoothly and it should be finished by Tuesday!

THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH FOR THE SUPPORT!!!! ;v; (I don’t want to repeat all my sappy garbage from all my other milestone posts, but still those things!! You guys are the best)

The main lesson cancers need to learn in this lifetime would be to learn how to find home within themselves. Home will not be in another person or in 4 walls. They will have to find home within them so that they may come to realize that who they are will always bring them comfort. With Jupiter being exalted in Cancer we can see that Cancer is on a journey in life to become a home for themselves. They are also,to an extent, becoming halfway homes to other people in order to make them better. That is an important goal of Cancer individuals. To become a home no matter where they go is to free and become a higher version of themselves.

Unpopular opinion: no matter how many ‘depression tips’ posts suggest it and no matter how many times I’ve done it, cleaning literally anything has never ever made me feel even a tiny bit better

One of my last medical school interviews was a good ole fashioned stress interview. The guy was a plastic surgeon who had a reputation for terrorizing interviewees, and he definitely delivered. As a follow-up to a very heated debate as to whether healthcare should be a right or a privilege, I was thrown into a catastrophic accident clinical scenario where I was forced to triage healthcare. As I went through my imaginary patient load, I was forced to either treat or triage each case, having only a nurse and secretary to lighten the load. There were no “right” decisions, just shades of gray, but the interviewer played devil’s advocate to every choice I made. I suppose this was to underline his point that, while healthcare for all is great in theory, it will still involve some degree of allocating limited medical resources to people. 

About halfway through the scenario, I was given a patient who had a fixable injury. The only problem was that the surgery he required would take six hours and had to be performed immediately. I still had four additional patients to treat/triage. After attempting to transfer the patient to another facility or allow my nurse to provide a temporizing measure, I eventually had to admit defeat and triage the guy. I was forced to inform this patient that he was going to die, even as “my patient” pleaded for his life. It was pretty much awful. I don’t even remember what I said, but I’m sure I tripped and stumbled over my words like an idiot.

Before we moved over to the next patient, I told my interviewer that I’d send my secretary to the dying patient’s bedside. Thinking I was still trying to save the patient, the interviewer scoffed and taunted me, saying “there’s nothing your secretary can do to help him now.” 

I replied: “yes, but no one deserves to die alone.” 

For the first (and last) time in the interview, my interviewer was visibly caught off-guard and fumbled for words to retaliate. 

As the start of intern years gets closer, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about the kind of doctor I want to be. I’ve had lots of great examples of brilliant clinicians and gifted teachers. And while I value both of those characteristics, above all else I hope to retain a basic kindness and that idealistic ability to always remember I’m dealing with people instead of cases.


[ 4/100 days of productivity ]

Up at the crack of dawn (10am) and hit the library to get some maths done. Not a lot of maths happened in the next few hours but I had good company and my friend made me lunch ☺️ then the rest of the afternoon has consisted of some very lengthy problems, but I think I’m finally understanding the method so I’m feeling positive. However I think my hand is about to fall off…

🎶: U.F.O - Coldplay


I was so fortunate to work with those three men, because I was around so much support, and I learned so much from each of them. Milos is a fighter, he doesn’t give up. I love that about him he’s so brave, and in this world it’s hard to be brave.”

Hey, @ask-trafalgarlaw! This picture of you was just so good I had to draw that look. Hope you don’t mind!

You’re… probably just wearing a tshirt? but my unfashionable trans self is a huge fan of the binder-as-croptop look 

The Foxhole Court, Chapter 5 – Fun Moving Time, Fun Drama Time

In which we meet Matt, Neil’s torso makes me break out in Deadpool quotes, super-secret safes are bought to contain super-secret journals, and Kevin has a choking kink.

Sounds good? Then it’s time for Nicki to read The Foxhole Court.

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ايه اللي جابك و بتشكي لمين عذابك | sana, gen, 1.5k

a bit of healing for my girl, post-imagine (we weren’t living in a racist, misogynist freak show). sana goes home.

title from enta tani by haifa wehbe.

Sana stands outside, halfway down the steps to the river. Halfway means that people are less likely to stop and look at her for too long, and she stares intently at her phone, switching between the walking and bus tab where she’s mapping her path home. The walk from SYNG to her flat is 40 minutes. The bus is 24 minutes, and there’s two transfers.

She slides her eyes up to the sky, where the sun is hanging halfway to setting. On her left, someone passes by with white blonde hair and light skin and a biting laugh and she jumps, flinches so deep that the girl looks back over her shoulder at Sana, eyes lingering on her turban, the way the black of her eyeliner has smudged around her eyes. Sana bristles, narrows her eyes, squares her shoulders, remembers who she is. The girl turns around quickly, curling her fingers around white forearm of the man she’s with. Sana thinks that they could pass as siblings, same round blue eyes and light, light hair. She wonders, without heat, how people who get sunburnt after 5 minutes of exposure came to burn and pillage the whole world.

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I’m seriously considering turning the Stay-at-Home Stan AU into a legit multichap for AO3.

would anyone be interested in it?

a mind-blowing theory on dazai

my friend, @pangalexandra told me about this theory one day and ruined 83% of my life. however, i’ve come up with some rebuttals for this, and feel obliged to share this with all of you so as to comfort your souls in case one of your friends told you about this and ruin 83% of your lives as well.

*spoilers underneath* *don’t read if you haven’t finished the series (anime & manga) until chapter 49 and season 2.

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