Halftone Textures - 10 Pack.

This Halftone Texture pack includes 10 high quality vector EPS and PNG files derived from high resolution photos. These textures capture the feel of old school prints, and harken back to the day when you could easily spot the halftone textures in prints. They can provide an authentic and classic feel to most ay project. I recommend clicking on the larger view of each of the product images to better see the detail. 

Get it here: http://crtv.mk/eTor


I got an ask about how I made the halftone texture in the background of my Procrastination illustration so I thought I’d make a little tutorial about it. This is a technique I use a lot - it’s great for adding texture while keeping a limited color palette and for mimicking the look of a silkscreen.

1. Start with a scanned in watercolor wash and make it grayscale.

2. Use curves to up the contrast and lighten it a lot - you’ll have to play around with this step to get the exact effect you want. Make sure there are some areas of pure white for more variation in your texture. The more white there is and the lighter it is, the fewer dots you’ll get and the more subtle your texture will be.

3. Go to image>mode>bitmap to create the halftone. Choose a low frequency of lines per inch so you’ll really be able to see the individual dots.

4. Change the image mode back to grayscale and select your dots. Copy and paste the halftone into your image and change its color to whatever you’d like.

And that’s it! Once you’ve made a halftone texture you really like you can save it and reuse it over and over. I’ve been building a library of scanned and computer-made textures/patterns that I use all the time and it’s extremely useful.


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