I just whipped this up for a friend who was wondering how to do this and figured I would share it on here just in case anyone might find it useful!

I would totally be willing to make more of these. I used to have a tutoring job where my focus was helping people navigate Photoshop, so if there is anything you’re dying to know/struggling with, just shoot me an ask and I’ll probably be able to help you out.

thru Dec 20:

 Sigmar Polke

Fergus McCaffrey Gallery, 514 W26th St., NYC

features multiple sequences of unique manipulated photocopies and an immersive, large sculptural installation, all created between 1995 and 2002. Since the early 1960s, Polke created paintings and drawings culled from halftone images in newspapers, magazines, and books. He enlarged these raster patterns to expose the cell structure, or building blocks, of media representation. Regarding the rasters, Polke stated, “I like the impersonal, neutral, and manufactured quality of these images. The raster, to me, is a system, a principle, a method, structure. It divides, disperses, arranges and makes everything the same. I also like it that enlarging the pictures makes them blurry and sets the dots in motion; I like that the motifs switch between being recognizable and being unrecognizable, the ambiguity of this situation, the fact that it stays open” (Sigmar Polke: Alibis 1963–2010, exh. cat., Museum of Modern Art, p. 53).