Dancing (Part Three)

She’d laughed at his very weak compliment and pulled his hand to hers. He breathed in relief; that was the stupidest idea that had ever crossed his mind. But, now their hands were intertwined as they eagerly puled into the little hole-in-the-wall place (or something of that nature; Howl was too busy watching the way she moved her hands so drastically when she spoke). The sun had long past set, but the street lights lit up Korra’s eyes just as pretty as the sunlight had. Her dress sparkled as she moved, letting go of his hand as she jumped out of the Satomobile and into the street. 

 Howl followed closer behind, his eyes searching their surroundings when he walked. Habit. Something he always did when he was off duty and around her. His eyes were narrowed nervously, before he felt her warm and much smaller hand meet his and hold it to her. His cheeks were tinged with red. He begged his palm not to become sweaty as they held hands.

The first thing he heard as he entered the club was the sound of smooth music playing. He immediately felt his brow raise as he saw other couples dancing on the wooden floor, locked in each other’s arms as they swirled and twirled and laughed. Howl bit his bottom lip; did Korra consider them a couple? He didn’t know what to think before she dragged him onto the dance floor and showed him where to put his hands; on her hip and shoulder. His erratic heartbeat started again as she moved, back and forth, as if she’d done this before. 

He wondered subconsciously if her and the other firebender had come here before, but he pushed it out of his head as they moved in complete rhythm. He smiled weakly, realizing that how she moved was exactly how he had been trained in firebending during his training with the White Lotus. Their paces grew faster with the swaying jazz and he felt the smile growing across his cheeks.

Korra threw back her head and laughed, their feet moving faster and faster as the music picked up, centering on just them. Howl felt his own fast breathing break to let a hearty laugh and then–the music stopped, and he had dipped Korra. He had done something right by the incredibly big smile on her face. And then, the slower jazz picked up, and their beating hearts began to slow. Korra smiled happier and she leaned up to kiss his cheek.

But he moved his lips to hers at the same time.  

Driving (Part Two)

It should have only taken twenty minutes to get there, but Korra always liked making an easy thing hard. “Turn here,” She said, her eyes soft as she pointed down what looked like an unpaved road. He raised a brow in confusion–the city was newer to him and he trusted her with his life–but directions? 

As he made the turn and felt the erratic bumps under the wheels, he saw her out of the corner of his eye. Her eyes were shut gently, as if she were sleeping, her breathing slow and soft. Howl knew she wasn’t actually sleeping, or else she would be snoring. The fading summer light only just dusted her cheekbones, making her lit face seem more alive still than it ever did in the regular sunshine.

He wanted to comment on just how nice she really looked, but couldn’t. His chest was on fire with unspoken words. He was desperately afraid that if he opened his mouth, his stuttering would return and he would never be able to live it down.

Still, she looked so beautiful. He had noticed earlier that the sky blue flapper dress she wore accented her eyes extremely well. He’d seen her lips–lightly covered with honey–shine when she smiled. He was a sucker for the little things, like the one curl that wouldn’t stay behind her ear and kept brushing against her cheek with the slow breeze. 

There were no words to describe her. Beautiful was too blunt; a lot of guys, he’d seen, had called her beautiful and she’d had no care in the world for any of them. Pretty was lacking. Sexy was a definite no. Gorgeous? Nah. Too desperate. Cool? Chic? Spirit-like (he immediately rejected that one. She didn’t like talking about her spiritual side much)? 

“You look nice.” He blurted before realizing just what he said. Oh Spirits, nice? Nice?