halfpipe snowboarder

Winter Sports
  • Keith – snowboarding halfpipe
  • Pidge – ski cross
  • Hunk – giant slalom
  • Lance – ski jump and alpine skiing
  • Shiro – skeleton
  • Coran – biathlon
  • Allura – snowboarding slopestyle or halfpipe

Lance and Allura are siblings who are finally making a bang in competitions after a long hiatus after their father’s death in a suspect car accident. Seeing as Alfor was originally Lance’s coach for skeleton, Lance drops that sport and takes on various skiing events. But Allura wants to make some sort of team that stretches across the respective winter sports to encourage camaraderie or something like that, so her and Coran do exactly that. Seeing as they are some of the best coaches out there and carry a lot of influence, they manage to get their idea off the ground. 

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