Last nights dinner, tonights dinner (I ate more eggs than that), and MY FACE. 

Tonight I ran 2.09 miles at the gym in 20 minutes and I freaking achieved a new 1 mile PR! 

Previous 1 mile PR: 8:53
Tonight’s 1 mile PR: 8:02 BOOM!

Huge S/O to those who pace 8 minutes or less. I’d die. I think I did. I had such a fantastic and disgusting sweat going on though. After that, I walked around to cool off, and then did the following. 

Assisted pull up @ 115 pounds (61% of my weight): 7 reps, 3x. Don’t judge me. I have the upper body strength of a strong 80 year old. 
Squat rack @ 75 pounds: 10 reps, 3x. 
LOTS OF DUMBBELLS. My arms better hate me tomorrow.