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in regards to "unspoken code not to ask about scars" -- what if there was actually a friendly sort of "let's swap stories" time and if the super wants to talk about their scars that's fine since no one asked (and plus some scars are a source of pride--like "i got this when i beat this guy!" or even something mundane like "this is from before i was a super-before super healing, i COULD get scars. i love this one because...") so some supers are like "this is the scar from when I got my powers" 1/2

2/2 then danny’s talking to one who got their powers in an accident like him and they’re about to show the scar, maybe a huge burn or heck even iron man’s core (“it’s not a scar but it keeps me alive and powers my suit”-iron man is kind of halfdead too, he’d die without his “powers” and danny would’ve died had he not gained them, maybe they sympathize), but danny jumps in like “cool here’s mine” but none of their marks are as big as his and they all stare in horror. he becomes conscious about it

I actually love this idea so much thank you

although I really don’t think they’d react to Danny’s scars with horror or anything because whatever he has they’ve probably seen worse, also they’d know how shitty that would feel if someone gawked at their scars so even if they were horrified they’d hide it

I imagine his lightning scar would garner some really positive attention though once they talk him into showing it (because no doubt he’d be hella hesitant), and he’d probably get comments like ‘THAT IS SO COOL’ or ‘I WISH MY SCARS LOOKED LIKE THAT DAMN’, and throw in one of my headcanons that his scars glow green in ghost form and we’d have some severely jealous supers because ‘holy shit that looks so BADASS GOD DAMN’

it would make him feel a little better

hello sorry this is a bit long

1. your theme leaves something to be desired but it doesnt matter too much because i love all of your danny art, it used to be my favorite as a kid and i still come back to it occasionally but im torn that there werent really any good stuff (as good as yours) these days
2. i’ve been a fan of your danny works since i found you on deviantart a long time ago but i only found your blog here today (hi im new—-hi new im— ok lets not go there)
3. ok now that im done suckpandering (from the bottom of my heart), would you kindly answer some questions? no requests i swear. even private message will do? also it’s alright if you do not want to reveal some

  • that You Smell Like Death comic, is that directly after that one xmas comic after Danny’s mom shot at him in his room?
  • how long was danny in that forest if it was? a few days weeks months years? since he’s half ghost and it’s your headcanon i dont know if he’s aging you know, and since he’s never cleaned himself up ya
  • is danny a troll or his creepypasta tendencies a direct result from turning into a ghost?
  • i love your creepypasta danny btw
  • is he really dead or eternally halfdead? or is he eternally half-dying (hence the physical body but dead language)
  • will he ever get home?
  • could danny actually just be alive and the smell of death on him is also bc of his parent’s chemicals in the lab? since robbie’s basement and danny’s basement ya..
  • i apologize for my poor english grammar
  • wouldn’t danny’s dead language be something like latin???? dead language
  • im very happy with your slightly unhinged danny and you know the one with the bloody halls Let’s Play, will you ever create a backstory for that one or leave it to keep the mystery?
  • Adorable danny
4. thank you if you did, thank you have a good day have a good life if you didnt

Thanks! :D I’m happy you like my phanart. actualghost!Danny will always be one of my favorite AUs. As for the questions about the YSLD comic, it will be revealed somehow (if my plan works) as the comic progresses. I chose reverse caesar for Danny’s language because it’s simple to decode and I know a lot of GF fans love ciphers ;D (plus I forgot my latin already) The Let’s Play pic was actually created as a sequel to another drawing (the vivisection one if you know what I mean).


loves all around n I ship all the cats.

Joz rly looks up to Edna cause such floof much wow n its a huge dumb crush on her part but atleast it seems to be mutual??

 Alain asks Val to teach him how to read n ends up rly likin him cause wow hes super pacient? And its a huge difference to Jozs 24/7 sugarhigh, so a nice change of pace rly.

I feel like I made Edna not fluffy enough n instead fat, like, compared to the rest atleast, I need to practice drawin her more. Also gonna be drawin Val w those eyes from now on since hes basically halfdead/undead/was too close to bein dead to look too alive so no shine in his eyes anymore=w= Drawin Al smilin is also super weird like bruh n, n yes the burnt from his ears is spreadin down the sides of his face, guessin the burn on his hands n tail r doin the same

Alains date outfit, Vals casual outfit n Ednas outfit are all based on the outfits ehuante gives their gijinkas, while Jozs outfit is based on the outfit hamadarobinsonrobotics made for human Joz

bonus pablo n zach:

Wow, so this is kinda exciting right? I think I made this Tony rp blog about a month ago and I was so scared [..well, still am] of not being any good, or being able to entice anyone to roleplay with me, let alone following me and doing threads.

Of course I’ve still got lots to learn, as I am primarily an actor, not a writer, but I will get there with all you amazing people supporting me

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As for the art give-away, I put all ya’ll names in a randomizer and I decided to do three:





So when you see this just let me know what you’d like drawn and I shall do me best.

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