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All Jane All The Time: (in no particular order!)








north-and-prejudice.tumblr.com (and North & South)





lizziebennet-diaries.tumblr.com (lots of LBD!)







and all period dramas:






Mostly Jane, but personal too:


halfagony-halfhope.tumblr.com (owns dearestloveliestelizabeth, too! <3)

lluminatingpemberley.tumblr.com (follows Pemberley Digital action)

austenland.tumblr.com (beautiful edits)



garrulus.tumblr.com (home of Fitzwilliam Darcy’s Inner Struggles: FDIS)

(message me here if you want me to add anyone else) 


Aesthetics of @myladylace (pictures by me)

About a thousand years ago @halfagony-halfhope tagged me in an aesthetics meme. So sorry it’s taken me this long! Thanks so much for tagging me, dear!

Rules: Make your aesthetic (based off of your personality and interests) with only photos that you have saved to your device! You cannot search and download any items until you are finished.

I tag @iolauss, @samsaviorwinchester, @ladyarlawyn, @joanthursday, @victorian-elf, and anyone else who would like to do this! (Of course, feel free to pretend your name isn’t on this list if you don’t want to do it :)

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(Mutuals are bolded. People are sorted into the fandom through which I met them. Thank you to kay for the beautiful GIFs <3)

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@adaytobelovely @blondedoriangray @ceilingfanofdoom @lovelettersfromzion @meandmynerdyworld @quirkellect @reyskywalkerrsolo @whenbreadmetfire @storiesandskies

Life Changers

@ananbeth @blackjacktheboss @diva-gonzo @lumosed @redstringbanshee @stilesbanshee @stydiaiscanonbitch @youaretoosmart

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@haleyjscott @nothingforhistroubles @percyyoulittleshit @rememberiloveyou @scorpiusmilfoy @son-of-rome @wellsjahasghost @westhallen @elphabaoftheopera @alecslightwood 

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@fudgythewhale @hollandroden @madgrad2011 @roe-your-boat @stilestilikeslydia

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@aloemilk @coyotelaughingsoftly @curiositykilledtheslug @dearjorowling @gcldentrios @ggrinted @justwantogethere @magicfolk @mugglebornandproud @ofpotterandwho @otterandterrier @romionearemyhorrocrux @ronahld @ronaldswheezy @rowling @terrierandotter @theperksofshippingromione


@alonglineofbread @badnovels @capitolfalls @demetera @lulabo @muttpeeta @peetasbunmyoven @akarevs


@anxiouspineapples @greenconverses @somethingmorecreative1 @flyingcrowbar


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@dearestloveliestelizabeth @elizabeth-bennet @lizziebennet


@actual-leia-organa @bb8s @feministperalta @rootedinfaith

poemsandmyths  asked:

Do you have any blog recommendations that also blog about classic literature? I am also just now finishing reading Jane Eyre for the first time and I've fallen completely in love with it!

Considering Tumblr suggests posts for me to reblog which are my own posts because it can’t find anything else similar, I too find myself at a loss for classic literature blogs. So I’ve just compiled a list of blogs that I follow and recommend :)

@dorky-darcy    @writingmademeitsbitch    @halfagony-halfhope   

@englishlitstudent    @my-dear-mr-rochester​   @janeeyrequotes    @lizziebennet 

@dearestloveliestelizabeth   @janeaustenapproved    @darcybae    @darcybeth

@incorrectpride-prejudicequotes   @doesmyforeheadpleaseyou    

@incorrectliteraryquotes    @jealous-bell   @north-and-prejudice​     @fine-eyes

If anyone knows of any others, please feel free to add them!

the-art-of-fangirling’s follow forever

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope everyone’s holidays were fantastic and that you all have the best year of your lives coming up.

Also, thank you so much to everyone who helped me reach 9k. Can you believe it?? Still can’t believe that there are that many people interested in what I have to say. But thank you so much, you all are the best.

I follow some of the coolest people in the world. I wish I could have just put everyone on here, but these are some of the people whose blogs make my dash amazing every day. I’m doubtlessly missing some people, and some have changed urls for the holidays so it’s harder to find you, but I did my best.

Thank you all for being awesome!

mutuals are bolded 


@abagnetfullofswagnets@alittleworldofimagination​ ✨ @almaasi​ ✨ @anastiel​ ✨ @andiamburdenedwithgloriousfeels@ass-seen-on-tv​ ✨ @averypotterwhovian@baybscully​ ✨ @bisexualcooper​ ✨ @bisexualdeanwinchester​ ✨ @bisexualdemondean​ ✨ @bloody-men-with-blue-eyes​ 


@canwriteitbetterthanueverfeltit@cas-counts-deans-frecks@cassammydean@castiel-knight-of-hell ✨ @castihalo@chelseawren@cladnplaid @cockleddean@consulting-cannibal @consultingcas @crownlesscas@cuttingroomfloorofmemories@cvtecas@dahliasheng@danakatscullys@datfamilybusiness@dean-bangs-cas-in-the-impala ✨ @deanandhiscas@deancasheadcanons@deanismypatronass@deansurvived​ @demondogdean​ ✨ @destieldrabblesdaily@destielhiseyesopened​ ✨ @deustiel​ ✨ @doofcas


@frecklesandsky​ ✨ @friendlyneighbourhoodpizzaman ✨ @garrulus​ ✨ @get-your-ass-in-the-impala​ ✨ @halfagony-halfhope​ ✨ @hallowedbecastiel@hamburgergod@heartinelli@hellblazerdean@incorrect-harry-potter-quotes@its-not-an-obsession-its-love ✨ @jessawarriorprincess@kingsasspotter@livebloggingmydescentintomadness@lmaoscully@lokidokeyartichoki@lordwhat@lovingprideandprejudice


@me-sorta@milverton@misha-collins-angel-of-thursday@mishasminions@mkhunterz@mooseleys@mummytroll@my-flourish-and-blotts@no-cas-dats-gay@not-so-casually-obsessed ✨ @ohlumos  ✨ @right-in-the-feels-man ✨ @riseofthefallenone@ruledbyproblematique


@sherleck@snuggydestiel@ssjdebusk@supernaturalapocalypse@thebloggerbloggerfun@thedoctorsjawn@thewitchof221bgallifrey@thranduilland@unholyseraphs@wait-whats-that-there ✨ @wayoffcanon@whelvenwings@yaelstiel@yall-mothafuckas-need-misha@yourspecialeyes

i’m jumping on the holiday bandwagon!! tbh i’m amazed everyone has stuck with me through url/blog content changes, and to show my appreciation i wanted to show everyone i follow some love for the holidays <3

mutuals bolded, faves italicised 

# - C

@5sos-bandcest@adrina-stark@aleksdanvers@aliceofalonso@allgrownpup@alrightanakin@alrightevans@andorsjyn@aqhrodite@areeanagranday@arteomis @badley@baetrenoora@bbellamyblake@bclle@bell-clarke@bellamyplake@bellamythology@bellamysbiceps ♡  @bellarketm @bellslarkes@bellsqueen@belomitrikru @bensolcs@biscxualsaralance@bishopwinston@blakemedown@blueganszey@boggarts @buckybames @bunchrebecca@captaincassian@chaoticbellamy@christmasbell@cla-rke @clarke-raven @clarke-griffin@clarkeswalkabout@clarkethena@commanderbell@cordcliachase@cxernii

D - H

@deledier@delnquents@doryldixon@dropshipp@emilybrontay@enoughtotemptme@fairybloods @farlkeminkus @forbellamy@ginevra17@glittersilhouettes@goldenheadfreckledheart @grcywrn@groundrs @grumpybell@halfagony-halfhope@harpermacintyre@harpermacintyre@hayleyattwell@hepahestus@hiydendunbar @hotlatinospacerebel

I - M

@idontgiveaneffie @isabellelightwocd @itwontsurvivemee @jacobperaltta@jacobsperalta @jinglebellamy @johnernststeinbeck@jyncassian@karajames@kateyfuller@kindclaws@kissabell @kvtefullers@ladycapulet@larvati@linzzmorgan@livwholikestv ♡ @lizziebennet@lukasphillip @lukasswaldenbeck @madgesundersee@maggiesawyver @marauders-groupie@matthewdaddcrio@merryclarymas@merrykristoff@montygrcen @mrganagriffns@mythicalbellamy

N - R


S -Z

@sanscastark@savedbythebellamy@selflessbellamy @sethgeckc@simplyslc@skaikruh@smolmontygreen@softclary@spacexualkids@spxceselkie @stevesam@stevxrcgers@thefangirlingbarista@tyrgaryens@ughbloodybellamy@wellsjahasghost ♡   @wellsyaha@youdontoutgrowpunk

                                                  ~Follow Forever~

This is my first follow forever. I’ve had a meh year but on tumblr it’s been a great year. I finally started making gifs which surprisingly people like. I made some awesome new friends. And lastly reach a milestone which I thought I would never reach. So here’s a list of the blogs I enjoyed the most since I cane on here two years ago. The bolded are my favorite mutuals and few tumblr crushes. And for my followers I’m happy you put up with me. Have a great 2016

  • a-f

@alenastarkov ♡ @anneboleyns@annasacconey ♡ @archivistsrock@areddhels ♡ @arwwenn@aslavg@autumncozy@babschwi@bagginshield@bardilfula@becauseoppositesattract@bel-eriand@bravelegolas@caravaggibro@caravaggion@celebritiesandmovies@city-of-gay-angels♡ @contemporaryelfinchild ♡ @cutepippin@dailypotc ♡ @daisyrildey@daredebae @dicapriosleonardo ♡ @droo216@elektrahnatchios@elizabetbennet@elizabthswann@elizabthturner@elven-nicknacks@elvenkiing@elvenking@eowyns@feanope@feanore@feanory ♡ @frodo–baggins ♡ @fromdusks ♡ @fuckyeahmilesmcmillan ♡ 

  • g-k

@generalhuxxx ♡ @givenclarity@ghostlywatcher @grahamewill@glorfindeliciouss@halfagony-halfhope@harryspillingtea@hermicnes ♡ @hobbitmas@hotasice@jakkubabe♡ @jellycar@joannalannister@johnnygatthird ♡ @kingrenly@kit-harington@klngfili ♡  @kyynelpuro

  • l-p

@lady-arryn@ladyblackfish@ladygiselletudor@ladynadinne @lancelottie@lavendervalar@legosassyy ♡ @lee-paces-caterpillars@leeeeeeeeeegooooooooolaaaaaaaaas@legsagorn ♡ @lenaoffassy@lesgardenias@liiillith@lilavenger ♡  @liliaenbaggins ♡ @littlesparkleprince ♡ @lochiels@lois-lane ♡ @loopholes@lordoftheelves@lotrlorien @lovingprideandprejudice@lukeevans-x@lyanasnow@lyannas@malcobbs@mrsbingleys@mylittlespitfire@moonchild30@most4rdently@myrkvidrs@mythaelogy@nenuials@nenyas ♡ @nevui-penim-miruvorrr@nimrodels ♡ @noldorinprincess@ohelrond ♡ @orlandobloom@piratesparrow @princemaedhros @princessirisse @puffingirl

  • q-z

@r-navy ♡ @remusjohnslupin ♡ @rideitslut@rose-oil@roseydoux@rubyredwisp@santalegolas  ♡ @seraphsfire  ♡ @serenity-v@silmarienn @silmarile@sister-of-artemis@skelegorm ♡ @songsofwolves ♡ @stormborns @stormbornvalkyrie@taurielsilvan@thearkenstone ♡ @thecrownlesskings@thelittlestdragonet@thraaaaaaaanduuuuuuuuiiiiiiiiil ♡ @thranduilings@thranduilandhisswagstag@timeladv ♡ @titansdaughter ♡ @tlotrgifs ♡  @torhin@tossme@tosquinha@undomiells ♡ @whatmakesyoulove@weloveperioddrama ♡ @wildhermione ♡ @williamturnerdaily@wingedwolves @witchofthekorcari ♡ @woodland-nymphs ♡ @victaerion @yocalio

P. S. I made this last minute and I follow way to many people. If I missed anyone please message me if I forgot you

In honor of my birthday I’m giving a shout out to all my followers*! Y'all are the best and I love y'all so much!!!!

(*All my followers up until the 15th because I’ll be busy all day that day so yeah)

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It’s my birthday today and I wanted to use the occasion to thank some awesome blogs (and people who run them) with a mini (really, i meant it to be mini when i started) follow forever :)

W.i.t.c.h. colors because why not

Special buddies are bolded ♥

a - e

aqile ☻ avantifernandoalonso  ☻ bethoniewaring  ☻ blissfulparanoia  ☻ bottaslicious ☻ chasingpegasus ☻ city-of-shadow-hunterscolourlessf1 ☻ dear-sennadenisgodlas

f - k

f1-babyf1championshipf1wolverinefernandowebbermarkalonsoferrariwolfgeeky-in-the-tardis ☻ halfagony-halfhope homeisanywhereyoustayhyper-muse-musicicecoldwildfire ☻  iloveseikki

l - p

lovingprideandprejudicemarkoruffalomarkwebberausmaxerica monsieurvibrisse mrsgreenleaf ☻ noonereallykersoeplolohhdarkstoned111ohmydarcy ☻ pwoperechelon ☻

q - u

raecharlrainrainmaker ☻ selfiebcsherlockedlavasiriuslywinchestersoufflessquirrelsandpumpkinjuice space-demmentia ☻ spellricciardostangscartoonsandlolsstelleappesethatf1girl ☻ the-black-cat1the-kangaroo-with-a-bowtietheflowerinsidethehomestraighttherosea ☻


v-ettelvampiref1echelonvictimorjustatragedywaitingformrrochester warlockintothetardis weasleyhorcruxwho-kers-rightwillliamherondalewinterefellwolstenwhoyouhornycorpse ☻ 

Plus all the blogs that post Fernando, I follow you all and I love that you bring him on my dash ♥

Since it’s almost Christmas, i wanted to make a festive follow forever! Thank you guys so much for making my dash look beautiful, and for making my year better and funnier. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a great New Year! I LOVE YOU <3


@adelaidekane @alectightwood @adamparrish @alecnightwood @annabethchaes @anniecrestair @ayrastark @asheathes @amyadams @bell-clarke @bblakess @bbellamyblake @bellamyblake @bellamyyclarke @bellamyblak @bellsqueen @bellamyblakeish @bellamyblaake @bakrerstreet @bilexualclarke @bisexualbellamyblake @bobmorleyisking @bobbimorxe @burgesskim @blakesgrffn @beallamy @bellslarkes @bellarkism @bellohmyblake @cabeswatar @cozyprisons @claryalec @clarke-griffin @clarkegiffrin @claryalecs @cla-rke @clakreqriffin @chaoticbellamy @claryherondhale @crestadeen @criesta @clarissafrray  @dsherwood @daisyjohnson @damnmechanics @dreammetheworld @demetera @eathons @eeverdean @effiestrinkets @elisataylor @emmajstone @emma-swan @ennobaria @estenzia


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“I would wish not to be hasty in censuring any one; but I always speak what I think.”
“I know you do; and it is that which makes the wonder. With your good sense, to be honestly blind to the follies and nonsense of others! Affectation of candour is common enough; – one meets it every where. But to be candid without ostentation or design – to take the good of every body’s character and make it still better, and say nothing of the bad – belongs to you alone.”

i wasn’t planning on making this follow forever, but somehow i still ended up making it, so here’s a short list of wonderful people that deserve to be followed by all of you (mutuals are bolded)

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idk how to end this so thank you all so much!!! yours sincerely, hanna

(Ahh halfagony-halfhope - I’d written out this whole answer and saved it to drafts, but as far as I can tell, Tumblr ate it, so I’m just going to make a post. You didn’t need to know any of that. Oh well.)

Anyway! Hi Amanda! Yours was one of the blogs that I “followed” before I’d even created a tumblr, actually, back in The LBD days. I remember being enamored by your edits (which hasn’t changed) and impressed by how well you know Jane Austen’s works (which also hasn’t changed).

Since actually following you and interacting with you a bunch, I’ve learned that you’re one of the nicest people I’ve ever come across on here. I love that you love the 2005 version of Pride & Prejudice and Taylor Swift and pretty pictures as much as I do. Your taste in music and sense of humor are both excellent, and seeing you on my dash never fails to make me smile.

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i was tagged by brdlyjms (hi! you’re cool and stuff)

1. if you could take an extended holiday anywhere in the world, where would you go?

ahh this is such a difficult question! everywhere!?! but if i had to choose, i’d probably say italy. the one time i was there it was amazing and so was the culture and architecture and VENICE and landscape and ugh everything!

2. name your overall otp?

as a brotp it’s definitely dan and phil, as a real otp i think mark&lexie from grey’s anatomy or fran fine and mr. sheffield for the nanny haha. i actually have far too many otps that i can’t really put into order i guess

3. most embarrassing fandom?

do you mean embarrasing for me to be in it? i honestly don’t think there’s any i’m embarrased about

4. what’s your favourite flavour of ice cream?

what are these questions i want to answer “ALL OF THEM” for every single one!! probably caramel, though my usual go-to one is vanilla

5. do you feel your current age? do you feel younger or older than you are now?

i don’t feel like an adult at all. what do you mean i’m 20? yesterday i was 12! no but seriously i remember looking up to high schoolers when i started school and thinking they were super old and smart and stuff, and now i’m in uni and i’m just confused and lost and have got nothing figured out

6. cats or dogs?


7. tell me a really fun childhood memory?

i don’t really know which one to pick, so i’ll go with the first one i remembered - trip to grete island (in greece) with my family when i was seven. basically there were tons of little details that made that trip so amazing. there was a cute kitten living in the house next to our hotel, and every morning and evening we went to see it. then we hadn’t anticipated the weather to be that warm there so on the first day my parents bought me and my sister matching cute dresses which i would wear to this day if they fit me. there was this amazing outdoor waterpark which i remember being the most amazing thing (i don’t actually think any of the other waterparks i’ve been to after that have been better), and we rented a small yellow car to drive there, and my dad called the car a yellow duck for some reason and it was the funniest thing. in the evenings we bought sweet cherries from some local shop and ate them in our hotel room and i hadn’t had them before since they weren’t something very usual back home during that time (it was like year 2001 or something). my dad got completely eaten by mosquitos during that trip, it was ridiculous. one day i accidentally sat on the hairbrush and my sister made fun of me saying that i had sat on a hedgehog and i was furious at the time but now it makes me smile a lot. one evening we went out to a restaurant and i’m not sure what we ordered, but they came with tomatoes, which turned out to be filled with salad or something i guess, and fake-tomatoes was a joke that stayed in the family for a while. this got really long but i’m smiling like an idiot right now so yeah 

8. do you have any scars with a cool story behind them?

i have a barely noticable scar on my face from when i fell down from an apple tree when i was three :) and then i have huge scar on my elbow from when i fell off the bike when i was 17 (i fall a lot don’t i) 

9. where’s one place that everyone wants to travel to, but you just don’t see the appeal?

i actually tried hard to find a place like that but i can’t, i really love to travel and i’d go to every place on earth thrice if i could 

10. how many siblings do you have? do you get on?

i have one sister, she’s two years older than me and we get along pretty well. the older we get the better we get along :)

11. which came first, the chicken or the egg?!

neither! or both (i’m just avoiding the question as you can see)

ok so i’m tagging rowing-in-eden, dithy00, hellobananaxx (yes i’m tagging you too, you better do it), halfagony-halfhope, sassymrknightley, tardisstolemymindkalijah-s, phanflippintastic, youwereswingingformars, nbaum (you’re all either my favourite mutuals or my favourite followers, so take this as a compliment)


1. what song has been stuck in your head this week?

2. favourite tv show at the moment

3. if you could be anywhere right now, where would it be?

4. what is/are your favourite quote(s)? (and maybe why if you want to elaborate)

5. make a list of random small things that annoy you (venting and ranting always help)

6. first person you subscribed to on youtube

7. what do you like to spend money on most? 

8. what book are you reading right now?

9. what is your favourite smell?

10. if you could eat only one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

11. what languages do you speak and what language would you really like to learn someday?

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