Recipe: Maki Roll

Description: Fish and rice wrapped in seaweed.

Game ingredients: Fish, Seaweed, Rice

This recipe restores 100 energy and 40 health. It can be obtained from the Cooking Channel and sells for 220g. 

Difficulty: Medium, 1½ hours. Serves 3.

I had a German exchange student a few years ago who insisted I go with her to sushi classes, so this recipe was from our instructor, a lovely woman named Tomoko. 

-180mL of uncooked sushi rice
-1 tablespoon sushi vinegar
-1 avocado
-1 egg
-a cucumber
-227g package of flaked cooked imitation crab
-Nori (roasted seaweed sheets)

The first step is to prepare the rice. You need short grain sushi rice so it will stick together well. I find the brand Kokuho Rose is really good. When making sushi, chefs will use “go cups”, which are roughly 180mL each. They’ll make about two rolls of sushi. I actually doubled the recipe to make four rolls. 

Put the rice in a bowl and fill with just enough water to cover the rice, and then dump it in a sieve right away. Making a sort of clawed shape, run your hand in a circular motion through the rice to shake off excess water and to grind the grains against each other. Do about 20 rotations with your hand. This helps to clean the rice and remove unwanted particles of dust and dirt. Put the rice back in the bowl and cover with water again, then pour back into the sieve. After running your hand through it, do this whole process once more. 

(Getting this picture was no easy task.)

Once the rice is back in the bowl for the last time, cover with just enough water and then let it sit for 30 minutes to an hour. Drain out the water, and transfer to a medium-sized pot. Measure the amount of rice as you put it in, and then add in an equal amount of water to the pot (ex: 2 cups of rice to 2 cups of water). 

Place a lid on the pot (do not remove it while it’s cooking) and cook on medium-high until it boils, and then allow it to boil for 2 minutes (the lid may be shaking a little bit and steam will be escaping. You’ll also hear the water bubbling). Turn down the heat to low and let it simmer for 10 minutes. Remove the lid. If there’s still water, replace the lid and cook on low for another minute or two. Once done, turn off the heat, place a teatowel over the pot and put the lid on top, allowing it to sit for 10 minutes. The towel absorbs condensation while the rice steams. 

Transfer the rice to a bowl and pour in the sushi vinegar. Carefully mix it in with a fork. While the rice is cooling, prepare the rest of the ingredients. Slice the avocado, cut the cucumber in strips, about 3 inches in length, and slice the crabmeat. In a small frying pan, heat a small amount of oil or butter (if needed) on medium-low, and then pour in a beaten egg. Cook on low until it’s done, working your way around the edges with a flipper to free it from the pan. Once the egg has cooled, cut it into thin slices as well. 

On a bamboo sushi mat, place a sheet of seaweed shiny side down. Pat on the rice, covering the sheet with a one inch margin at the top. Near the bottom, arrange on the cucumber, avocado, egg, and crab. Using the bamboo mat, carefully fold up the bottom part so the fillings don’t fall out, and then roll the rest of the way until you reach the margin. Wet the seaweed with water along the margin and then secure it to the rest of the roll. It should easily stick to it and hold it in place. Having the bowl of water to remove the sticky rice off your fingers helps a lot.

Once the rolls are ready, grab a large, sharp knife with a thin blade. Applying minimal pressure, carefully saw the knife back and forth until it cuts all the way through the roll. Applying pressure will squish the sushi. Wipe the blade off on a wet cloth between each slice to remove rice remnants and allow it to cut easier. Repeat process until the whole roll is sliced. 

Once you get the hang of it, sushi is very easy to make, and you can experiment by using different ingredients. (Also sorry this post is so long, but there’s a lot of details!)


  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: I'm really not fine with the fact that some people think snape was actually a good person because he tried to make up for his mistakes by protecting an orphan that lost his parents BECAUSE OF HIM. Also he fucking abused his students, even the one he was supposed to FUCKING PROTECT remember???, called the only friend he had a mudblood, joined a racist organization because he was rejected by some chick, created his own spell to slice people in half and make sushi out of them, told the dark lord about a profecy and only regretted it because it was interpreted to be about the woman that he had loved but friendzoned him because he was a racist bastard and

- Cadbury came out with official Cadbury egg cookies this year. They’re… a disappointment. The cookie part is really bland, and there’s too much cookie and not enough squishy egg goodness.

- Saw my neurologist, he tweaked my meds a bit.

- Either tomorrow or Saturday, depending on when schedule allows, I’m treating myself to half-price sushi. 

- Miiiiight do a writing jam? Depends on how good/bad a day it is.

- Ugh, I need to update the official fics with the stuff from past jams, but I am so lazy.


They decide to get something to eat from the poolside buffet. Audrey mutters that she hasn’t even had lunch yet. Persephone knows better than to ask her any questions until she’s eaten. Audrey’s smile finally reappears after she’s demolished half a plate of sushi.

Audrey: That’s better. I actually feel human again. How was your day? Was it utter hell, lounging by the pool and drinking cocktails all afternoon?
Persephone: I only had one cocktail, thank you very much. And I couldn’t do very much lounging, even wearing 50 + sunblock. I’d look like those poor little prawns over there.

Audrey snickers and shovels more sushi into her mouth. Persephone eats her own sushi slowly, savouring each mouthful. The warm weather has made her even more languid than usual. She rarely hurries anything. It drives Audrey crazy.

Persephone: So. Tell me how things went with Raj.
Audrey: God. He’s so arrogant. He wouldn’t let me talk and kept trying to interrupt me, to start with. Obviously it was some sort of power game he was playing but ughhhh. I felt like slapping him. I didn’t like him. At all.
Persephone: The man’s a murderer and a tax cheat. What were you expecting? Mr Nice Guy?
Audrey: Well, I’d heard he was quite charming. But I didn’t see much evidence. And the meeting was almost over before it had even begun. He just point-blank refused to discuss Naomi and got up to leave. Which is when I had to drop my bombshell about her stepdad. That made him sit down again pretty quickly. He tried to hide it but I could tell he was shitting himself. Wouldn’t you be freaking out though, if you thought you’d gotten away with the perfect murder and then this total stranger pops up years later to tell you she knows everything?
Persephone: Did you mention the cigarette butt?
Audrey: Yep. You should have seen him. He froze. It was like he’d been turned into one of Naomi’s sculptures.

Persephone shakes her head and returns her attention to her food. She doesn’t approve. She thinks Audrey is playing a dangerous game. Audrey gives a wry half-smile. The story she fabricated about the cigarette was a risky one, but she’s sure she has Raj fooled. The idea came to her when she was browsing old photos from the newspaper archives, back in the days when his pioneering whale-watching operation was still in its infancy. In nearly every photo taken of Raj back in those days there was a cigarette dangling from his lips. 

(It’s a funny thing, though. There do not seem to be any photos in existence anywhere of he and Naomi together.) 

Eating yo sushi and some white lady just called over a waitress and asked for “anything but wood” in response to the chopsticks after making a disgusted face and then asked for plastic spoons and used it to cut her sushi in half and eat it omg help me