PART 1 <—

Sitting there curled up with Kozik on the couch, you couldn’t be happier watching Tig’s comedic triumph over the prospect in their mini pool tournament.

“If I- I mean when I win,” Tig pointed with his cue, “you gotta wash my bike all year long.”
He reached for his beer.

“That’s not that bad, like I don’t do that already,” Half-Sack commented as he lined up his shot.

Tig leaned over, propping an arm on the edge of the table, “…in a thong.”
The sinister little smile on his face and the horrified expression on Sack’s sent everyone into a fit of laughter.

In a fit of your own, you couldn’t help but get a glimpse at the pure joy in Kozik’s smile, it made you smile even more. Especially when his arms wrapped tighter around, bringing you closer to his chest.

“What’s all tha’ ruckus in here ya’ muppets?!”

You didn’t need to look up to know who had arrived, but your own curiosity got the better of you when your gaze went searching for his smile anyways.
And smile he did when his eyes met yours,
“How are ya’ crazy kids?”

There was the slightest of hesitance in your smiling response as you looked over at Kozik. With a nod and a faint smile, Kozik rose his beer toward his brother,
“Never better,” and pecked the side of your head.

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