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I'm sorry but are you seriously saying it was sketchy that Tara was alive after Abel was taken?? Wtf! What would you have had her do? Die alongside half sack? Jesus there was nothing she could have done fucking half sack died she knew she would've been killed too I highly doubt it was thought out and planned, she was scared shitless which I'm sure you would be too in that position. She literally froze. Nobody would've ostracized her for being alive wtf. Give it a rest already lord

That’s exactly what I’m saying. No one is going to take my baby if I’m there. I’m not saying that her freezing up isn’t understandable, it is, but most mothers would have to be dead and cold for someone to take their child, especially when you know that it’s a rival taking them. Anyone would be scared, but you push through and try to do something. Anything.

One, they should’ve never left the front door wide open. That was their main fuck up. You don’t leave your door open period, especially when you’re the girlfriend of a member. Like ??? I know they were bringing in groceries, just close the door and lock it until you go back out. Use some common sense.

Lastly if you had read the question, you would’ve seen that it was asking me how things would’ve been viewed where I’m from. So how you, someone that I’ve never met, and is not a part of my family, and has not seen how things are done where I’m from, is going to tell me that she wouldn’t have been ostracized doesn’t even make sense😂 You think you know my background better than I do?You think you know my experiences better than I do? Quit reaching girl. She wouldn’t have been left with anyone’s baby after that. She would’ve been ostracized and that’s it. You can give all your opinions and thoughts on her behaviors, there’s no right or wrong answer to that, but don’t come here trying to tell me how things would’ve been done on my side. You’re wrong.


*** For the girl who requested ❤️ I didn’t do this one overly specific since I didn’t know much about your situation and I didn’t want to ask but I hope this was good enough. I just want to say that I hope you’re doing well and I’m sending nothing but positivity your way. Stay strong sweet pea 😘 Im sure you must be busy but please let me know how you’re doing. ***

“Hey daddy. Is everyone here?” “Yeah baby. They’re all at the table.” Tig looked at you and smiled lightly but you could see that he was nervous. You couldn’t really blame him, your were freaking out too. Tonight, you’d asked Gemma if you could have a dinner at her house, just the club. You had been dealing with this diagnosis on your own for the last 2 weeks, trying to come to terms with it and get yourself in a better place before you told everyone else. You had moods where you didn’t want to tell them and just let them continue to be happy, not having to worry about you and be upset but you knew that the right thing to do was to let them knew. You were family and there were no personal secrets but you weren’t sure this one was one you wanted to share.

You knew that they were going to be upset by the news but you knew dealing with it on your own wasn’t healthy. So Gemma had made a get together tonight when you’d asked her so you could tell everyone together. Now you’d just finished dinner and asked your dad to get everyone back at the table so you could let them know. Everyone was a little on edge already, knowing it must’ve been something serious or bad if you’d asked for it to be a gathering rather than just telling them individually when you saw them. Then they’d asked as soon as they got there and when you’d told them to wait until after dinner, they knew it couldn’t have been good. Now you were all sitting at the table and there was an abundance of uneasy faces looking at you.

You looked down the the table for a moment to collect yourself before looking back up. Your dad could tell you were nervous and gently grabbed your hand. The support gave you some courage and you looked around at everyone.

“Well, uh, I asked Gemma to do this dinner so that I could talk to you. You’re my family and I don’t want to keep anything from you guys. I’m not going to waste a lot of time, I just want you guys to know that I love you and there’s no other family I’d rather have.” Jax was sitting across from you at the table and you saw his brow furrow, his confusion clear that he didn’t know where this was going. You dad’s hand clenched yours and you started again.

“I went to the doctor a little while ago and I found out that I have brain cancer.” The dining room was silent, no one saying anything as they stared at you. Chibs and Happy looked around the table, not believing what you’d said. Tig stayed staring at you, his face blank while Jax’s mouth was open slightly, the beginning of tears welling up in his eyes. Everyone else had eventually looked down at the table in shock.

“I found out two weeks ago. I got a CT scan and they found a tumor. They want to try and do surgery to remote it but they don’t know for sure yet. I just wanted to let you guys know. I thought you deserved to know.”

The silence was deafening and you looked around waiting to see if anyone would say anything. No one did but the sound of Gemma’s chair scraping against the floor as she scooted back broke the silence. She walked over to you and wrapped her arms around you from behind your chair, your hand coming to rest on hers with a small smile. More chairs sounded as the rest of the family stood and made their way over to you. You felt multiple pairs of arms wrap around you as well, the love and warmth bringing about a happiness you hadn’t felt in a while. You felt your dad tighten his grip on your hand and looked over to see him watching you. “I love you babygirl. You’ll be ok.”

You nodded and laughed as you heard everyone else agree, telling you how much they loved you and that everything would work out. You knew there was a long road ahead of you but with the love and support you were surrounded with, anything was possible.


“What do you mean you won’t wear my crow?!”

“That’s not what I said!” You walked at him with the kitchen knife in your hand, he just had to argue about this when you were making dinner, “I said I would love to get your name, ‘Kip’, on my crow, but there is no way in hell I’m getting ‘Half-Sack’ tattooed on my body!”

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*** I used Kip instead of Half Sack from your view because I don’t really see that as how you’d address your boyfriend? That’s just me though. 😂🌰***

“You sure you still want to go?” “Yes.” You couldn’t hide the anger from entering your voice as you answered Kip for the 4th time that night. Tonight SAMCRO was having a party and this was the first one you were going to. You and Kip had been together for a year and he’d been prospecting for 3 months already. Not that you were in a rush to go to the parties but you’d noticed that whenever you’d wanted to drop by and bring him lunch or something, he’d always declined. Eventually you’d caught on and come to the conclusion that he just didn’t want the club to meet you and you’d brought it up. Eventually he’d given in, asking you to go with him to the party tonight.

“Why don’t you ever let me go with you or be there?” He said nothing and looked down as you let your shoulders drop along with your voice. “…Are you embarrassed of me? Do you think they’ll think I’m ugly?” He looked up quickly and shook his head, reaching out for your hand. “No! Of course not babe. Come here.” You tried to pull your hand away from him but he stayed holding onto you and pulled, your body moving towards him. He placed his hands on your hips and looked down at you, his bottom lip between his teeth.

“You’re gorgeous babe, you know that. I would never be embarrassed of you. It’s the opposite.” You narrowed your eyes at him, not following. “What do you mean?” “You’re beautiful and perfect and I’m…me. I’m just scared that maybe you’ll like one of them more. I don’t want them to take you from me.” You shook you head and laughed lightly, at the both of you. “That’s not gonna happen Kip. I’m yours. If you really don’t want me to go then I won’t but don’t hide me away just because of something like that. I love you.” He smiled and blushed as he looked at you. “I love you too.”


“This must be her.” You smiled as a beautiful blonde man walked up to you, holding out his hand. You slipped your hand into his and he shook it, a charming smile upon his face. “I’m Jax. Nice to finally meet you.” You nodded and smiled, squeezing Kip’s hand as more Sons came over. A tall one with blue eyes and curly hair came up first, smiling at you before pointing at Kip. “What you doing with this retard? Kids only got one nut, you deserve better than that.” The guys laughed and so did Kip, only not as enthusiastically.

“Well he does pretty damn good for a guy with only one. Better than most guys who got both.” You threw a wink and the guys laughed, liking you already. “Let me get you a beer.” Tig walked off towards the bar while the others began to walk towards the pool table and motioned for you to follow. Looking over at Kip, you smiled and kissed his cheek lovingly. “Told you. You got nothing to worry about.”