A Pictorial History of Darren Criss' "O" Face
He saw. He conquered. He came.

The multi-talented Darren Criss has had many noteworthy accomplishments over the years. He was one half of the most famous gay primetime couple of this decade on Glee.

He made a seamless transition from TV to the star of Broadway’s Hedwig And The Angry Inch.

He was an exemplary host of the 2014 NewNowNext Awards, game for anything.

But there’s one talent that doesn’t receive nearly enough attention, a passion that comes through loud and clear whenever he performs. A talent that must be paid tribute.

The Darren Criss Orgasm Face.

To celebrate his 29th birthday today, let’s take a chronological look back at the history of this unique phenomenon.

Enjoy yourself (Darren certainly knows how).

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Name: Jordan

Star Sign: Virgo

Gender: Male

Height: 5'10

Favorite Colors: Purple and black

Time: 10:36

Average hours of sleep: Depends on if I end up on the phone or not, usually be like 6 or so, 4-2 if phone is used

Last Google: purpose of a w-2 form

Blanket I sleep with: this thick ass quilt made by my great grandmother

Favorite Characters: Killua Zoldyck, Crypt Oogakari, Avatar Aang, Wolverine, Deadpool, Dandy from American Horror Story, Whoever Angela Bassett played in the third season of American Horror Story

Favorite Books: Havent read a book in so long since I read fics, so I’ll just go with the Percy Jackson saga.

Favorite Artists: Curren$y, Joey Bada$$, Erykah Badu, 21 Savage, Og Maco, Kush and Oj Wiz Khalifa, Flatbush Zombies, Big Krit, Mick Jenkins, Ab Soul, Kendrick Lamar (J Cole bores me), Chance The Rapper, might as well throw future onto this too

Dream Job: Successful Author, which I’m gonna be either way

When was the blog started: Around 2013, when I joined due to white fandom Tumblr 😔 cringeworthy shit

Current Follower Count: 417

What I post: Whatever I feel like, predominantly pro black, wild shit, occasional geek shit, music, every full blue moon some black porn gif or something

Any other blogs: Nope, I’d be lame on there too so that’s a waste of effort

Peak of the blog: When I found Black Tumblr and shit I could relate to instead of all those superwholockian posts. Once again, real cringe worthy shit…

Do I get asks: Nope, everybody social on here but nobody social on here ya dig

Url reason: Got it from a Capital Steez verse (R.I.P. Steez). I was real heavy into pro era back in the day, so I thought why not. Probably gonna change it to something weirder tho in the near future

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oh my god you guys, so my cognitive psychology professor was trying to test our face recognition abilities (since we are talking about perception right now) so he showed us half of a famous person’s face and asked us to name who it is and i was the first one to get it 

you wanna know why?

because the person was harrison ford

i have been looking at his face daily for over a month now this is not a game



“So like, Im the best soprano in the isla paradiso young womens chorus you know? And this one girl is also a soprano in the ipywc and she just left to go be in a bc and now everyones crying about how they lost the best soprano and like BITCH IM RIGHT HERE? IM HALF FAMOUS ON MY MOMS SIDE DONT DO THIS TO ME -L.H.”

“I sort of wish my cousin would stop referring to herself as “half-famous on [her] mom’s side”. -NH”

[Micah]: …

How Blake Lively's Fashion Feedback Helped Refine the 'Deadpool' Suit

Ryan Reynolds was so smitten the first time he saw the final costume for Deadpool that he had himself a good man-cry. But it took plenty of work to arrive at that euphoric moment, and also some invaluable creative criticism from Reynolds’s famous other half.

“Ryan sent me this note about the costume when we had it and he’s like, ‘I love it, except for the whiskering in the crotch,” Miller said on the film’s Vancouver set.  "And I had to get out my fashion dictionary to see what actually 'whiskering’ was and then I was like, 'Goddamn, this guy is f–king on it with his knowledge of fashion and the costume stuff.’“

Whiskering is a fashion term typically associated with jeans. According to the Conselle Institute of Image Management, "Whiskers are prefabricated creases that create a broken-in and worn look in the denim at the crotch level. Since attention goes to contrast, these so-called whiskers on jeans draw the eye’s attention to the crotch area.” Translation: Deadpool’s junk was screaming for attention.

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It wasn’t until two weeks later that Miller found out the origin of the whiskering comment. “Ryan was like 'Did you think that note was from me? That was my wife,’” Miller said. Reynolds’s wife, of course, is actress-model-“celebrity homemaker” (actual Wikipedia description) Blake Lively, who co-starred with her future husband the last time he headlined a comic-book movie, in 2011’s Green Lantern.

“She was like, 'There’s whiskering around there,’ and I was like “Ooh, that’s a good word!’” Reynolds explained. Coincidentally, the costume designer on Deadpool was Oscar winner Angus Strathie (Moulin Rouge!), who previously worked on Lively’s 2015 fantasy drama, Age of Adeline.

As Reynolds told ComicBook.com, they “fought like hell to get that as though it jumped right out of the comic. Our goal was to make this the most faithful comic book to movie adaptation fans have ever seen… There was a lot of work with very little time. Fox gave us the green light and we had to be on camera in 12 weeks. That’s NO time for prep. So we kept fighting and fighting to make tweaks to the suit.”

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Another issue that needed addressing was what — if anything — Reynolds would wear underneath the red and black super-suit. As Miller told us on set, typically on superhero movies the costume team will outfit the actor with a polyurethane muscle suit to emphasize the character’s physique. So they tried one on Reynolds, and as he put it, “I looked like a house in it. It was too much.”

“We didn’t need it,” Miller added. “The funny thing is he is jacked… So we dropped all the muscle suit and that’s all 100 percent USDA Ryan Reynolds underneath. But it looks great because the costume kind of slims him back down, which is to what I think is the quintessential Deadpool.”

After the laughter came the tears. Reynolds recalled his initial reaction to seeing the finished product to ComicBook.com: “When we finally saw that suit, fully done, finished and completed… both Tim Miller and I wept. I’m not even exaggerating, we wept in Simi Valley California in some warehouse where some guy makes all these crazy suits and had this one under a spotlight. We walked in and we wept. Tears coming down our cheeks. It felt so good.”

Especially because that crotch wasn’t whiskering.

Deadpool is now in theaters.


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Beyonce. Frankly, I knew nothing about this woman until today, and never heard a thing she ever did. So, I watched the famous half-time show. That was… special! I decided to do some research, and went to Wikipedia. Looked up Black Pride, and got “Black pride is a movement encouraging people to take pride in being black to various degrees. Related movements include black nationalism, Black Panthers…” Then, silly me, I looked up White pride, and this popped up. “White pride is a slogan primarily used by white separatist, white nationalist, neo-Nazi and white supremacist organizations to signal their racist or racialist viewpoints.”

External image
Well, kiss mah grits! Then, I took a good long look at Beyonce. She’s not an ugly girl, but frankly Mylie Cyrus is prettier. I couldn’t tell if she was a hundred percent black. She’s not a high yellow, but massa got in the woodshed somehow. (Racist enough for you Beyonce?) Now you’ve tasted my mutton, how do you like it, huh? The hair came out of some solon, and she’s a “ButterFace.” Tight body, but her FACE! Ok, let’s be frank. Artists make political statements all the time. They all do it. The only thing is this woman is not saving the whales, she’s projecting a philosophy of hate, separatism, and social destruction. She makes the Muslims look good!

I’ve checked, and I don’t remember owning any slaves. Don’t think any in my family ever did either, nor did we ever employ anyone who did, and we were Masons, both lodge and literal. I am not going to apologize to Beyonce for Uncle Tom’s Cabin, and I really don’t think I’ll ever buy one of her records. Back in the day, I’d get mad and spout a whole lot of racial slurs, but hate don’t work. Too many good people like Dr. Ben Carson, John Manning and the Apostle Claver Kamau-Imani to run around burning crosses. Beyonce is a political novice, as is Whoopi, Michael Moore and most rappers. Well, not Tupac.  I like his stuff. He was clever, not clever enough to duck in Vegas, but clever.

What you have here is the Obamanation. Everybody is in separate camps, all hating each other, each blaming the other side for everything from Global Warming to the price of Pepsi. Come to think of it, I believe Obama did blame us Crackers for Global Warming, and Pepsi, don’t get me started, Pepsi picked up the tab for Beyonce’s half-time booty bump. You can reach them at 1-800-433-2652, and let them know that things really do go better with Coke.

What was in the promoters’ minds putting that garbage up there? I can tell you what was in their minds. Middle America will stand for it because they are too scared to object for fear of being called a “racist.” Well, I’m as racially fair as Beyonce. This woman’s career will fade, they all do. One moment in the sun, and then, before you know it, you’ll see her on some tabloid, all pickled up, explaining herself to the public, and maybe to God, and very few will be able to remember one line of one of her songs. John Fogarty she’s not! She is a half-breed racist… oops, promised Crystal not to cuss. Just say, when she goes home tonight, I hope her mother runs out from under the porch and bites her.

Right before I wrote this article I went to the store to get a pack of cigarettes. As you may know, I have a limp. I got out of my car and eased toward the door. This little girl, and I do mean little, about two foot tall, held the door for me, and I said, “Thank you, little lady.” She beamed a smile across her little black face and said, “Thank you, sir.” And God said, “Hey there!”

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Watch trailer of Independence Day: Resurgence, aliens are back

The first trailer of ‘Independence Day: Resurgence’ was unveiled during the half time of the famous Super Bowl on Sunday. Viewers at the game got to witness the 45-second trailer of the sequel to the 1996 alien invasion movie.

In the new trailer, we see that the aliens are back on the earth and this time with great force.

But we get to see Jeff Goldblum, who sports a white beard and glasses along with Bill Pullman, who were in the 1996 film as well. A worried Goldblum can be see saying: 'what goes up, must come down’. The original film which had Will Smith and he was loved by all but the sequel doesn’t have Smith.

The trailer also features Liam Hemsworth, who can be seen as the pilot of one of the jets fighthing the aliens. In one of the glimpses we can see him sharing a romantic moment with actress Maika Monroe.

Independence Day: Resurgence trailer gives a view of the alien invaders who can be seen destroying cities around the world.

Watch trailer of Independence Day: Resurgence, aliens are back

Watch trailer of Independence Day: Resurgence, aliens are back

External image

In the Independence Day: Resurgence’s trailer, we see that the aliens are back on the earth and this time with great force. The first trailer of ‘Independence Day: Resurgence’ was unveiled during the half time of the famous Super Bowl on Sunday. Viewers at the game got to witness the 45-second trailer of the sequel to the 1996 alien invasion movie. In the new trailer, we see that the aliens are…

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