“let’s compare”

a little something for @happiestluke and @hemmoful‘s prompt blurb night!! so pleased i managed to get something written because both inspiration and motivation have been lacking and also it literally is 1am (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و enjoy!!

theme: dad!luke / prompt: ‘Let’s compare’

‘You do realise you’ve eaten literally half the tray of pasta i cooked for both of us…for the whole week.’ Luke scrunches up his eyes, hoping that maybe if he can’t see the damage - in the form of a scraped clean dish and a bloated belly underneath his old worn baseball shirt - then he could just pretend that it didn’t happen. 

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You know how in 358/2, everyone takes one bite of their ice cream, and then it’s gone?

Well, there’s one part where Axel has a half-eaten ice cream. It’s during the Riku/Roxas cut scene starting with “Why?! Why do you have the Keyblade?” and “Shut up!” (called “Riku Turns Into Ansem” in Theatre Mode).

On the bottom screen, you can see memories of Axel, Roxas and Xion eating ice cream on the clock tower.

Sorry for the bad quality– it was hard to zoom in.