I don’t think I’ve ever posted this on here, so here ya go… this is one for the gays. My cover of Jay Brannan’s “Half Boyfriend” from 3 years ago.

(Jay actually commented on the video! :3)

“Michael?” You whispered, stepping inside of his tiny hospital room after his doctor gave you the clear to see him. Your heart sank when you saw your boyfriend with half of his face covered, a distressed look on his face before he saw you and gave a weak smile.
“Hey,” he replied, reaching out for your hand before he intertwined your fingers. “God, I’m so glad that you’re here.”
You let out a slight giggle as you ran your thumb over his hand. “So… how are you?”
Michael raised his eyebrows at you before you both started laughing, his eyes still gleaming as usual, even though he just suffered a pretty serious burn.
“I’m better now,” he breathed out, closing his eyes for a second as his hand squeezed yours tighter. “Are the fans upset?” He spoke up after a minute, the stress he had on his face from earlier finding its way back.
“No,” you rushed out, your heart feeling heavy in your chest from the sight of him so visibly upset. “They’re all just wondering if you’re okay.”
“I hate letting the fam down, Y/N,” he said with a shaky breath, his hand retracting from yours as he let it fall by his side. “I just- it was all my fault. I should’ve known not to stand there.”
“Michael.” There were tears brimming in your eyes as you lightly grabbed his shoulders. “You didn’t upset anyone. Everyone knows it wasn’t on purpose, baby. Please don’t beat yourself up over this.”
He stayed silent for a few seconds before opening his eyes and staring at you, a small smile tugging at the corners of his lips before he grabbed your hand again and kissed it this time. “At least I look like Two-Face now. He was always your favorite villain, wasn’t he?” You laughed at him before nodding, the sound of your laughter instantly bringing comfort to him.
“There’s the Mikey I know.”