Everybody has something they fear. That fear could be animals, bodies of water, heights, or anything else that you could think of. But I would say my greatest fear in this world would be losing him. I don’t say that just because we’re dating. I say that because he’s became my other half, the one who I tell everything to, the one who knows my biggest secret, he’s seen me at my worse and still loves me. He’s my forever and I could never live without him.

How much you want to bet that after Andromeda left the family to marry Ted, Walburga and Orion were like “Sirius, you’re going to have an arranged marriage because you’re not pulling this shit on us.” Now bare in mind, Walburga and Orion are first cousins, so they tell Sirius he’s going to marry Bellatrix and that’s when Sirius is like “okay seriously enough of this family. Mum, Dad, I’m gay. I’m in love with my half blood boyfriend. You can’t stop me. Bye.” (Only much more dramatic because he’s Sirius) And that’s why he runs away and gets blown off the tapestry.


I don’t think I’ve ever posted this on here, so here ya go… this is one for the gays. My cover of Jay Brannan’s “Half Boyfriend” from 3 years ago.

(Jay actually commented on the video! :3)

I don’t know where we’re going
but I know we’ve gone too far and
I hope it isn’t showing
but i think i love you and
i can’t believe you’re leaving
just when i let you in and
when you had me believing
i could feel again

i could give a million reasons
why we should not be friends
our moods change like the seasons
when my mood ends your mood begins and
you’re a tease, you’re a cockblocker,
you’re a loudmouth bitch, and a big talker,
but that’s okay
you’ll grow up someday

BTS REACTION to their s/o, who’s not easily scared, being afraid of the dark


You shake his shoulder, trying to be sweet when you really half-want to cry. “Seokjin… Come on, wake up. I need you.” The smile that creeps onto your half-passed-out boyfriend’s face is not the right kind of face, making you roll your eyes. You can’t help but to smile at the pervert that you’re snuggled up next to, tugging on the hem of his shirt. “Seokjin, I dont need you like that. Walk me to the bathroom, It’s dark and I’m scared…”

“Ugh… The other way of wanting me is always way more fun-” You put his arm around your shoulder forcefully, making him sit up with you. 

“Come on…”

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His little giggle runs over your spine and you pout at him, turning around to face him. His arms, slung over your back, move down to your hips. “Do we need to start keeping flashlights by the bedside table?” You punch him in the stomach a little less than playfully.

“Thanks for being a complete asshole. All i really wanted was an excuse for you to… you know, walk me to the bedroom…” You start to turn away, hands lingering on his so you know he’ll follow you, whether he knows your real intentions or not.

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He laughed at the sounds of your feet passing over the floorboards quickly, knowing that the second the lights were off, you’d be dashing into the bedroom. You would always run to the bedroom so that nothing could come out and grab you, even though the only thing that would be grabbing you was your boyfriend, enjoying the view of you jumping onto the bed next to him.

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“Why the hell is my electricity bill so high-” All he wanted to do was sleep, but you insisted on keeping the lamp on so you could look over your bills and shake your head. 

“Maybe because when i’m not here you keep all the lights on at night-”

“Min Yoongi! Don’t you even give me that. Are you telling me I’m overreacting?” while you continued on like the mom you were, his eyes just rolled back in his head as he pulled the comforter over his face.

“The scariest boogyman in this house that you’ll have to worry about is me, when I don’t get enough sleep!”

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“I can’t take the dog on a walk alone-” You whine into his ear, tugging on the hem of his shirt while you try to make him come with you outside. The dog was barking in his lap, and he was very clearly not wanting to spend any more time with the little bean.

“Hey, you wanted a dog, I wanted a giraffe. That’s the price you pay for pets-” He says to you, shaking his head. In the end it only took about 15 minutes to get him to come outside with you so you’re not out there in the dark all alone.

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This was not quite what he had imagined when he had invited you over one of the few times that he was left home alone. He was expecting you to pick some shitty romcom with a scene fitting his needs where he’d make his move. But this was fine too. As you were snuggled into his side, squealing at every movement in the horror movie you were watching. It was the perfect opportunity to “comfort” you.

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The boys liked to tease Jungkook and call him a child every time that he walked with you late at night. He always kept his promise to not tell the boys that you were the one afraid of the dark, so he told them that he was. While you sat and watched the movie together, you could hear them giggling as the two of you said you were going to get some more popcorn together. They were laughing about how “little kook” couldn’t go alone.. Your overly loud whisper of asking Jungkook “please take me to the bedroom” was enough to make them quiet down and his comment that it “might be a while” was enough to completely shut them up.

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