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Michael and Elaine - Day 2 (AU RP)

There was no more conversation until the following morning, when both Pokemon gradually awoke from the slumber they had drifted into. Michael was still near to Elaine, as if trying to prove by his touch the events of the previous day - an expanded cave, an incredible new body, and the promise of a permanent relationship - were realities and not dreams to Elaine…

Masquerade - Draco Malfoy

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This was requested by anonymous. This was the exact request: Can you please write an imagine where y/n is a Gryffindor attending the Yule Ball (which is a masquerade, so of course she’s wearing a mask and everybody else) and Draco asks her to dance. Y/n has a crush on Draco and agrees but is scared because ya know the dealio: gryffindor vs Slytherin and whatnot. In the end, Draco accepts the fact that y/n is a Gryffindor and just… fluff. I’m so bad at requesting I’m sorry >.< A/N: Keep requesting guys

Your heart was beating out of your chest, not really because you were nervous, but because you were so excited. Your hands trembled as you smoothed your dress, and ran your fingers over your hair that Ginny and Hermione had pinned up, and fixed the mask that covered half of your face.

The Yule Ball had been changed to a masquerade the last minute. Naturally this made everyone excited. Girls spend days flipping through catalogues and looking at shops in Hogsmeade for the perfect gown and mask. With a little help from Ginny and Hermione, you found the perfect dress that swept the ground and hugged your body in all the right places, and a beautiful golden mask, with delicate swirls that covered your face.

Ginny had pulled you aside as you walked downstairs, telling you that anyone would be a fool if they didn’t want to dance with you. Everybody would be talking a double take tonight, especially a certain blond Slytherin. Your face had turned the same color as her hair. She knew that you had a crush on Draco, and that you thought it would never work because you were a Gryffindor and he was a Slytherin. It didn’t keep you from hoping though.

You didn’t do much dancing at first, staying at the edge of the crowd, watching couples and friends dance with each other. But then a masked figure approached. You knew exactly who it was, due to his slicked back blonde hair. He gave you a small smile, his eyes locked with yours.

“I would have thought that someone as pretty as you would be dancing with every guy that came her way.” He said, just loud enough for you to hear over the music.

The mask gave you some sort of confidence boost because you replied saying, “Maybe I’m just waiting for someone special.”

“Do I qualify as that someone?” He wonders out loud, with a hopeful gleam in his eye.

“I guess you can do.” You joke as you offer him your hand.

Draco takes your hand and leads you to the dance floor. As the fast paced song changes to a slow one, he places one hand on the small of your back, and holds your hand with the other. You both sway to the music, growing more comfortable with each other. Your positions would change from song to song, but almost half an hour later, the Yule Ball was almost over.

“It was nice dancing and talking with you.” You say, pulling away from him.

“Wait, before you go.” He cups your face and pulls you in for a warm and gentle kiss. While he kissed you, his thumbs carefully moved up, slipping your mask off. He pulled away and his eyebrows furrowed as he recognized you, and took off his own mask.  “(Y/N)?”

Your face turned red and you tried to pull away. “I’m sorry, Draco. I should leave.”

“No! Wait!” He grabs you, kissing you again, stronger this time, like he was doing whatever he could to make you stay. “I don’t care about stupid house rivalry, please, just stay and dance with me.” He whispers against your lips. So you stay, and hold onto him a little while longer.

until you have someone overseas

-until you’ve said goodbye to your other half
-until you’ve balled your eyes out when you hear their voice for the 1st time in months
-until you’ve waited by the phone everyday for that call
-until you’ve checked your phone 15 times a day waiting to hear from them
-until you’ve prayed, everyday, all day for the safety of another before yourself
-until you’ve loved a person who boarded a plane and left their loved ones behind to protect our nation
then don’t act like you know what I’m going through.

Warm me up - Ashton Irwin smut

Sitting shotgun in Ashton’s car is the favourite part of your day. Especially now as the snow drifts slowly outside in a constant steady pace. You just feel so at home with him by you side. His hand is placed on your thigh, his thumb rubbing ever so lightly.

He pulls up to park a block or two away from his flat. Ashton flicks off the roar of the engine with a twist of the keys and shines you a wicked grin. You can’t help the curve of your smile, he’s always up to something. You watch as he steps onto the snow covered ground before running over to your side of the car to hold the door open for me, the cold rush of air nearly knocks the breath out of your lungs. You take a few weary steps outside, the cold air blasts blowing your tangled hair across your smith neck and checks, sending shivers down your spin.

“Okay, what are we doing?” You chuckle as your lips tremble from the freezing temperatures. You’ve had enough of these games, you just wanted to cuddle up beside the fire with ashton.

“Just going for a little walk in the park” he eyes you with a devilish smirk spreading over his thin pink lips. It makes your stomach leap, you know that smile all too well. The smile that makes you weak at the knees, the one that makes you feel extremely vulnerable, in the best way.

Glancing around you notice, you the are the only ones here, your questions are pilling on every second. Why are the two of you here? Why can’t you go back to his and get cheeky under the cover like you had planned?

Peering back to Ashton you witness him crouching down. His large hand lays flat against the new blanket of white crystals on the snow covered ground.
He bits his bottom lip to hide that contagious smile.
Ashton is quick as he grabs a handful of snow and flings it in your direction.
You try and dodge the bullet of snow. You cower and scream as it bursts over your parka covered hip. Dusting the sticky white snow off your coat and down your jeans you peer up to him with your jaw dropped.

“You did not just do that!” You gasp standing, shock plastered on your face.

“Oh yes I did” he sticks his tongue out and reaches down to grab another handful of snow.

You squeak, and run in the other direction, to hide behind a big deciduous tree with long thick

The perfect escape.

Peaking your head out behind the trunk before a snowball soars by your legs as you cower away.

You drop down to grab a handful of the freezing snow in your palm, rounding the snow into a ball between your hands as you peer out to find where Ashton is hiding.

He’s as sneaky as could be, you cant seem to spot him. You peer out only seeing tall trees and snow slowly drifting. You try and steady your breathing and peak a glance to your left.

You bit your lip as you glance around. Trying to stifle your laughter, what had he gotten you into. He’s camouflaged I to the snow, you swear. He’s no where to be seen.

Oh he’s good! Where is he?

You jump and scream when another burst of snow crashes over your shoulder blade.

Whipping around you throw your half melted ball of snow, and watch as your weapon sails through the air and hits him in the chest.

The bursts of snow crashing over his face and disintegrates against his warm neck.

“That was freezing” he complains. Groaning as he whips the dampness off his jaw. You quickly dive down to collect more weapons. You manage to grab a handful of fluff and peer up when to her his chuckle.

His hand rises to show a huge wade of snow he holds in his arms. He lifts it up preparing to lunge the freezing ball at you.

Without a second thought you spring towards him. Pouncing and push him into his back as the snow ball slides out of his hand and explodes to the ground in a muffled thud.

You land on top of him your thighs pressed against his hips, your chest firmly against his covers chest.

Your positive he can feel your increased heart rate through your winter jacket. Peering down into his hazel eyes, the ones you always get distracted in. The colours are always shifting for brown to green and you feel like you’re lost in a forest.
Without warning his hands come up to cup your shoulders as he whirls you around so he’s hovering over you. Your knees instinctively open to allow him a place to rest. His hips hard as he crashes them into yours.

A smile from ear to ear as he chuckles, peering down at you as his hot breath fans over your face. You can see the collection of snowflakes atop his bangs. A single flake has managed to get tangled in his eye lash. His eyes are crinkled and squinting as he can’t seem to contain his laughter.

You’re out of breath and laughing together laying in the middle of a park that looks like a winter wonderland. His rosy cheeks matching yours as your laughter roars on as your frozen toes are numb and tingling in your boots.

Your stomach starts to burn, you forget to breath as you the two of you continue on lost in hysterics as tear escapes your eye, and streams down your cheek, leaving a heated trail.

His expression goes blank and yours obediently copies. He places his weight down on his elbow as his other hand raises up, his cold thumb wipes the lukewarm teardrop off your cheek in the most soothing manner.

You stare up into his beautiful eyes that put the brightly coloured leaves of fall to shame.

His eyes flutter closed as he leans down towards you.
Your heart rate is erratic as you feel his hot breath splash across your chilled cheeks. His soft lips press against yours, your frozen cheeks tingle and the warmth of his caressing lips against yours is all you feel. Your eyes screw closed as your stomach burns at the new sensations he’s giving you.
His lips are chilled and slow as his tongue is warm.
His head tilts to the right and increases the pressure of his warm lips as they run against yours. The kiss isn’t urgent or filled by desire in desperate need of teenage lust. It’s tender and slow in the most perfect way. It feels as if he’s reciting a love poem against your lips as they glide together. You can’t resist but raise your hands up to cup his reddened cheeks. Ashton gasps and your eyes burst open to meet two deep green iris and a heavenly smile across his lips.

“What’s wrong?” You ask with worry as you hands lay on either side of his cheeks, your thumbs ribbing over his prominent cheekbones.

“Your hands are freezing” he snickers and places his warm free hand over the back of yours as it lays upon his cheek and nestles his head to cradle into your palm. You crane your neck up to press your lips to his chilled redden cheek, catching his dimple.

He presses both his hands on either side of your head and straightens his arms, rising up. You stay lying down as a smirk spreads across your face.

You fan your legs out and thrust your arms straight out to either side of your shoulders onto the cold snow covered ground. Sweeping your arms and legs back and forth, up and down to create a snow angle. The snow bunches up behind your arms and between your frozen legs. Ashton stands above you watching with a contagious pink smile, waiting for you to finish your creation.

His hand shoots down palm up so you take his hand as he lifts you up, so you wont ruin your piece of art. You stand beside him dusting off the specks of white flakes you’ve managed to coat yourself with. Peering down to see your work, its a perfect outline of a snow angel.

Your chilly hand slides into his as you walk back to his car. Both covered in melting white flakes of snow. Not bothering to brush the flakes off each other backs. You hop inside his truck and slam the door desperate to escape the cold winter night as he jogs around to the drivers side. His briskly creeks his door open, allowing a frozen blast of air to chill your bones.

“Hurry! I’m frozen” you whine as he slams his driver side door.

“Warm me up” you pout your bottom lip as you display your numb, cold hands presenting them in his view.

A smile tugs at his lips as he grasps your little hands completely enveloping them in his hold, and brings them up to his mouth. His lips brush the skin on your fingers as he blows his warm breath onto your trembling hands. You blow sigh of relief as the numbness subsides and your fingers start to tingle. His lips caress into your palm, peck kisses along your whitened knuckles.

You feel your stomach flip and ache as his soft lips brush along your hands. You bite your lip to keep your thoughts contained. He’s just being kind and loving, don’t imagine what else those lips can do to you.

Don’t imagine the softness and the way he runs those same lips up along your inner thighs. They way he nips at your skin, which sends thrills up your spin.

You stifle a light moan as he kisses his way up along your wrist, pulling the sleeve of your coat up for more room as his lips descend.

“I’ll warm you up” he whispers his green eyes lustfully staring up to yours as his lips whisper against your warming skin.

You can’t help but lean in and press your lips to his. Your eyes flutter as you feel him smile into the kiss. Your hands stay locked with his and you tilt your head and put more pressure into the slow kiss. His warm tongue slides along your lower lip and you can’t help but allow him more access. Your hands release from his grip as he runs his hands down your sides to grip your waist. You swing your leg over the divider and climb on top of Ashton’s lap.

His lips never losing contact with yours. You tangle your fingers in his hair and grab two handfuls of his golden locks to pull his face closer to yours. You can never get enough of his lips, because when you had his lips you had his kiss. You had him in your hands and it’s real and it’s right and you love it.

When you hear his groan rumble through the back of his throat, you can feel it vibrate over your plump lips. Pulling back for air you look into his lust filled eyes. His cheeks are reddened, from the cold out side and the heated make out in this car. His lips are pink and swelling, you watch as his eyes as the roam over your face.

He licks his lips as his gaze fixes on your own. Your hands unclasp from his hair and run down his muscular shoulders running a your fingers over every dip and across his chest. Your hand trails down his abdomen and his lips curve into a smile at you peer up to him through thick lashes.

Your fingers trace the rim of his jeans, you flatten your palm inches above where you can see his growing bulge. No words are needed, you both know what’s going to happen. Your both filled with pent up sexual frustration and you can’t resist one another.

His hands stay at your waist, squeezing as your hand inches closer and closer to his aching member.
You know he likes your teasing, his groan confirms it as your hand slowly presses onto the throbbing lump. He bites his lip and let’s out a breathless laugh as your hand slips back up to his chest.

Your lips ghost over his collarbone and you make your way up to edge of his prominent jawline. You suck harshly at the spot just below his ear and his hand grips tightly on your hip, sure to leave a mark. After you’re positive you’ve left your mark you release your lips and blow your cool breath over the red mark. His gasp echoes through the car, as his narrow hips meet yours in a rushed attempt to feel some friction.

You continue to tease Ashton as your tongue makes it’s round along the shell of his ear. You can’t help but grind your aching centre down into him. You both sigh in relief and his hands pull and push on your waist controlling your moments.
You can feel his bulge pressing harder against you, compressed within his tight jeans. Your hands roughly grip his shoulders as he moans into your ear.

“Oh god” he groans, his breath tickling your neck. Your head rolls onto his shoulder as your hips rotate I’m circles on his . His lips attack your neck, rough and sloppy kisses trail up and down. You shudder and press your chest against his, your jackets brush together. You need to be closer, to feel him against you. You hand slowly pulls the zipper of your jacket at you slip it off your shoulders never missing a beat of your hips.
Ashton’s eyes are squinted closed, he’s too lost in the pleasure. You moan and run your fingers up and down his chest as a glorious aching burns in your belly. The hem of his jeans hitting you perfectly, your eyes feel like they are rolling into the back of your head. You place you hand on the ceiling as the other stays clutching the fabric as you press harder on his groin. He practically purrs, you can feel the car rocking with your combined moments. He pushes his hips up and you wiggle yours in figure eights.
You can’t help but grab one of his prying hands and place it on your chest. Your hand over his you constrict him to squeeze and he complies.

The feeling is incredible, you never thought dry humping could feel this good in a tiny car. Your moments car erratic now, filled with lust and desire. You’re out of words and all you hear is his panting and light moans.

You practically scream in surprise when your ass collides with the horn. You feel Ashton’s hands tighten and he gives a quick and hard thrust into you in surprise.

The car is silent now, everything is frozen, only the sound of the two of you breathing heavily. You look bad into his green shocked eyes and roar with laughter. His laugh is just as contagious as you both realize just how lost you’d been in one another.
You slowly climb off his lap sitting back in your seat, your cheeks incredibly heated.
His fingers fumble with the keys before igniting the engine.
“Just wait till we get back, I’m not even close, that was the warm up” he runs his palm up your thigh, dangerously but oh so desirably close. Your stomach flutters with what’s to come next.