half way on the way doesn't even make sense

Things about the way Mashima writes Gray that are kind of okay:

  • Having a soft spot for cute animals (Frosch)
  • Loyal to his friends
  • Being ready to lay down his life even if he doesn’t actually do it
  • “Sunny with a chance of Laxus”
  • Probably some more but it is 1am

Things about the way Mashima writes Gray that are in no way okay and you couldn’t pay me to let go:

  • Overlooking his trauma and basically ignoring half of what the Galuna Island arc told us about his past
  • What I mean by above: “Natsu and Gray destroyed everything”
  • ???
  • That’s not how trauma works
  • Not how it works Mashima
  • Do I even have to mention anything about Juvia I mean jfc
Signs as People I Know.
  • Aries: Really short, Emo, Listens to Avenged Sevenfold and Asking Alexandria, Just plain dgaf.
  • Taurus: Gay, In love with anime, Wears too many sloth shirts, Very artistic, Gets sick of your shit very quickly.
  • Gemini: Random AF, Life of the party, Adventurous, Likes 80's music, Very good at binge-watching, Tells people how it is.
  • Cancer: Way too damn emotional, Talks to multiple guys at once, Obsessed with cats, Takes selfies like they're pills, Two-faced.
  • Leo: Fuckboii, Ditches friends for lover all the time, Thinks they're a hard ass but could be beat by a five year old, Swears like a sailor.
  • Virgo: Introverted AF, Talks like they're whispering, Hates Trump, Supports Hillary, Semi-artistic, Loves animals more than people, Sweet as hell.
  • Libra: Two-faced, Needs to get their shit together, Overall pretty chill.
  • Scorpio: Basic white girl, Probably a whore, Smokes around parents, Doesn't give two shits about anything.
  • Sagittarius: Also Two-Faced, Cry baby, Never thinks they do anything wrong, Cheats on boyfriend without even realizing, Their way or no way.
  • Capricorn: Doesn't make any sense, Can be funny, Wayyy too dramatic, Gets pissed easily, Resting bitchface, Ditz.
  • Aquarius: Weird in a good way, Complains about everything, Super jealous, Thinks they are always right, In between extrovert and introvert, Talks a big game but never does anything.
  • Pisces: Totally clueless, Pothead, Mommas boy, Absolutely no common sense, Party animal, Hangs out with people twice their age, flirts with people half their age.