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Disney Princess Hairstyle Masterpost

Transparent Princesses in the Banner

Sleeping Beauty: Aurora
Snow White
Yoongi Scenario: First Meeting - Part 7.

Summary: Yoongi and you continue to develop feelings for each other but as the show goes on everything seems to get more complicated, are these feelings real or just a naive delusion?

Genre: Romance / WGM

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The day had arrived,you were getting ready at your hotel room, of course being helped by the stylist and makeup team. Your hair was styled in a half up do with soft curls falling on your back to give you a romantic feel, your makeup was simple and dewy like the chief of the makeup team advised it to be because that was the trend for brides, pink lips and glowing skin with slightly rosy cheeks “that enveloped the innocence of a girl in love”. That of course were the words of one of the producers, in all honesty you thought it was bit too cheesy and you wondered what kind of face would Yoongi make if he heard them. That alone made you smile.

The dress was almost princess like and surely would have been the dream dress of any girl on a real wedding, it was stark white with lace sleeves which you liked, but the skirt was too pompous and the tale was too long. It was a pretty dress indeed, but not the one you would have chosen for your own wedding, would Yoongi like this dress? What if you got there and he didn’t like it?
Just thinking about that made you nervous, what kind of face would he make? What kind of suit would he wear? Something he chose or maybe it was like you and the suit was previously chosen for him? You imagined him all dress in black waiting for you to take you as his “wife” and your heart pumped faster. You were nervous like a bride would be regardless of anything, your wedding was imminent and you couldn’t back down from it, even if it was a fake one.

The cameraman had clear instructions for the shooting of you getting ready, that meant he would film the things you did and your makeup but in the actual broadcasting it wouldn’t be shown all, the producer was specific on him filming so in the final edit they could show the public only parts of you getting ready; the stylist curling a lock of hair, a brush dusting your cheeks with blush, the tale of your dress, but never the whole picture of you until you got to the part when you met Yoongi. And that was why the camera was focused on your right shoe when you said you were nervous.

-It’s time to go- announced the director. -Everyone is on set already, we have to go-

The team started moving and you looked at yourself in the mirror once more. You looked pretty, beautiful if you dared to say, you were totally ready but something was missing.

And that’s when you saw it, the little box that held the first gift that was presented to you when you arrived to Korea. You grabbed it and placed it on your neck carefully, the little wing not quite fitting with your whole look but you didn’t care, you wanted this to somehow be meaningful. You looked at it one more time, telling yourself you were ready for what was coming ahead, the camera doing a close up of the wing before you went out of the room.

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Jungkook Scenario: Make Me Blush.

Request: Hi mango salsa can I request a sceanio where Jungkook meet a girl during one of his concert and he secretly give his number to her then they meet again at the hotel gym center when he working out there hboth get really shy and don’t no how to act sorry for being long mi literally I’m sorry

Genre: Fluff

You were jamming hard to the beat of Hip Hop lover, moving your body to the rhythm of the music, singing loudly, and cheering for the boys. It was an amazing performance in which the rappers shone with everything they had, it was truly impressive watching them like that, but then your eyes would helplessly drift to one of the singers, but Jungkook was your bias so you guessed it wasn’t as odd.

He was so talented, his voice so rich and melodious. Now they were singing Just One Day and honestly your smile was too big, the seven were doing cute acts, Hoseok and Jin doing most of the aegyo but the other five members were actually quite endearing trying. You were really close to the stage, a privilege without a doubt, but you had worked hard for it. You bought preferencial tickets and arrived deadly early to the venue to secure a good spot, and here you were, extending your arms so one of them could maybe hold it for a couple of seconds, even if they could graze your fingers would be enough.

Miss Right was starting to play now and all of them ran around the stage to do a bit of fan service. You almost didn’t see it coming, too focused for one second watching how Hoseok and Taehyung were doing some sort of dance, but then you directed your sight up front and there he was, Jeon Jungkook smiling to the crowd of armies.
You turned on your phone, putting the camera as fast as you could and just like that the device was taken out of your hands, you lifted your gaze and saw it on his, on Jungkook’s hands. You wanted to squeal but the air had left you at that moment. He crouched down smiling widely at you.

-Let’s take a selfie- he said before taking position for it. You rushed to put on a decent face and he snapped the shot, quickly, everything took him a minute or so, but it felt special, your pounding heart told you so. He gave you your phone back and you didn’t know if you were dreaming or if it was part of the fan service but he smiled at you flirty, winking his right eye before going back to the center of the stage.

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