half up braid


Feeling fierce? Texture is key to a bigger, bolder Faux-Hawk Braid, perfect for making the most of summer’s last nights. Here’s how to get the look.

1. For texture, spray TRESemmé Perfectly (un)Done Sea Salt Spray and create waves with a flat iron. Finger comb hair to break up waves. Separate the top half of hair into three sections and tease the middle section.

2. Clip the top section aside and pull back the two side sections, securing them into a pony.

3. Unclip the top section of hair and begin a Dutch braid from the front, braiding along the center of your head towards the nape of your neck.

4. When your braid meets the ponytail, incorporate the pony into the braid.

5. Secure braid and gently tug on its edges to loosen.

6. Finish with TRESemmé Perfectly (un)Done Ultra Brushable Hairspray!

Double Dutch Half Up

I absolutely love Dutch Braided pigtails.  I think they are such a fun way to keep the hair off of your face.   This is very valuable when doing sports or just hanging out in the hot summer weather.  I, however, also really enjoy half up/ half down styles because they also keep hair out of the way while still showing your hair’s length.  So why not combine the two?  The Double Dutch Half Up is a perfect combination of natural flowing hair with detailed and tight braids.


1) Brush

2) 2 Hair Elastics


1) Start by brushing your hair and creating a middle part.

2) Take three small pieces of hair from one side of the hair.

3) Begin a Dutch Braid by crossing the left piece under the middle piece.

4) Then cross the right piece under the middle piece.

5) Add in more hair to the left piece before crossing under the middle.

6) Add in more hair to the right piece and cross under the middle.  (Psst…Having trouble with the braiding process?  Click here to find a detailed Dutch Braid tutorial!)

7) Continue this process.

8) Once behind the ear, stop adding in hair.

9) Continue a regular braid down to the bottom of the hair and tie off with a small hair elastic.

10) Repeat steps 2-9 on the other side of the head.  Finish the style off with hairspray.


Super Easy Twisted Half-Up Crown Braid


Snake Braid Half-Up

Half Up Fishtail

Whether done on straight hair, wavy hair, or curly hair, and whether put together tight and clean or pancaked and loose, the half up fishtail is perfect for any occasion.


1) Brush

2) Small Hair Tie


1) Brush out and part your hair right down the middle.

2) Gather the front sections of your hair into two even sections at the back of the head.

3) Separate a small piece of hair from the edge of the right section of hair.

4) Cross over to the left section.

5) Repeat on the left side, taking a piece from the left outer edge and crossing over to the right.

6) Continue this process to begin creating the fishtail braid.

7) Once you reach the bottom of your hair, tie off with a small hair elastic and spray over with hairspray for hold.  Optional: Pull at the braid to get a fuller, pancaked, or messier look.


Half-up Braided Hairstyle

Half Up Space Buns

Space Buns have continued to be a very popular hairstyle, and recently I have noticed a spike in the half up version of the style.  Today’s tutorial is my take on the Half Up Space Buns.  I have decided to include Dutch braided accents in the buns to make the style a bit more interesting.  While I chose to keep the buns quite small and left my hair loose and messy, you could choose to do different variations where the buns are larger, or everything is pulled tight.  It’s totally up to you!


1) Brush

2) Comb

3) 2 Large Hair Ties

4) 2 Small Hair Ties

5) Bobby Pins


1) Start by brushing through your hair.

2) Use a comb to create a centre part.

3) On one side of the part, take 3 equal sections of hair to begin a small Dutch Braid.

4) Cross the right piece under the middle piece, followed by the left piece under the new middle piece.

5) Add in more hair to the right piece before crossing under the middle piece.  Then, add in more hair to the left piece before crossing under the middle piece.  

6) Continue this process.  (If you’re having trouble with Dutch Braiding, click here for a full tutorial).

7) Once at the back top of your head, stop adding in any more hair and tie off with a large hair tie.

8) Finish off this ponytail by braiding it down to the bottom and securing with a small hair elastic.

9) Begin wrapping the braid around the hair elastic.

10) Bobby pin into place.

11) Repeat steps 3-10 on the other side of your head and finish with hairspray.