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Little Knight

So eh, i made a thing. and that’s a girl just so you know. and uh yeah, so hard to explain cuz i don’t think you guys would care. but like this is akane, yuu’s daughter and she train to become a fighter since the age of 6. and it’s bc she wants to make mommy proud. that is all.

Hey yo so basically I’m currently on holiday but I have brought the laptop and I will be writing I just don’t know when exactly.

I have two imagines to write and then I can open up requests only I had something slightly different planned because I tend to get LOADS which is awesome but it means I end up closing them really soon and I feel bad but I’ll talk more about that when the time comes

Drabbles will be continuing as always and I have about three to write atm
(Sorry about the confusion yesterday hehe)

So yeah in the meantime feel free to send in useless asks- let’s hang out!


Because people who struggle with mental illness are still people despite what they go through.
Please remember you’re not alone. You are loved, and someone really cares about you.
It’s okay to have bad days- just remember to keep going.
You’re worth it.
Stay strong. You’re not alone.