half tutu

Dude I always think of Princess Tutu as a romance heavy show, but then it just hit me, what about aro Ahiru?

Like an Ahiru who thinks she has a crush on Mytho bc she cares about his well-being and that’s what everyone calls her feelings for him so it must be a crush

An Ahiru who is totally happy with Rue and Mytho being together and never feeling jealous of their relationship bc she never wanted to replace either of them and be with someone like that

An Ahiru who eventually realizes she has no romantic feelings for Mytho but continues to support and try to help him

A Drosselmeyer that gets absolutely pissed at this, ‘why aren’t you following the story right?  You’re doing this all wrong!”

An Ahiru who is faced with the future of her friends getting caught up with their romantic relationships and moving on without her and leaving her behind

And then a Fakir that promises to always be there for her, even if she is a duck, and Ahiru is more satisfied with that than any happy ending with a Prince

The best way for a dwarf to travel? By elf, of course!

turtleduckdate  asked:

korrasami and 28 on the prompt meme (knocking on the wrong door AU) because there are so many cute possibilities with that one

The Wrong Door


Another Saturday, another night of incessant yapping from the apartment above. Korra stares up at the ceiling over her bed, imagining she can see the mutt through the plaster and floorboards. She imagines that it’s small, dressed up in a tutu half its life, and carried around in a handbag.

With a yawn she rolls over and checks her alarm clock: 3am. Awesome, she needs to be up in four hours. 

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