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Fairy Tail Chapter 509 Reaction

August Says There Is No Good Or Evil In Light And Darkness, And If True Justice Exist, It Can Only Be In Love.

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Rahkeid Cannot Forgive Natsu, Because Zeref Cares More About Natsu Than Rahkeid.

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Kagura Cuts The Cliff Rahkeid Is Sitting On In Half.

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Kagura Bites Her Tongue To Escape From Rahkeid’s Magic.

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Rahkeid Stopped Kagura’s Sword With His Fingers.

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Rahkeid Defeats Kagura ( I Do Not Believe She Is Dead ).

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Rahkeid Can Only Be Defeated By His Mother And… It Looks Like His Mom Is Mavis.

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Shit APH Australia Does #45

Set his world meetings in the weirdest named and most inconvenient places whenever it’s his turn to host them

When you put Vox Machina’s exploits in simple, straight forward, out of context ways, they almost sounds like things from Greek Mythology. 

The warrior threw the Arch Fey across five rivers. 

They went into the dragon and tore through it from the inside out and survived? 

They slew the connection of the soul to the darkness of shadow and brought him back from the afterlife. She brought him back with true love.

They broke the conflux above the pool of Minds and brought it down. 

They had to hide in corners and use each other as distractions to avoid the creature with deadly sight. 

My favorites always revolved around Grog because he sounds like such a Hercules or Theseus type. 

He ripped a Demon in half with his bare hands. 

He tackled a giant to the ground. 

He conquered an evil sword. 

He split a warlord in half. 

He ripped the tongue out of a monstrous beast. 

He vanquished his foe in single, bared hand combat, and broke his back on the ground he once claimed championship over. 

He lunged through the air to the giant beast’s head and split that in half as well. 

He followed a nymph into her pool and emerged with a treasure and a secret. 

He was turned to stone. 

It sounds like such a legendary warrior just like Perseus or Achilles, and yet, it’s just this big dope who really likes ale and women and shiny things, who fawned over a red rock he found in a market place, who’s bff is a little gnome who is stronger than him. 

Vox Machina is amazing. But truly, what we know of them I think diminishes their Legends. Which, I think, is a good thing. But imagine what they people of Tal’Dorei will think when they defeat Thordakk. That was a list of some of their exploits and a lot of Grog’s. Imagine the stories that will spring up. Imagine the cultural signifigance the Trees of the Enemies that Vex kill will be. The Sun Tree is a good starting point for the fame these trees will have. Imagine the stories of the Raven Queen’s Champion, or the Headmaster of the Ashari, both with their powerful Vestiges, both in love. 

And Thordakk won’t be the end for Vox Machina. Mercer says they’ll be facing things on a Divine and Godly level next. What if one of them rises to Godhood? My bet’s on Scanlan. 

I can’t wait to see what will happen to Vox Machina in the future, and what their future characters will do and how they will react to the Legendary heroes of Exandria. 

RULERS CANNOT BE WEAK NOR FEEBLE   — their bravery should reach mountains; honour should bring blessings! They must be perfect— both mentally && physically!  A ruler who exists to fail to meet the required standards–   HAVE NO WORTH   to be given such a powerful role!”

Dismayed— repeated words; his reassurance fell numb; useless alike the word that rang upon himself in his head. His neck held nicely— firmly as tears ran down his pale complexion– eyes puffing up; swollen by his inner dread. A man built upon  EVIL  gagging upon the truth– lies strangled his ambitions HALF TO DEATH.  His tongue once sharp  ( causing harm to others without mercy )  holstered by his emotions– unable to break free from the   TRUTH   he found himself in.

SUPREME RULERS  — they should be feared! Drowning in the pool they should drown others IS NOT AN OPTION! I must be strong! Rise above all!”

His speech drawing towards demise— ego digging itself deeper into the grave one would find themselves. Decaying away— the facade he masks himself behind laid   BARE  for the feeble to see. Ouma— the boy who cries dominance over all; breaking in front of those he carved a brace face for.

Doubting everything that came to mind— he did what he must. Keep a brave face– closet his emotions.


&& fall… for your own lies. Make belief—- pretend to be strong, honourable && beloved. Do whatever you must…  for unworthy beings  ( such as myself ) to fall down at my feet.”

A final gag— a final tear. Dropping to his knees, sadness exposed within his darkened heart. He awaited; the laughter of his peers, a thing he could sense. He knew it was going to happen; in front of all, the SUPREME RULER ,  KOKICHI OUMA  will be known as nothing more as a lowlife coward.

Euron Greyjoy's Kingsmoot Speech
  • What GRRM wrote: "Who knows more of gods than I? Horse gods and fire gods, gods made of gold with gemstone eyes, gods carved of cedar wood, gods chiseled into mountains, gods of empty air... I know them all. I have seen their peoples garland them with flowers, and shed the blood of goats and bulls and children in their names. And I have heard the prayers, in half a hundred tongues. Cure my withered leg, make the maiden love me, grant me a healthy son. Save me, succor me, make me wealthy... protect me! Protect me from mine enemies, protect me from the darkness, protect me from the crabs inside my belly, from the horselords, from the slavers, from the sellswords at my door. Protect me from the Silence." He laughed. "Godless? Why, Aeron, I am the godliest man ever to raise sail! You serve one god, Damphair, but I have served ten thousand. From Ib to Asshai, when men see my sails, they pray."
  • what D&D wrote: Lol I have such a big dick, let me make a bunch of dickjokes to Theon and tell the entire Ironborn (or at least the 20 extras HBO could afford) about my entire plan lolololoooo
Then I think of you in bed, your tongue half chocolate, half ocean, of the houses that you swing into, of the steel wool hair on your head, of your persistent hands and then how we gnaw at the barrier because we are two.
—  Anne Sexton 
Oliver Wood//Little Things

Blurb but fluffy and cute, hope you enjoy!

Word Count: 386

Warnings: None

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With quidditch, classes, homework, and sleep you and Oliver barely spent time with each other, meals being the exception. So when you had small moment of just being with each other, you both treasured it.

You both lay sprawled out on the couch facing the fireplace. His head was in your lap and you subconsciously ran your fingers through his hair as he spoke of the latest match half-asleep. You smile down at him, observing his little habits and details that he probably doesn’t realize he is doing. You can see the shine in his brown eyes, despite his no-doubt heavy eyelids covering half of them. His tongue peeking out slightly whenever he takes a breath between explanations, or quickly licking his lips while he talks his lips dry. His eyebrows scrunching together whenever he speaks of the other team, or popping up when he mentions a win. His nose twitching in the slightest whenever your sleeve brushes over it, and his cheek moving whenever his mouth moves. His slender fingers subconsciously drawing shapes on your thumb and his foot kicking the outside of the couch as his legs go over the edge of the smallish couch.

The fire crackles and begins to die out, slowly illuminating only parts of his face, highlighting his cheeks. His accent beautifully filling the room as his mouth stops moving, and he settles for just simply smiling at you, his perfectly straight white teeth complimenting his face perfectly. You give him a smile and run your hand down his face, tracing his cheeks and jaw.

He lets out a small laugh, “I’m sorry, I must talk about quidditch so much.” You grin at him and lean down to peck his forehead. “It’s okay, you’re cute whenever you talk about it. You get all excited and you look worry free.”

His smile grows and he turns to sit up and beside you. He lets go of your hand to gently grasp the side of your face, sliding his thumb over your lips. He quickly leans in and kisses your lips softly, pulling away shortly after but keeping his face close enough for your noses to touch. 

He leans his forehead on yours, letting out a breath and uttered a quiet “I love you.”

You grin and quickly kiss him again, “I love you too.”

Meet Lara Fire-Tongue, my Half-Elf sailor Bard in D&D. She likes playing with fire and romantic walks around the top deck under the moonlight and slamming enemies into tables with Thunderwave.

I kind of rushed this one near the end because I got loaded down with double the usual hours at work. But the results aren’t bad. :)


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Imagine being an American exchange student and John falling in love with you while you’re over in England, but never admitting it to himself until it’s too late and you’ve already flown back, so he goes all the way to see you to tell you in person how he feels about you.

——— Request for anon ———

“John?” you felt your heart skip a beat as the confusion of his presence on your doorstep sinks in, “What are you doing here? You’re supposed to be—?”

“In England,” he interrupts, giving a half-nod as his tongue darts out to nervously wet his lips before he continues. “I know it must be a shock to see me.”

“I’ve only been back in America a week,” you chuckle before joking, “Don’t tell me you already missed me?”

He lets out a bit of strained laughter, admitting, “Actually, yeah, I realized I miss you more than I’d ever thought I would over this past week. That’s why I had to see you; I had to tell you just how excruciating my life has been without you.”

“What?” is all you can manage, stepping back so as to allow for the step he takes over the threshold, advancing towards you. John’s brow is furrowed in a picture of an emotion akin to pain for a moment as he decides just how best to put his feelings into words.

He finally settles on the simple, “I’m in love with you.”

those are half tongue in cheek but eh not liking star wars, harry potter, lotr, all that lot is a holdover from my edgy contrarian years and its just so overwhelming and kinda boring unless youre an invested fan to get into that i cba

at least with superhero movies they reboot it every like 2 years so every film has their origin story so you dont forget