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According to The Guardian, Zayn is expected to attend the Versus fashion show on Saturday evening (02/18) x

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GA just said in an interview today that she's "played [Scully] for long enough". Really don't see that as positive for s11 and it's more of her "stop talking about XFiles" stuff... Does she realise that without XFiles she very likely wouldn't have had all these roles? Stop trashing it. As for the British accent - urgh - she instantly sounds colder (and I say that as a Brit...).

I think its the same old game… she played it with s10 just the same… and I think we have to partly blame fox (that paying her half stunt was disgusting) and partly the bad writing… 

But I’m sure we will get a s11 :) She would never let it end like that even if she isnt showing it ;)

As much as the books make me grumpy, I have such strong memories of Maximum Ride.  Fuck that blond shit, give me dark haired, half Mexican, emotionally stunted bitter momma Max who just wants to keep her babies alive and not have weird feelings for her psudo-brother.

Love my Maximum Ride too much.

It makes me laugh how my dash is a total complaining about Louis going in the UK just because it means /Eleanor/ when to me it means AWAY FROM THAT NASTY FAMILY. Wow. He’s going home and he’s going to see his family, he’s going to spend time in his homeland with no fake baby around for a while and it would have been the very TOP until two weeks or so ago for all of us because it would have meant no beard and no BG but know we’re all caught up in this Calder shit no one seems to be thinking at the other half of the stunt anymore. It’s funny that’s all.


FRARY TRASH MEME {3/7 scenes}

“You know what they say about you? Half of Europe thinks you’re sickly and weak and stunted.”
”That half blind portrait artist didn’t realize I was sitting in a chair while my sister was standing and now half of Europe thinks I’m a dwarf.”
“They say that Bash got all the good looks and passion and all you have is tedious…”

and here i thought Louis was free to enjoy his family time home on his own

I’m sitting here writing about future IG selfies and other disgustingly loving things Louis and Harry will bless us with and I happen to remember that we’re in the middle of the most disconcerting stunt One Direction has ever put us (and themselves) through. Like, literally, the current official narrative reports that Louis will soon become a father, possibly moving to LA to be close to his kid and his mostly estranged mother, while the rest of the group will randomly wander around ending up God knows where and why and how. 

And we stubbornly, peacefully, very casually keep blogging about bears and pearls and anniversaries and future Larry babies. Most of the time it’s us discussing possible dates for the wedding or how they’ll prefer to come out, what ring will they pick or will they go for a tattoo on their fingers? What should People’s coming out headline be, would it be better for them to go to Ellen or James Corden and will they let us know what name they chose in 2012 for their firstborn? What will we do when they hold hands publicly the first time, what when we spot their first kiss? Will anyone even survive? Wait, what about their preferences about respective pubic hair?! And sometimes we’re just like “Oh, see, someone from Briana’s family tweeted this” or “Ah, funny Dan Wootton wrote another piece of art” or “Yes, sure, the paps just happened to be there” and “Of course, Harry and Louis composed a song together from different countries”, then we go back to our regular interests. What a damn, glorious fandom!

When you do a good job…how does it feel 1DHQ?

hello yes. i want to remind everyone that i said months back that ZIAM will bookend this stunt. One half of that is already MIA because of illness. Is it time for Zayn to reach out then...?

Who is in charge over there?  Who decided to do the birth in the same half-assed way they did the reveal of the pregnancy?  Terrible idea.  

At least the first pregnancy announcement came out of nowhere and had a tremendous impact.  If they drag this out while unconfirmed, it’s just going to sap any impact it might have had.  This is essentially the finale and they’ve destroyed the big moment.  Do I really have to be ashamed of the execution of this stunt as well as the content of it?  Ok, to be fair, I’ve been ashamed of much of the execution the whole time anyway…

The only way this is redeemable is if they don’t confirm the birth for a while and then suddenly the birth is confirmed, but the paternity is false.  That would make a big splash.  That wouldn’t fritter away all the big resolution of this entire drama. Please let at least one of the people in charge of this stunt have half a clue what they’re doing.