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Your roses were so detailed in your fahc Ray piece!!! How did you draw them???

I mean the only reason it looks like a rose is cause its red, BUT thank you lol! I really appreciate it! I made a few gifs trying to show how I draw flowers? Hope the gifts work and also help you haha!

so I just make half squares/triangles around a circle creating this effect until I like how the flower is filled

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Alternate Ending Flower Quilt Finished by Sarah Cooper


I’ve finished a couple of quilts, and added them to my shop to boldly hold. I wasn’t able to do much sewing a few weeks ago (due to injury) but I was able to organize my sewing space. To my surprise, I found 70+ half triangle squares sewn, cut & ready to go! They were the various leftovers from all of my other quilts, tossed into a drawer. So I pulled them out, made a few more to get the size I wanted, and the first quilt was done! Thanks past me for making all of those extras!

The blue and grey quilt is a small one- it’s intended for use in the carseat or stroller- and it’s made 100% from my scrap bin. All the fabric that’s too big to toss, but too small easily store goes in a big plastic bin for some vague ‘future use.’ It’s been building and building for years now, and I finally busted though some of that! 

I have been wanting to make a giant half square triangle block for ages! I should be finishing Ella’s quilt but had to cut up this stack I put together weeks ago. I have to get this idea out of my system 😜
It’s actually coral up there not red. I cut 12 ½" squares so jt is came together really quick.
I think I need to go for a walk now and get away from it for a while and then take a fresh look at it. 😝


diamond in the rough by mybricole