half russian

how do these people still exist?

“victor doesn’t mean anything when he touches yuuri’s lip, it’s just fanservice for that sweet fangirl cash”

“yuuri doesn’t LOVE love victor, that was just a platonic declaration of gratitude”

“it’s normal for coaches to cuddle naked with their athletes after treating them to an extravagant dinner that definitely doesn’t qualify as a date”

“that wasn’t a kiss, we didn’t see their lips touch, it was just a hug, nohomo bro”

what’s next?

“oh they’re not actually married, that was just a photoshoot for publicity”

“oh that half asian half russian child isn’t theirs, that’s obviously a relative’s”

“oh they didn’t grow old together, they were just eternal bachelors that shared a house, a car, a bank account, and shampoo”


YOI Week Day 7: Alternate Universe

Hamilton AU for Yuri on Ice, featuring Lev Haiba as Phillip because hey half Japanese half Russian character and he reminds me a lot of Phillip! Plus apparently Victor is a fluent French speaker so I had to draw out the piano scene as well!

(Sorry if any of the colors/shading are off or too light, I didn’t have a lot of coloring resources but I tried my best to make them accurate to the canon character designs!)


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I didn’t realize i got tagged so here is my late one!

Characters I got were: Videl, Android 17, and Whis

So this is mine… I don’t really watch Dragonball Super so like… I COULD NOT REMEMBER WHAT THE HECK WHIS LOOKED LIKE and boy was I off… My sketch looks like a fusion of freakin Hisoka and Pilot pearl so there goes a bonus sketch ughh and remembering clothes is like my weakness I can’t even remember what I wore yesterday so like Android 17 is like wearing half a Russian coat… yeh

sorry for my whis  ;o;

idk who to tag but here, whoever wants to, draw these three peeps:

Ox King, King Kai, Princess Snake (She’s filler in the anime so if you only read the Manga then draw Zarbon instead)

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Marmaduke looks like he may have a bit of main coon in him from his size. I have 2 longhairs and they're closer to grimms size I usually go on tica when looking for breed characteristics my referenceing for size may be a bit off though since pangur is so tiny.

there’s HUGE variation in domestic kitties, though! there’s tiny cats, gigantic cats, bald cats, walking-carpet cats, cats with mutations (saw a shelter baby once with a curly pig tail), cats with rare colours (silver, flame-point, lilac, etc.)

many shelters market their cats as half-something (grey cat? russian blue! pointed colouration? siamese!) to raise their ‘value’, but most cats are random bred & that gene pool is hella deep! Wibbles & Marm are gorgeous domestics:

Artemi Panarin #2

Requested by Anon:  Hi! Could you write one for Artemi Panarin where you are friends with someone on the team and they introduce you to Artemi because you can speak really good Russian?

*Here it is! Enjoy!! I hope the Russian is okay in this one. I have no idea how to speak Russian so uhm, I used the help of our best friend Mr. Google for this. I hope you understand. ;)*

Word count: 633

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“Who’s this guy again?” You asked your friend again.

He stopped walking and sighed, “I told you, his name’s Artemi Panarin. Russian. Doesn’t speak much English and well, you’re the only person I know who’s half as good in Russian and the guy needs a friend.”

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Rhys Matthew Bond & Dave Franco

  • Rhys is a British- born Canadian actor, who was born in 1998. He has brown hair and eyes.
  • Dave is an American actor, who was born in 1985. Franco is of Portuguese, Swedish and Russian Jewish ancestry. He also has brown hair and eyes.

They could work as half brothers,cousins or uncle and nephew.

Drinking with Chekov

Requested by: Anonymous

-He is such a giggly drunk! Pavel is all smiles and laughs it’s adorable and you get to use all the shitty jokes and puns that people groan at in normal settings

-Definitely tells everyone in detail exactly what he loves about them

-Do not hug him unless you want to hug for the rest of the night he is needy for attention and really cute and will only stop hugging you to grab another drink

-That being said can drink like a tank and no one knows how that works because he should have been out six drinks ago but he is still singing in Russian in your ear

-He gets a little mischievous so you gotta keep an eye on him that he doesn’t go trying to prank Sulu or Bones

-Singing duets, half in Russian and very off key but everyone just lets it happen

-Drunken snack runs with hilariously odd combinations of food

-If the two of you ever go out to drink you need to be prepared to dance. He will take you out on that dance floor and move like crazy

-Cheesy and inappropriate pick up lines that he probably learned from Kirk. Which would be hilarious if they didn’t also make you blush like an idiot and tell him to shut up

-He will try hitting on you in Russian and if you do not understand his slurred foreign language, he will get sad. Please remind him to speak your language.

-Really sloppy kisses that he laughs during and it’s really gross but cute

-So much butt touching

-If you don’t end up making it back to a bed the two of you snuggle up in any little corner or nook that you can find and talk until you both fall asleep

-Hangovers are spent eating junk food and curled up sitting in blanket nests

Request anything you’d like to see! My ask box is open!

“We won Nii-san! Lev-kun! We won the finals!”

For as long as Natsu can remember, she’s had a crush on Lev. It starts off innocently enough; with him coming over all the time and being his cute, clumsy, overexcited self, it’s only natural that she falls for the half Russian, half-Japanese, full-dork boy. Puppy love is what her mom calls it.

But what hurts is when she doesn’t quite grow out of it. She matures plenty, but so do her feelings. They alarm her, and she tries her hardest to bury them in the deepest corners of her mind, (though Alisa and Yachi see through her instantly) because she cherishes her friendship with Lev too much to jeopardize it over a crush. He cares for her deeply and trusts her, just like she trusts him.

Though it’s plenty obvious that Lev harbors no romantic feelings towards the youngest Hinata, she keeps this picture as her wallpaper. She doesn’t hope, doesn’t want to put herself through that kind of pain, but she allows herself this one small satisfaction, because the truth is she had a lot of fun that day, and no matter what, she wouldn’t trade what she has right now for anything.


I really hope the english language version of this fuckery is released as a dvd extra so we can all get drunk watching it properly and marvel at what the russians had to suffer through just because their government is run by homophobic poopyheads.