half rim glasses

I have so many feelings about Oikawa Tooru needing glasses (mostly fueled by own recent glasses shopping trip).

He wasn’t wearing glasses in his childhood flashbacks, so I imagine him needing them later, around late middle school or early high school. Imagine the day he goes to the doctor and they officially tell him he needs glasses - he doesn’t even need a strong prescription, but those late nights reviewing game footage in his dark room have finally caught up to him (just like Iwa-chan told him would happen). He calls Iwaizumi as soon as he leaves the doctor’s office and starts wailing into the phone, “But Iwa-chan, my IMAGE.” Iwaizumi hangs up on him (and a few more times after that when Oikawa calls back to keep complaining) but eventually agrees to go shopping for glasses with him.

Iwaizumi regrets that decision when he’s at the eyewear store the next day for three hours with Oikawa because he insists on trying on every single pair of glasses in the store. The shop girls can’t stop fawning over Oikawa and basically play dress up with him until he comes back to a pair of black half-rim glasses (probably a super nice brand like Ray-Bans too bc Oikawa Tooru is definitely a fashionista).

Iwaizumi was probably making jokes about the different glasses before he got annoyed at how long this all was taking. And Oikawa hated it at first but then started leaning in to it and picking the silliest pairs to try on just to see what Iwaizumi would say (“Hey Iwa-chan, what about these?” “You just aged 80 years.” “I think they look quite good!”) (I’m also not going to say that the half-rim glasses were probably the only pair that Iwaizumi didn’t say anything negative about and that’s probably why Oikawa got them)

And don’t even talk to me about what a baby Oikawa would be when he tried to put in his contacts for the first time (he probably got so frustrated that he gave up, went to practice without them, sucked, and then Iwaizumi wheedled it out of him was was off, then stood over him as he tried putting in his contacts again until he got it)(“You can face down Ushiwaka but you can’t put in CONTACTS?”)


Trans Day of Visibility

[4 pictures, clockwise: Viet NB trans femme in yellow sleeveless turtleneck, denim skirt, and lavender pompom earrings; close-up of her face/torso with rainbow choker, checkered shirt, & pink half-rimmed glasses; same girl with yellow striped shirt, high-waisted navy shorts, eyes closed; photo of her in Sailor Moon Usagi cosplay with blonde wig & colorful bracelets]

We have a long way to go as far as getting the livelihood that we deserve, but today, I am celebrating my experience in solidarity with all of my trans siblings and family.

Stay strong. I love you all so much 💖 Angel

Feline Fur Mew

Marichat Week Day 4: Kitten(s)

very late marichat prompt!

Summary: “I had a feline you needed a little cheering up.”

The first thing he heard were the shout of angry words coming in from the classroom. His kwami poked from underneath his shirt and said, “Wow. That sounds like a cat fight.”

“Plagg, shh!” Adrien warned. He reached for the doorknob but then it was wrenched open by an upset Marinette. His eyes widened as he saw the tears stream down her face. He rushed forward and grabbed her shoulders. “Marinette, are you okay?! What happened?!”

She opened her mouth, then closed it and ran out. Adrien reached out for her, but then stopped. Maybe she needed a little space.

He went inside the classroom and saw Chloe snobbishly snickering with Sabrina while the whole class glared at them. Alya was shouting at them, Nino barely holding her back.

On the floor lay a ruined sketchbook.

Adrien knew immediately what happened. He turned to his childhood friend. “Chloe!”

Chloe raised an eyebrow. “What? It’s not like what I said is true. Sure she can have fun with playing dress up, but it’s not like her works are going to be famous or anything.”

He balled up his fists, trying to say something back to her, but failed. With a growl, he picked up Marinette’s sketchbook and stomped out of the classroom, ignoring the ringing school bell.

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fic: The Anatomy of You and Me. (1/?)

title: the anatomy of you and me

rating: nc-17 | warnings: swearing, sexual references

description: phil lester knew he hated dan howell as soon as slapped his ass and winked at him on their first day as surgical interns. he didn’t want a romance, he just wanted to get through the year in peace, no matter how pretty the guy’s face might be. AU.

word count: 2500

a/n: if you’re thinking you’ve seen me post this before, you’re half right. i’m re-doing a chaptered fic i completely abandoned (you can read more about that here) but so much better than it was before. if you’ve never seen me write this fic before, i swear you will love it, i am really excited for this story, it was incredibly popular last time, and i hope you like it just as much this time around. it’s going to be a wild ride. enjoy!

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Business Demon

Dipper scaring the shit out of cultists by NOT doing the fire an brimstone routine. He turns up all businesslike in his suit, with a clipboard, starts jotting out terms with a little gold pen, just hands them the thing “sign here, initial here” tears off the top sheet “here’s your copy” there’s a pink copy underneath which he tucks into a little folder “expect results in 4-6 seconds” *demonic fedex box appears* “nice doing business with you.” *gone* The whole thing took about 12 seconds.

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Tiffany was nervous and refused to show it. She would still refuse if she were alone, but doing this in front of her followers, well. She refused to show weakness before anyone, let alone those she’d conned into obeying her, lest one of them think they could take over in her place.

But if this worked, well, it would all be worth it. If the only way she was going to get what she wanted was if she made a literal deal with a devil, then she’d do it. She’d earned it, dammit, and she was going to have everything she deserved!

The lesser demons she’d previously summoned had fulfilled her purposes nicely enough at the time, so she knew she could do this. They just weren’t powerful enough for Tiffany’s purposes, unable to fulfill more than minor deals and provide her with the things she needed, or to satisfy her pride, that whispered that she could do better than these minor demons of limited power.

Her followers were chanting in the background, more to set the mood than to actually help with the summon, though she’d never tell them that. They were effective, she would give them that.

Enough waiting – she’d done this often enough, even the unpredictable Alcor could hardly have anything that surprising in store.

Raising her arms dramatically, Tiffany waited for the proper phrase in her follower’s chanting for her cue to call out the summoning chant for Alcor, casting the sacrifice into the circle as she did.

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[Description: a close-up shot of a trans woman looking slightly up at the camera. She has short hair dyed pink at the ends, and blue eyes. She is wearing a purple tank top under a black a white striped sleeveless shirt and half-rim glasses]

Lil’ Cookie Coder (closed RP)


Sitting at a table in the dim light, looking over a page of work related notes, sat a tall lanky skeleton with rectangular half rimmed glasses over his eyesockets. Doctor W. D. Gaster was deep in his thoughts, when he suddenly heard a crash from the kitchen. 

This derailed his current train of thought, leaving the rather introverted skeleton slightly irritable. He got up, and quickly shook his head, mentally preparing himself for what was the likely cause of the crash. 

He headed out of the room, and towards the kitchen area. When he got there he turned the light on, and looked towards the counter at the little culprit. 

“[Again?]” Dr. Gaster asked the little one.

Cogito, Ergo Sum: A MTBI Fanfiction

(Credits to completembti admins group chat for plot idea; credits to Batman from rationals-pub for the idea to actually do this.)

This fanfiction will be written in the style of a chapter book; therefore, the first couple of chapters will focus largely on world-building and character development. An overarching plot will surface later on.

The idea of CJHS is a parody of Hogwarts from Harry Potter. No copyright infringement intended.

Chapter 1: The Carl Jung Express

Augustus (INTJ) quietly gazed out his window, observing his siblings struggle to load their various suitcases and backpacks into the trunk of the family SUV. The twins, Leonardo (ENTP) and Paul (ESTJ), were off to their first year at Carl Jung High School of Personality and Psychology. He, Augustus, would have to wait another year.

Or, at least, if he followed the rules. But since when did Augustus Adams find it necessary to follow the rules?

“Come on, Augustus, go to the subway station with your brothers,” his sister, Rosa (ISFJ), called from the foyer. “You won’t be seeing them for the rest of the year.”

“That would be a good thing,” Augustus muttered under his breath as he rose from his hideout. “Unfortunately, it’s not true.”

* * *

“I can’t wait to get sorted,” Theodore (ESTP) proclaimed loudly. “I’ve always wanted to meet other people like me. You Idealists are too uptight.”

“Who are you calling uptight?” Jennifer (ENFJ) retorted, grinning, as she scooped up a handful of dirt and lobbed it at her brother. “I can have fun when I want to.”

Theodore ducked the flying ball of mud with ease. “But face it, Jen: you could never party like us Se-dominants.”

Vincent (INFP) scowled as the dirt splattered across the pavement before him, blemishing his previously spotless leather shoes. “Hey, guys, can you not?”

“Nope!” Theodore sang, reaching down to scoop up his own handful when–


Vincent and Jennifer had both jumped back several feet, almost tripping over each other, to avoid the stranger (INTJ) racing towards them. Theodore, however, had not been quite so lucky. The other individual had barreled into him at full speed, causing the two of them to go sprawling across the sidewalk in a tangle of limbs.

Theodore was the first to recover. “Watch where you’re going!”

He jumped to his feet, rubbing his knee, which had begun to bruise as a result of the impact. The figure rolled over with a groan, opting to ignore Theodore’s admonishment.

Jennifer, being the dutiful Fe-dominant in the vicinity, rushed forward to help. “Are you okay?”

The stranger’s sweatshirt hood fell back, revealing a mess of brown hair accompanied with a pair of pale green eyes half-hidden behind thick-rimmed glasses.

“Oh, uh. Sorry?” he stammered. “No, I mean, yeah, I’m okay. Sorry about that.”

Vincent shook his head in disdain as Jennifer helped the boy to his feet. He could be a pickpocket or a thief, Vincent chastised his sister internally. Jen should know better than to randomly associate with strangers.

Back at the site of the collision, Jennifer casually chatted with the stranger as she helped him dust off his clothes. “So, what’s your name?”

“Nikola,” he said, pushing his glasses back into place on the bridge of his nose. “And you?”

“Jennifer. But everyone calls me Jen.” Jennifer grinned warmly, causing Nikola to attempt a somewhat forced smile of his own.

“Why were you in such a hurry?” Theodore demanded, straightforward as always.

Nikola shifted his weight, looking a bit uncomfortable. “Er… I’m trying to get to the subway station. I have a train to catch. The Carl Jung Express – I’m sure you’ve heard of it.”

Jennifer cocked her head and scrutinized Nikola in the way only an ENFJ could muster. “You’re heading out this early? We’re going, too, but its departure isn’t for another two hours. And we’re literally ten minutes away from the subway station right now.”

“Uh…” Color rose to Nikola’s cheeks. “My parents are upset with me and refused to give me a ride, so I have to get there on foot. I can’t afford to miss it. That’s why I left early: to compensate for any delays that might occur.”

Theodore snickered. “Always planning ahead, eh? Bet you’re Ni-dominant.”

Nikola scowled. “And why do you make it seem like a bad thing?”

Jennifer ignored the jab. “Why don’t you come with us? There’s more than enough space in our car.”

“I don’t know,” Nikola responded, biting his lip. “I only just met you guys–”

“Oh, come on, you little worrywart,” Jennifer teased. Without waiting for a response, she grabbed the INTJ’s arm and dragged him towards the house.

Vincent glared passive-aggressively at their backs. With the newcomer filling up another seat, his siblings would probably force him to sit in the middle… again. His head hurt just at the thought of all the times he would hit the ceiling.

“Come on, little brother,” Jennifer called over her shoulder. “Your suitcases won’t pack themselves. Only two hours left!”

Vincent sighed and ran to catch up with the group.

* * *

Hannah (INTP) tapped her fingers impatiently along the side of the car door, watching the trees and buildings zoom past as her brother, Ulysses (ISFP), floored the accelerator. They were late, dangerously late. Of course, it was all the ISFP’s fault. It was always his fault, anyways. Hannah had become accustomed to her Se-dominant brother’s foolish antics.

“Almost there,” Ulysses murmured, sparing a glance at his watch. “Come on, come on–”

He jerked the steering wheel to the right, narrowly avoiding a collision with a public transportation vehicle. Hannah gripped her armrests tightly and squeezed her eyes shut. Despite the fact that Ulysses always drove like this, she’d never gotten used to it.

“My bad,” Ulysses said with a shameless grin.

Finally, they exited the highway and settled down to a more reasonable speed. Hannah readied her backpack as the big, battered car pulled into the parking lot of the subway station.

“Got your stuff?” Ulysses asked as he brought the minivan to a lurching stop.

Hannah swallowed, unbuckled her seatbelt, and shouldered her backpack. “Yeah. Don’t worry about me.”

Ulysses shrugged. “Have it your way.”

He lifted his own suitcase out of the passenger seat and hopped out of the car. Hannah followed reluctantly. It would be her first year at CJHS, and she wasn’t quite sure of what to expect. But then again, she was a Perceiver, an improviser by nature. She figured she’d be able to handle it.

* * *

Augustus waited for Paul and Leonardo to disappear into the throng of antsy first-years before taking action. He’d planned this day out for years. He’d probably become a legend for it, in fact. The first person in history to attend CJHS a year early.

Augustus strode up to the ticket booth with an air of confidence. “One ticket for the Carl Jung Express, please.”

“Are you sure you’re supposed to be going on that?” the worker questioned from the other side of the glass. “People must purchase their tickets ahead of time.”

“Oh, it’s okay if you won’t sell me a ticket,” Augustus said, shrugging. “I’ll be sure to tell my father. He won’t be happy, but rules are rules, right? I’m sure he’ll see it your way.”

The woman’s eyebrow furrowed slightly, but she didn’t give in.

Augustus made a show of squinting at her name tag. “Hmm. Elizabeth, right? My father would want me to take note of that.”

Elizabeth (ISTJ) fidgeted nervously. “Who’s your father, if you don’t mind?”

“Mr. Jonathan Adams,” Augustus responded with a smirk. “He runs this place, you know.”

“…oh. Well, uh…” the poor woman seemed to have lost her ability to speak.

“How about you sell me that ticket, huh?” Augustus continued. “It would sure help me… forget… about your momentary disobedience.”

After all, that was the trick with SJs: make them think they’re upholding the rules, and they’ll bend to anyone’s will. But that was only the first step. If Augustus wanted to be allowed to stay at CJHS, he’d have to do a lot more talking and outsmart more than just some simple-minded Guardians.

Moments later, Augustus was seated comfortably in the last compartment of the Carl Jung Express. Only minutes after he got settled, however, the door flew open and – much to his dismay – a group of four clamoring underclassmen burst in.

“Hey, what do you think you’re doing?“ Augustus snapped irritably. “Each compartment only seats four people.”

The oldest boy glanced around. His gaze landed on another boy who seemed to be his brother; they had the same sandy hair and grey eyes.

“Oh, get out, Vincent,” the elder brother ordered. “There’s no room for you.”

“Be nice, Theodore!” the girl hissed.

Vincent rolled his eyes. “Whatever you say, King Theo.”

However, before Vincent could leave the compartment, the third boy spoke up. “No, it’s okay. You guys should stay together. I’ll go find myself another seat.”

Augustus frowned as the other three individuals each took a seat. The girl plopped down next to him and wasted no time introducing herself.

“I’m Jennifer, but you can call me Jen. The guy who just left was Nikola. What’s your name?”

“Augustus,” came the slightly annoyed response.

“Oh, that’s a cool name,” Jennifer said, ignoring Augustus’ tone. “Can I call you Auggie?”

“Most definitely not,” Augustus retorted.

As Jennifer continued chatting enthusiastically, Augustus sighed and resigned himself to a five-hour torture session. This was going to be a long ride.

* * *

After several minutes of shoving, dodging, and getting hit by suitcases, Nikola finally stumbled into a half-empty compartment. He bent over, hands on his knees, and tried to recover his breath. He’d almost forgotten how much he hated crowds.

“Hey, I’m guessing you’re a lost first-year.”

Nikola looked up. A boy and a girl – brother and sister, judging by their matching suitcases – were seated across from each other next to the window. It was the boy who had spoken.

“Oh, uh, I’m a first-year, yes,” Nikola answered, straightening. “But I’m not lost.”

The brother shrugged and turned to his sister. “Hannah, move your backpack so he can sit down.”

Without glancing up from her book, Hannah reached over to the seat adjacent to her, fumbled around with her bag, and pushed it onto the floor. A lock of black hair fell across her face at the movement. She didn’t seem to notice.

The boy directed his attention back to Nikola. “I’m Ulysses. And you are…?”


“Nice to meet you,” Ulysses said, holding out his hand.

Nikola shook it somewhat awkwardly. “What year are you in?”

“Fourth,” Ulysses answered. “My last, in other words.”

Nikola nodded. “Your sister’s a first-year?”

“Yup. Don’t mind her; she’s just a bit antisocial.”

“I’m not antisocial,” Hannah’s voice came from behind the book. “I just only associate with people I find intellectually stimulating. In other words, not you.”

Ulysses grinned. “Hannah, you’re proving my point.”

Hannah slammed her book shut. “So, Nikola, what type are you? If you’re another Artisan like my brother here, I’m out.”

“Don’t worry, I’m a Rational,” Nikola assured her. “I’m assuming you’re also a Rational.”

“Your assumption is correct,” Hannah said. “Maybe you’re not so bad after all.”

Ulysses whistled. “Coming from Hannah, that’s a compliment of the highest order.”

Hannah rolled her eyes. “Shut up, Ulysses.”

That’s more like it,” Ulysses said. “I was starting to wonder if you’d been kidnapped and replaced with an ENFP.”

“Don’t push it,” Hannah responded dryly.

Perhaps CJHS will be at least remotely tolerable if I spend time around my fellow Rationals, Nikola thought. As Hannah settled back into her book, he smiled his first real smile of the day.

* * *

Major characters in Chapter 1:

Augustus Adams (INTJ)

Theodore Reese (ESTP)

Jennifer Reese (ENFJ)

Vincent Reese (INFP)

Nikola Kroll (INTJ)

Hannah Zhang (INTP)

Ulysses Zhang (ISFP)

Other characters in Chapter 1:

Paul Adams (ESTJ)

Leonardo Adams (ENTP)

Rosa Adams (ISFJ)

Elizabeth Johnson (ISTJ)