half pink half black hair


Here’s my new hair. It’s lilac with tints of pink and violet, in a short/mid bob and a cute lil fringe. I feel so sassy and funky, so in love with my hair. Didn’t think I would ever go this short, suit it or leave liking it as much as I do! Over the moon is an understatement. Really missed my lilac hair so feels good having it back.

Jack Harries Imagine - You make a vlog together

(Inspired by “Inappropriate Megaphoning”)

*video starts*
‘Hello! And I’m here with my beautiful girlfriend Y/N! Or commonly known by the means of the internet, Y/Y/T/N! Say hi babe’ Jack said.
'Hi guys!’ You said.
'So babe, are you gonna tell the subscribers about what we are doing today?’ He said.
'Yes! Well we are just gonna cruise around in jacks automobile with a mega phone on the roof showering people with compliments’ you said. Jack suddenly started laughing.
'Whats so funny?’ You said.
'Who was the last person that said automobile, holy Jesus’ he laughed.
'Justin Bieber’ you said, keeping a strait face.
'Touché’ he said, his laughter stopping when he said this.
'So anyway, yeah we’re gonna start now’ he said.
*next cut*
The sound of Nirvana blared out of the car speakers as Jack screamed 'CRANK UP THE VOLUME!!’ In a high pitched voice.
'Jack, it’s already loud as shit, oh my fucking god!’ You said, laughing.
'I like your hair’ Jack spoke through the megaphone to a man who had half black half pink hair.
'Who’s your stylist, Avril fucking Lavigne?!’ You shouted through the monitor. Jack gasped.
'Your so fucking rude!’ Jack laughed.
'My speciality’ you replied. You then passed a woman with a baby. You took the monitor.
'Be nice’ Jack said. You laughed.
'Your baby might be the cutest gremlin I’ve ever seen’ you said. The woman looked offended. Jack playfully slapped your arm.
'You can’t fucking say that! Jesus Christ!’ Jack laughed. You passed a little boy on a Ben 10 scooter.
'Your scooter is amazing bro!’ Jack said through the monitor.
'Thanks!’ He shouted back, his little face lighting up.
'Aw Jack, you made him smile!’ You said, holding your chest in sensitivity. Jack laughed.
'Aw! I made his day right there. I’m just a great person unlike you!’ Jack said.
'What?! I’m a lovely person!’ You laughed.
'What, calling women’s babies gremlins is lovely?’ He said.
'Yes’ you replied. You passed a group of teenage boys on skateboards.
'Watch out, here come the cool gang’ you spoke through the monitor. Jack laughed again.
'Thats not a compliment! That’s just purely taking the mick!’ He said.
'Oh come on, I couldn’t not say that!’ You laughed. Soon after, you saw flashing lights behind you.
'Oh crap, it’s the fuzz’ you said, impersonating Eugene Levy. Jack almost crashed cause he was in hysterics. American Pie references always cracked him up. You winded down the window and did a little head nod.
'Sup’ you said, with a strait face. Jack sniggered.
'You think this is funny do you?’ The policeman said to both of you.
Jack shook his head, still smirking though.
'Will you both step out of the car please?’ He said. You opened the door and stepped out, as did Jack. The policeman took your wrist.
'Are you gonna make her bend over the car like they do in the movies?’ Jack said. 'Cause I’ll pay you’ he said. You laughed and playfully slapped him. The policeman glared at him and roughly let go of you, almost pushing you down.
'Hey! Be careful with her you dick!’ Jack bravely said.
'I would advise you to shut up’ the policeman said, drawing his lips away from his teeth in a snarl.
'I would advise you to sit on my face, fucker’ Jack shouted. People were turning around and staring. One elderly woman loudly gasped.
'Oh, how rude!’ She exclaimed. You giggled at his comment.
'I’m this close to arresting both of you’ the policeman said, fuming.
'Take me now. My body is ready’ Jack said, propping his leg up sexily on the car and biting his lip. You couldn’t stop your laughs. They just came streaming out.
'Right, that’s it. Both of you get in the car’ he said. Jack took your hand and led you back to your own car.
'Where the hell do you think your going?’ The policeman yelled. Jack scoffed.
'I’m David Cameron, bitch’ he said, casually getting into the car and zooming off. You were both in hysterics.
*next cut* *your now back in Jacks room*
'So were now wanted criminals!’ You said, looking at Jack and laughing. He grinned.
'Yep, that’s very true babe’ he said.
'So will we be doing another video together anytime soon’ you said.
'Definitely’ Jack said, smirking.
'Im thinking sex tape’ he said, wiggling his eyebrows. You laughed at his cheekiness.
'Lets do it’ you said, putting your hand over the lens, ending the video.

Hope y'all liked that! I know I enjoyed writing it! Leave requests if you want!!!