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Confession 224

People stan racists and homophobes and transphobes, yet people have the nerve to call someone like Jennifer problematic?

How can anyone call Jennifer Juan problematic? HOW? She is socially aware and conscious, sweet, has been through so much and does so much to reach out and help others. She writes lots about mental health, consent and safety to help her young audience, and she never says bad things. 

Just because she wrote poems about having a crush on a teacher, or being in a relationship with an older man when she was in college, doesn’t make her problematic, especially as she is writing about actual real life things she has done.

There are actually bad people out there, like Onision, who tricked his underage fans into sending him half naked photos, has been racist, transphobic, homophobic, sexist and recently made fun of the victims of the attack in England, or Velvetgh0st who verbally abuses her own fans, has been racist in the past and encouraged her fans to starve themselves. I’m sure Jennifer, who is super sweet, isn’t hurting anyone by writing about her own experiences. 

Kalafina Blog 7/29/09 -「めっちゃブレてるじゃん!!」

“It’s really blurry!!”

Good evening (゜▽゜)/

Kalafina today, we are rehearsing for the 8.26 live!! 

We are having a break now〜.

Of course, the three of us are wearing Kalafina t-shirts. This t-shirt becomes soft as it is washed, and it is comfortable to wear! 

Well, let’s try to be enthusiastic about the second half!

This photo is Kalafina who wanted to do gymnastics exercises. 

The result of the effort is this (laughs)


If Ben Barnes is young Sirius Black then Skandar Keynes has to be Regulus that’s just how it is sorry I don’t make the rules

(I’m kidding)
I honestly really like how perfectly it works out though


I need you to tell me everything you know about Magnus Bane.
Magnus Bane is the High Warlock of Brooklyn.

Stock Photo Tubas

It’s time for Episode 3 of Stock Photo Instruments. May band-god have mercy on our souls.

(special thanks to @official-tuba for contributing some fabulous material!)

you can actually see the existential crisis slowly consuming him

i don’t even know where to begin on this one

you should love your instrument but most people don’t actually make out with them

let’s be real here, do you know a tuba player who hasn’t done this

is this the new tim burton movie

what, you don’t practice in lingerie?

that’s… that’s not a…

y’know what? i give up.

half-decentvibes  asked:

I don't think that men and women are inequal in the united states, if you could explain to me why they are, and why we need feminism in the modern west, I am more than willing to join the cause.

Sealioning (Urban Dictionary)

Original Sealioning comic: #1062; The Terrible Sea Lion (Wondermark, by David Malki)