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after s e v e n attempts (a 40min round trip each time) to see a northern pintail duck in the town over (a place where it most certainly would not be expected from) i FINALLY found it today

i’ve only ever seen one other of these, so im just really happy

A Case of Mistaken Identity

Vanoo. 17989 words. 

Summary: Los Santos was a city riddled with crime, and it was up to Evan and his friends to fix that. By night, he was Bat Owl - a superhero tasked with defending his city from the baddest of the bad, alongside his friends and teammates, Batcoon and Early Bird. By day, he was a mild mannered security guard and loving husband to Brock, the son of a local billionaire entrepreneur.

Little did he know, however, that Brock had a secret identity of his own, and their lives were more intertwined than he previously thought.

(Vanoo Bat Owl and Early Bird AU.)

A/N: Loosely based off of this post from a year ago. 

The city was quiet.

It was rare that Los Santos would be this tranquil and peaceful, but Evan wasn’t going to complain. The absence of sirens was calming and more beautiful than any sound, and he was determined to enjoy it while it lasted. The city lights twinkled under the backdrop of the night sky, and the familiar rumble of cars zooming down the streets rose up from underneath them. The ever shining streetlights cast an orange glow on the horizon that drowned out the stars, but the full moon still hung brilliantly and watched over everyone below, emitting a gentle aura of peace that washed over him.

Being a superhero in a city with such a high crime rate meant genuinely peaceful moments were few and far between, and it was refreshing to perch on the edge of a rooftop with his team and bask in the tranquillity while they still had the chance to enjoy it. It was a demanding job, but Evan couldn’t imagine doing anything else that would be even half as rewarding, and it was in moments like this when the city was sleeping soundly without a care in the world that reassured him that the risk was worth it. His body may be littered in bruises and scars, but if the people were safe, then that’s all that mattered to him.

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ive seen a lot of non-jp folks with little to no sense of yoi’s social context saying they expected victor and yuri to get together from the very first episode, but i lived in japan, i went to school in japan, i have friends/family and a home in japan and i genuinely never thought i’d get to see a show that made me feel like the only place i had as a mlm there wasn’t just in a gay av or as the butt of a joke or on a variety show being mocked by comedians. people who have only ever lived in the states might not understand that as disappointing as queer representation in american media is, the US is still a bubble of relative awareness. i was always resigned to the idea that the part of my identity that says i love men as a man myself was only allowed to exist in the states, in one of my homes and around only half my friends/family

My Alpha

Summary:   Akaashi is the most desired omega in the Fukurodani race. The fact that he already has a mate doesn’t seem to make a difference to his suitors. Then again, his mate is Bokuto Koutarou. When has anyone took his alpha seriously?

Pairings:  BokuAka / BokutoxAkaashi

Genre: Romance, Shounen-ai

Rating: T

Author: Canna / Yellowcanna

Status: Complete (One shot)

In the Fukuroudani race, the beauty of omegas is made up of three main components.

Strength, grace, and most important of all, intelligence.  

Akaashi Keiji is the omega who has it all.

At first glance the omega always appears plain without any special features that make him stand out. However, after the first few glances, alphas would always found themselves attracted to the dark haired boy who was in fact radiating with beauty. He was like an unpolished gem that needed to be inspected closely in order to understand the true value.

Many people who saw Akaashi would notice his expressionless face first. His brows were thick with unappealing half-lidded eyes that always portray a sense of tiredness. But if looked closer, anyone would see that it wasn’t the case at all. His brows are thick, but it gives him a sharpness that matches his narrow eyes, reflecting his frightening acute observation ability fitting for a bird of prey. He rarely expresses any emotions, but when he does, it was like the feeling of opening a treasure chest. The prize inside was beyond anything anyone could imagine, and the satisfaction of knowing they are the one who unlocked that was an indescribable feeling between joy and pride.

Intelligence was something the dark haired omega was gifted with at birth. He was the smartest of his school, always standing at the very top no matter what subject it was. Like that of an owl, Akaashi moved fluidly and soundlessly with trained precision that would take other omegas years of practice to achieve. He was graceful no matter what he was doing and just that alone, every omega looked to him as their idol.

Many alphas first saw the raven as an easy prey as eighty percent of omegas are proven to be. With his intelligence and grace, no one had expected the omega to be able fight. That was quickly changed the moment an alpha tried to make the omega submit in the middle of the school yard for all to see.

That alpha was crushed within seconds.

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Been brainstorming a lot in the past few weeks, and with some motivational inspiration from superrisu, I really want to get serious about writing an original story. Talking with friends of mine who actually have written stories and gotten them published, the biggest thing is just writing the damned draft. Edits can happen later. So with that in mind, I’ve managed to write a first chapter of what I hope is going to become a full-fledged story of mine this year. Fingers crossed for keeping this moving forward!

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Andrea Mantegna - Trionfo della Virtù (o Minerva scaccia i Vizi dal Giardino delle Virtù) - 1502

(Triumph of the Virtues or Minerva Expelling the Vices from the Garden of Virtue)

Musée du Louvre, Paris

Fun fact: Minerva’s spear is broken, symbolizing her victory. Renaissance contemporaries associated the broken spear with success, indicating the target has been struck.

anonymous asked:

Hi! i love how detailed and interesting your theories is :) specifically the TG ones. I have a question, do you think Hide would become a half-ghoul after the Owl Suppression Operation? since dr. kanou would take the injured ghoul investigators and do experiments on them? maybe he's keeping hide a secret and somehow kaneki will face him at the end?

Hello Anon :) and awww thanks so much for the nice words and for reading! :3

About Hide… um, well here’s the thing, it’s really hard to speculate about Hide because he’s a mystery and I personally believe he might be a Clown, Scarecrow, a Washuu or all at the same time, but when it comes to Kanou turning him into a OEG… Well, as of right now, I don’t think we have a single clue in the story which could allow us to think that. 

Besides, just as a personal opinion, since I think it’s likely that Hide might be a Washuu, that would mean there is a good chance he might not be completely human in the first place + I also don’t think that, after he made Kaneki eat him in the sewers, he fell into the hands of Aogiri. 

He’s also clever and he knows that Kanou is the one who turned Kaneki into a OEG so trusting Kanou with his transformation doesn’t sound like something Hide would do, with what we’ve seen of him (especially when Kanou is getting better but he’s never sure in advance that his operations will completely work, so Furuta, who did the operation, was just extremely lucky). 

I’m also thinking that right now Hide is a free man and that whatever he is doing is according to his own plan, so I just can’t see him as one of Kanou’s pawns right now. 

Finally, it’s still just my personal opinion, but we have a lot of “one-eyed ghoul” characters when you think about it, thanks to Kanou but not only:

  • Eto
  • Kaneki
  • Furuta
  • Amon
  • Seidou
  • Kurona and Nashiro
  • the Qs (thanks to the CCG)

and I think it’s possible there might be one or two more hiding within the Clowns’ gang (Uta [x] and Donato because of the Root A ending cards) so… I’d rather have Hide stay a human as much as it’s possible considering the possibility he might be a Washuu.

Besides, considering how clever he is, I think it’s pretty cool that he doesn’t necessarily need to be a strength-enhanced OEG to possibly become some sort of an antagonist at some point (if that’s what Ishida has in mind). :)

So TL;DR I just am never going to say no to such a theory since we know next to nothing about Hide but… it’s not a plot twist I’d like for the reasons I stated above. :/

Sorry if I couldn’t answer your question correctly Anon but thanks for reading and for the nice words :3 Have a nice day!