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Could you do a prompt about rei’s girlfriend

Marti was talking with her mouth half-full of torta. “So then I realized my multimeter was totally off, so I’m going to have to re-calibrate the whole thing and meanwhile Fawkes just keeps saying ‘Duct tape, we need some duct tape’ but he says that all the time and poor Ebo is pretty much dead in the water with the opposing team’s bot heading toward him and–Rei?” 

Rei didn’t respond. She was looking off. Marti followed Rei’s line of sight across the blacktop to a group of girls all chatting cordially. Rei was staring. It was, frankly, embarrassing how much she was staring. The one she was staring at was a willowy Omnic in their school uniform, though of course, for the Omnic’s own tastes she matched a headscarf to the blue of her jumper, and wore some sweatpants underneath the skirt. 

“You’re going to have to talk to her one of these days instead of staring at her like a fish,” said Marti, taking another bite of her sandwich.

“I’ll just say something dumb,” said Rei, still staring.

“You say dumb things all the time,” said Marti with a roll of her eyes, “I mean she might as well know what she’s in for.”

“Well I mean it’s easy for you!” said Rei a bit grumpily, “You’re all.. pretty and you’re cool–”

“I’m not cool. I just realized stuff is going to suck at this age for a long time for us,” said Marti with a shrug before taking another bite of torta, “Probably going to mess me up in the long run but hey, what hasn’t?”

“She’s like.. the smartest girl in the whole school…” Rei said quietly.

“…Rei, her brain is literally a computer,” said Marti, “Just… talk to her.”

Rei sullenly turned back to her bento, bitterly picking apart her spinach rice dragon. 

Marti huffed. “This is depressing and I don’t need this,” she said, setting her torta aside and grabbing Rei’s bento box away.

“Hey–!” Rei started but Marti grabbed Rei’s arm and pulled her to her feet.

“Marti–” Rei started.

Marti kept walking.

“Marti please—” Rei said quietly.

“We’re doing this,” said Marti, with Rei’s wrist in an iron grip.

“Don’t force me to use my training on you!” Rei said, increasingly desperate as they drew closer and closer to the group of girls, “I have training! I’ll use it! I have training! Marti, pleaseMarti I’ve been eating spinach.

Marti stopped at this and glanced over her shoulder at Rei. 

“Teeth,” she said. Rei half smiled half-grimaced.

“You’re good,” said Marti, continuing to drag her forward. The bell rang and the group of girls broke apart, leaving the omnic who was looking at her phone.

A distressed wail was muffled in Rei’s throat when Marti suddenly stopped, stepped around Rei, and put her hands on Rei’s shoulders.

“Go get ‘em, tiger,” said Marti. With that she shoved Rei forward. Rei stumbled forward a few steps and then found herself next to the omnic girl.

 The omnic glanced up from her phone. “…can I help you?” she asked. 

“Hi?” said Rei.

“…Hi,” said the Omnic.

Rei felt herself break a sweat when suddenly the omnic snapped her fingers.

“Oh! You! You’re one of those kids from the watchpoint, right?”

“We’re not violating the Petras Act!” Rei said out of reflex then bit her lip and glanced off, “I mean–Yeah. Watchpoint. Yeah.”

Something like a chuckle escaped the omnic. “We haven’t talked. I’m Jaz-RE.”

“…Rei Ziegler,” said Rei.

The second bell rang.

“Well… I’ll see you in class then?” said Jaz-RE.

“…see you in class,” said Rei as the omnic hurried off.

Rei stood there awkwardly on the the blacktop then ran a hand through her hair. “Scheisse…” she muttered.

The solarpunk!Luigi and steampunk!Mario piece from the stream today - thanks to everybody who dropped by!! took me ~7hrs not counting first sketch to finish this piece. what am I doing with my life 

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knitting a blanket & suddenly not sure how big blankets are supposed to be. 12 feet across? 15??