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the night before (pre-wedding night super short ficlet; Emma has trouble sleeping)
~800 words

She can’t sleep.

It’s stupid how much she’s come to rely on his warmth and the steady thump thump of his heart beneath her ear to lull her into dreamland. A few years earlier, she never thought she’d ever rely on anyone for anything, and yet here she is, lying in the big bed that belongs to her and her very-soon-to-be husband, a little jittery with nerves, full of excitement, and just too restless, too wired, and too dreadfully lacking of his physical presence to even close her eyes.

Tomorrow they will be married. Freaking married.

“I do.” She rolls the simple words around on her tongue like she’s tasting a fine wine, repeating them aloud in various cadences. “I do. I do. I… do.”

She sucks in a breath.

“I, Emma… take you, Killian… to be my husband.”

It feels so strange to say. She feels like she’s being shoved into the starring role of a play, having only glanced through the script once. It’s terrifying. But also not. In a way, it’s almost a relief to know that it will be over soon.

She doesn’t like thinking of it that way; it’s not that she isn’t looking forward to it. She most certainly is. It’s her wedding day. Like, him in a tux – she thinks he’ll be in a tux – and her in the classic, regal white gown that her mother helped her pick out. Her wedding day; as in, flowers and walking down the aisle with her parents at her side.

Her wedding day. The day she marries the man she loves oh so much, who loves her back. The day they become husband and wife.

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Break-up Novella.



I’m not 100% on this specific part of the Break-Up Novella bit I felt like I needed a filler part in between Parts 3 and 5. I promise you, Part 5 will be filled and it’ll be better and we’ll see their relationship really get better. There may or may not be a cheeky smut scene at the end, as well as the cutest scene I think I’ve ever written in my life. 

I’m really iffy on this part, so, I apologise in the horrendous flow. I really tried to work through it, I can promise you, haha. Chances are, I will come back to this a really re-do it to fit the novella properly. I lost all inspiration for this section and I’m so unsure as to why. I think I’ve just been SO excited to write the final part because I hate it when the missus and Harry fight because I just love them and I’m rooting for them SO hard… :(((

Enjoy! xx

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Across The Multiverse, 1.

Genre | Cowboy Bebop AU.

Pairing | Jeon Jeongguk / Reader.

Words | 2,290 words.

Conspectus | The call will always come, and Jeongguk will always forget. That is just how it is, how it always has been, how it always will be.

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☆.。.:* Commissions are OPEN! .。.:*☆  

I will NOT draw: 👎

  • NSFW.. Basically anything suggestive or sexual.
  • Gore, vomit.
  • Furries, animals.. (not skilled in the area)
  • Bayverse.
  • Deathsaurus. Never again.
  • PDA. No romance. No ships. Dancing and hand-holding is as far as I’ll go. Ask me if you want to know if your idea will make the cut!

I WILL draw: 👍

  • OCs! (You MUST have a clear ref!)
  • Transformers, Beast Wars.
  • Things other than Tranformers! SU, Adventure Time, Gravity Falls, Ninjago, MLP, Star Wars, ect...

Please feel free to send me any questions you have through IM or inbox- I’m always open!

Payment is through paypal invoices only.

Thanks for taking a look! :)

anonymous asked:

Is Souta Furuta Washuu what you'd call a Mary Sue?

I don’t know if this is a question you ask because of genuine curiosity or if you’re one of the people who go out of their way to play judgement day with people who like morally grey character. 

So I will give you a reply that will explain my short answer, no I don’t, in a more elaborate manner. 

First of all - what is a Mary Sue? Let’s take a look at the definition. 

A Mary Sue is an idealised and seemingly perfect fictional character, a young or low-rank person who saves the day through unrealistic abilities, sometimes with the intent to inspire young or marginalised people and show them that even they can have as great of a potential as leading characters. Often this character is recognised as an author insert or wish-fulfilment.[1] Sometimes the name is reserved only for women, and male Sues are called “Larry Stus,” “Gary Stus,” or “Marty Stus”; but more often the name is used for both sexes.[2][3]

Personally I’d say that sounds way less than Souta and more like… 

Originally posted by tsukiayma

But of course this is oversimplifying the facts, so let’s start with a real Mary Sue. 

Theodore from The Castle of Otranto 

The Castle of Otranto is the first gothic novel in literary history and created something that you call the triadic character constellation, which consist of the archetypes of the hero, the damsel in distress and the villain

Since we’re not discussing the novel now, let’s just have a look at Theodore the Mary Sue. 

Why is Theodore a Mary Sue?

The definition of a Mary Sue describes the character as someone who is so close to perfection that it makes them bland. Perfection in a from the author intended positive sense

 Theodore is: 

  • A prince that was raised like a peasant but still talks and acts like royalty (though he has no prior knowledge to being a prince)
  • Incredibly handsome and witty
  • He has so much luck that he is practically untouchable to EVERYTHING that happens around him (supposed to starve to death under a gigantic Helmet, nah, ghost from the afterlife helped him)
  • He is so handsome that the 2 most beautiful girls in the novel (though all girls are beautiful and chaste and boring and Mary Sues) fall in love with him even though they don’t have a lot of interaction 
  • He helps everyone (especially women) for no selfish reason at all, but no, he just believes it is worth giving up his life for a complete stranger especially if it’s a woman 
  • Did I mention the help form his ancestors from the afterlife?

See where my point leads you? A Mary Sue is never NEVER morally grey character, what you mean would be a character that’s over powered and badly written. 

But then we also have to take a closer look at… 

Why would people assume Souta is a Mary Sue?

1.“He is part of every organisation that exists within the TG universe!”

Wrong. He is not part of every organisation. He wasn’t part of Anteiku, neither is he part of Aogiri, he is not part of the Tsukiyama clan’s now fallen empire, he is not a White Suit, he is not a Black Goat and I don’t think he ever heard of Tatara’s family, but he is a Washuu. 

The Washuu clan who has control over the CCG, the Washuu clan that is the reason why the Sunlit Garden exists and Souta is a Garden child that wasn’t deemed useful for breeding so they made him part of V. Thanks to his connection to Kanou (and Kanou works with the Clowns and prior worked with/for the CCG AND he knows of the Garden…) you can do the maths - tada, that’s how he also became part of their organisation, though it is important to acknowledge that Souta has his own agenda. 

All organisations that Souta is a part of are related or connected to Washuu Clan, which he is a part of. Arima was also member of the CCG and part of V, but also had his ties to Aogiri so hm… Seems like Souta isn’t the only Washuu kid that get off the right path. 

… and look at Eto, who happens to be an natural born one eyed ghoul, leader of Aogiri and Ken’s favourite best selling author… h m. 

2. “He is too handsome.” 

Which is also one of the key characteristics of a Mary Sue, but again… all Washuu children out of his generation (speaking of the siblings Souta, Rize, Kishou and Yoshitoki) are beautiful, as pointed out various times (by Ken and in case of Yoshitoki (Chika) by Marude) through out the manga. 

Also he’s not the only good looking character in the series who has a morally grey perspective look at Eto, Touka, Ken, Renji… the list is endless. 

3. “He suddenly took the lead of the CCG!” 

That was his initial plan from the start. He is a literal carbon copy of his older brother, from the hairstyle down his voice he is copying Yoshitoki and it works, even Yoshitoki’s own son mistook his uncle for his own father. It didn’t happen suddenly, it all happened because Souta planned it. 

Also it wasn’t too suddenly, he still had some negotiations with his Papa, hm? He also worked for the CCG and is no stranger to them. 

4. “He is over powered!”

He might be an artificial half ghoul, but he is not overpowered. He was seemingly exhausted after his fight with Eto, he was bruised and beaten up, even threw up due to psychological pressure (if it was an act or not is ofc debatable.) Meanwhile his brother Kishou often came out of fights unharmed, a ‘scratch’ was something unusual for him and in the end the only person that was able to kill him, was he himself. 

Now to move away from the Washuu, you also have other artificial half ghouls that would fit the ‘over powered’ category, look at Ken, Amon, Takizawa and the other half ghouls. 

Even full ghouls are somewhat ‘over powered’. Renji can kick off someone’s head without effort, he blocked Arima’s attack with his bare hands, survived getting his throat slit and blast from Angel Beat right to his abdomen AFTER barely surviving a fight prior to that ; Hinami has a chimera kagune, Donato can detach his kagune and create a perfect clone of himself with only losing a small part of his body in case of his clone being killed, what the fuck is Uta even? 

And even among humans we have character whom you could speak of as a Mary Sue, look at Marude who can shot a sniper riffle without adjusting it, hitting another sniper in a larger building complex without any problems, he also managed to jump of a ship and swim fully clothed through presumably ice cold water (and while you swim fully clothed it gets way harder to move and ice cold water slows you down too). 

Takeomi who can kill a ghoul with his bare hands while being a human. 


5. “His backstory is unrealistic and overly dramatic.”

That literally applies to 90% of the entire Tokyo Ghoul cast when you’re honest. Plus his backstory is plausible looking at the long history of how the Washuu treat everything like life stock. Humans and ghouls alike. Only a few lucky ones who are born into the main branch get a somewhat ‘good’ life and even that point is debatable. 

You can of course always take the easy way out and say a character is a Mary Sue, but a Mary Sue is a perfect character without any flaws. Saying that the TG cast consists of Mary Sues is over simplification. You can’t just pick that one character you don’t like and call them a Mary Sue, then you have to say that most of them are Mary Sues. 

It’s the same as calling Touka a damsel in distress because Ken saved her one time. 

All of these character are complex and a product of the environment they were born and raised in, if you merely reduce them to a few traits or what you want them to be, you’re reading the story wrong. 

Sure it’s easy to hate Furuta and I’m not saying that everyone should love him, he is a horrible, terrible person but he is an incredibly well written and complex character and therefor nobody I would call a Mary Sue. 

Originally posted by usedpimpa

[scenario] [request] red string of fate

13: “Kiss me.” 
23: “Just once.” 
31: “You lied to me.” 

(lol why do i always write angsty scenarios for eomma mingyu i’m sORRYy)

Title: red string of fate

Member: mingyu ft. established soonhoon

Genre: angst w good ending // soulmate au 

Word Count: 1565

“Even though she and I can’t see the string, we’re really happy. I’m glad I found her.”

Mingyu rests his head in his hands, hearts in his eyes, unbeknownst to him that with each word he says, your eyes struggle to contain the tears threatening to spill over.

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I Have an Idea

This was requested by @life-what-i-dont-have-one literally last September. I feel so shitty for not posting this sooner? Like, I finished it two months ago I jsut totally spaced out posting it. I really hope you can forgive me, and I hope you like this! <3 

Title: I have an Idea

Request: “It’s like two days after they were broken out of arkham. And they are bored sitting inside Theo’s apartment so they just decide to make out and purposely annoy and prank everyone.” 

Warnings: It’s very steamy (no smut tho i’m too pure™) and mentions of the use of ipecac  (does that need a warning?)

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Sense8 Headcanon #5 - High school AU

• Nomi: aces math exam even though she spent the night before texting and googling conspiracy theories, but then tells the teacher how Don Quixote actually married Dulcinea. Some fucker tried to bully her girlfriend, a day later the fucker’s most embarrassing messages were printed all around the high school. Uploads videos of the class doing weird shit, sometimes the teacher joins them. Known for failing the driving exam. Multiple times. She owes her girlfriend and Capheus so many beers for helping her not to be late. Rants to Lito about her dramas.

• Lito: fucks up math exam because of a negative symbol but will quote entire chapters of Macbeth and basically knows Cien años de soledad by heart. As the president of the debate (and theater) club, once he’s done with you, you doubt about your own existence. Cheerleaders love him, gets elected Prom King, leaves her “girlfriend” at the stage to go smooch the president of the art club and then punches his “girlfriend”s exboyfriend. Goes on double dates with Nomi and her girlfriend and they become couple goals.

• Sun: she’s that one student that becomes a monk during the school year. Studies, sleeps, walks her dog and will sweep the floor with your marks. Learned the first hundred digits of the pi number because of a bet. The boxing team fears her and the philosophy teacher loves her. The teacher always forgets she’s there because she’s so quiet that when she actually speaks people are surprised. If you mess with Capheus, Sun fucks you up.

• Capheus: uncanny memory for historical events, can and will tell you the exact date when a war started or when those three popes excommunicated each other. That one kid that takes home the class pet and sneaked a cat into the high school. Can and will make you arrive on time to class, although you may receive a fine. Biggest shipper of the Prom King and Art Club President, known human puppy, somebody tried to fight him and Sun fucked them up.

• Kala: that sweet little girl that then turns out to fucking own biology and destroys everybody at chemistry but can’t keep up her grades in P.E to save her life. Can and will recite the Krebs cycle. Banned from the lab because of that one time when she co-managed to make a flask full of ammonia burst and got half of the class high off it. The one who gets excited dissecting organs while half of the class trows up. Cheerleaders hate her since she started dating the ‘bad boy’.

• Wolfgang: supposed bad boy. Never seems to pass but he’s somehow still there. Turns out that he actually keeps good grades (except for chemistry. Also banned from the lab because “You were the one supposed to watch the ammonia now we both are going to fail”). Seems to be a fuck boy, actually the biggest dork and sweetheart, will cuddle you when drunk and lord help the poor soul who messes with his friends because somebody’s locker is going to get wrecked. Saved Lito’s ass when Daniela’s exboyfriend punched him back and the two of them became bros.

• Will: embodiment of the good student. Turns in his papers on time, keeps good grades, part of some team. The mom friend™ that makes sure you don’t get lost during school trips. The one who tries to stop others from stealing other high school’s pets, gets called teacher’s pet but everybody defends him because he is one of those few genuinely nice people at high school. Prevents his girlfriend from turning into a smol menace by giving her coffee.

• Riley: stays up the whole night in order to study, actually does it quite well although half of the questions were answered after a “Fuck it” or “Fuck this”, then fights her boyfriend for coffee and convinces the music teacher of letting her sleep during the class. Got dressed coded, appeared at class for the next week with a T-shirt that said “Fuck dress codes” on the back and had boobs drawn on the front.

Barber’s Point, Washington

Uh I suppose this is my foray into this odd slow burn place of longish ficlets.  Here is the haircutting fic, part one, destined for like three or four.  Not sure it’s what you were looking for @wtfmulder but hey here we are.

March 7, 1992

“Oh, come on Blevins. We’ve had this discussion before and you know and I know that I always win this little pissing contest of yours.”

“You can address me as Agent Blevins or as your Division Chief, Agent Mulder, for starters, and it’s coming from higher than me.  You’re getting a partner.  And we’re locking your travel down until you learn to work with her.”

Mulder rolled his eyes off to the left with a disgusted smirk as he rocked back in his chair.  “Are we done here, Agent Blevins?”

The old man was content to spend the least amount of time possible in the same room with the Spook. But that wasn’t the question he’d expected.  “We need to go over the personnel file for your partner.  Technically, the X-files was a division of one until today and that makes you the branch chief.”

Mulder found it impossible to hide his smirk… well.  He didn’t even try, actually.  He stood and turned for the door.  “Scully, Dana, 29 – thanks for hooking me up with the experience, sir – physicist and a forensic pathologist.  At least you decided to throw me someone that can shoot. Don’t worry Agent Blevins, I give her two weeks.”

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Classpect Glass Half Empty/Half Full
  • Life: the glass is half full (optimism)
  • Doom: the glass is half empty (pessimism)
  • Light: let me get out my ruler (knowledge)
  • Void: technically the glass is more full of nothing than actual matter because atoms are mostly empty space (irrelevance)
  • Rage: the glass has water in it (single-mindedness)
  • Hope: the glass is entirely full, half air and half water (open-mindedness)
  • Space: go top off the glass and it'll be totally full (creation)
  • Time: the glass is gonna be totally empty if you just let it sit there and evaporate (destruction)
  • Mind: are you actually ever going to finish drinking your water? (choice)
  • Heart: already drank the water because HELLO I was thirsty that's why I got a glass in the first place (desire)
  • Breath: the glass will be totally full if I pour the water into a smaller glass (change)
  • Blood: the glass doesn't matter at all, the amount of water is the same regardless (unchangingness)

Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators! 

Requested By: Anonymous.

Based OnI just discovered your blog and I have to say that I really love it! Can you write a thorin story where the reader is his one and she is pregnant and he gushes to everyone about her having HIS child and he does his best to take care of her and is really protective and things like that. (basically an everyone lives AU, I’m still in denial) Keep up the good work, love. <3

A/N: Heya sweetie! I’m glad that you like my blog. Of course I’ll do this for you, though I hope you don’t mind that I used some of my creativity and made it slightly different from your request. I hope that you enjoy what I’ve come up with, it took me all morning write it! Thank you for your request! <3 - Kat

Thorin x Reader.

Note: When Thorin finds out that his wife (you) is with child, he is over the moon! However, she only wishes for simplicity and not all of the commotion of celebrations. One day it grows too much for her and Thorin begins to understand that maybe he went over the top with his celebrations. The reader also learns the reasons for Thorin’s intense merriment. ( Shitty caption of the whole imagine, so forgive me! Read to find out more, I suppose, lovelies! ) AU WHERE EVERYONE LIVES.

Word count2,287 ( Don’t mind the length, haha! )

Warning’s: Reader has panic attack because of the attention and stress going on. Slight protective Thorin. Fili and Kili (I know that’s not at all a warning, but just letting you know). Happy Thorin. Cute Thorin. Fluff! Lot’s and lot’s of fluff. (If I have missed anything at all them just let me know!)

Disclaimer: I do not own Thorin, Fili, Kili or the company or any other character from lotr or the hobbit: Tolkien does!

Fatigued and weary, you lay there as Oin examined your condition. You felt entirely distressed and flustered as Oin examined the most intimate area your body possessed. “And?” Thorin pried for an answer that Oin himself did not know the answer to, just yet. “Is she or is she not?!” Thorin’s gruff voice was accompanied by impatient sapphire orbs.

Thorin!” you warned, rising and leaning back upon your elbows, shooting him an uncomfortable and angry glower. “Let him do his job!” you growled, irritable as ever. This was a scene from a nightmare!

“I need to kno-” you cut him short with a risen hand, your expression showing signs of intense displeasure.

“I would also like to know, but dear Oin has to do his job.” you argued wisely. “Besides, this is definitely not my idea of spending an afternoon!” and to that you flop onto your back, face red at your blunt honesty as Oin peeked up at you.

Thorin had not considered pondering upon how you felt about having someone examine you. After all, it had been his idea once he had found out about your morning sickness, to which you had replied with: “It’s probably just a bug! Nothing more.” but even so, you were wound up to get stuck in Oin’s healing chambers and get examined for nearly everything. You were the Queen of Erebor, for goodness sake!

“There!” Oin sighed, pulling back slowly, a smile curling and stretching upon his face, drawing the quilt over your lower half. Thorin stepped forward off of the wall, his full attention upon the matter, eyes flickering from you to Oin.

“Well?” he pried once again, tone lighter, trying for your sake of this.

“All of the signs are there, she has answered all of the questions in which I asked, correctly. She’s definitely with child.” Oin smiled brightly. “Congratulations!” he beamed, bowed his head to you and his King before scurrying off to allow the two of you a moment of peace.

“I cannot believe it!” Thorin exclaimed, bounding around to your side of the bed and flopping heftily upon the cot, causing it to creak and you to jostle. You let out an exasperated sigh, a huff being thrown from your lips at the impact of Thorin sitting down. “I could not have pictured a better time to be told such merry news!” his smile was intoxicating, contagious and your displeasure of having Oin’s examination suddenly flew right out of the door. You smiled softly.

“So, is the king happy?” you inquired, standing up, fixing on your clothing.

“Of course!” he breathed, watching you with nothing more than exhilaration within his complexion: And somehow Thorin appeared a hundred years younger in that moment.

“Good, I am glad. Though, if I am allowed to be honest for a moment.” you speak quietly and quickly, pulling your hair up and over one shoulder. “I wish for this to not be blown out of proportion.” you began to which Thorin rose slowly, face back to it’s stony expression.

“Blown out of proportion? Are you saying that the news of the Queen baring my child is not of news to be celebrated?” he accused and you sighed.

“No! I am not saying such things! What I mean is: I wish for you not to boast about it to everybody that you see.” you fire back irritably, folding your arms.

“But isn’t that the best part?” Thorin’s smile curled into a large grin, reminding you of Kili.

“Yes, it is indeed, but I know that you’d go to the ends of this earth and scream it out loud! Be a bit more sensible: Tell people, but do not boast. I have enough attention on me by just being the Queen, being your wife: I’m not saying that it’s a bad thing, but all of this attention is still very new to me.” you wisely state.

You should have known better.

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Deep Space Nine RECAP: 6x19

Time to recap another fave of the hivemind! Let’s see what you guys picked for me this time…

[returns] Well gosh dang do you all ever love Benjamin Sisko In A Crisis Of Morality! DRAMA. ETHICS. And, new: INTRIGUE, which also goes by the name GARAK, thank u.

Season 6, Episode 19: ‘In the Pale Moonlight’

Curtain opens on Ben Sisko in his quarters, starting a personal log. I was about to take a sidebar about how amused I am by the whole concept of officers keeping personal logs, because every time one happens I think about how in the earliest days of TOS the writers clearly said to themselves hey, y’know what would be a convenient way to get our characters to monologue about their inner thoughts and feelings? A Starfleet culture of keeping audio diaries. Anyhow that device turns out to be THE ENTIRE FRAMEWORK OF THIS EPISODE, a-lol.

“I need to talk about this,” Ben says, out loud. “I have to justify what’s happened, what I’ve done. At least to myself.” Like, yes you first-person narrator of a Victorian horror story, take us back, make us understand how you will forever be A Changed Man after this Experience. What a classic opening.

[chuckling appreciably]

No one is chuckling in this first flashback scene though. It’s the grim weekly ritual of his crew filing in to check the list of Starfleet officers missing or confirmed dead that Sisko posts on the wall of the wardroom. Ben hates Fridays now.

Evidently the Federation is losing a lot of ships to Jem’Hadar sneak attacks from around the Romulan border. The Romulans had signed that nonaggression treaty with the Dominion a while back, and are apparently planning on turning a blind eye, not getting involved, and generally just sitting back and letting all their enemies destroy each other in their drawn-out war. If the Romulans were to join forces with the Klingons and the Federation, then maybe our guys would stand a chance against the Dominion, but as stands, they’re likely to continue taking these losses, possibly until they lose the whole thing.

Sisko has had it.

Personal Log VO: “That was the moment I made the decision. It was like I had stepped through a door, and locked it behind me. I was going to bring the Romulans into the war.”


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anonymous asked:

Is the pre-rotation of Yuzu's 4T in Sochi SP as bad as to Shoma's usual pre-rotation? Sorry, my eyes haven't got used to this yet! Thanks.

I admit my first reaction when reading this has been:

But let’s get over my reaction :P

Since camera view is what it is, these are Yuzu’s 4Ts from Sochi SP (Single Event first one and Team Event second one):

He points his left toe a little before 90°, he does rotate a bit over the quarter point and you can clearly see in both gif how the blade is full off before hitting half rotation.

Compared to Flip, Toe has a higher natural prerotation. That is because hips are “open” to rotation (or saying in another way: you are pointing “towards” rotation), contrary to Flip and Lutz where you are pointing “against” rotation and your hips are “closed” to it.

Now, Shoma’s 4Ts. I picked his 4T from WTT, I’m sure there are better camera angle around, but I’m too lazy to search for them :P

SP first and FP second.

You can see how he points just below 90° degree too, but he keeps rotating on his toe for a quarter rotation more.

His blade is fully off the ice only after the first half of a rotation is completed.


Shawn Mendes 
Words: 766
Note: I give up with endings. I actually had to Google whether all Canadian’s drank milk from bags, the answer is no and now I feel very silly for believing that stereotype for so long. However, I did find this really funny video of a Canadian trying bagged milk for the first time!  😄

The dogs started barking when the door slammed close, the sound echoing through the empty rooms due to the lack of furniture that still needed to be added. Shawn’s boots thudded against the hardwood floors; he never took his shoes off before entering the house, and I guess it’s the Korean in me, but it annoyed me to no end.

“Hey,” His words laced with surprise when he saw me standing in the kitchen. I turned my head, meeting him half way for a quick kiss before turning back to the sizzling pan, “I thought you weren’t coming ‘till later. I was going to order pizza or something.”

“The meeting ended sooner than we thought,” I explained, “So I went to the shop and brought you some actual food, that means no more take-outs for a while.”

Shawn tensed behind me. I knew he didn’t like to be mothered. He moved out of his parent’s house so he could be more independent, but sometimes he needed a kick up the arse. Since moving out, I’m pretty sure he’s been to food shopping once, and that was to get a food for someone else party. Every day for the past three months he’d either ordered food in or went out to eat with friends. It wasn’t healthy! And, honestly, I was getting stick of eating take-aways.

He must have been too tired to fight because he didn’t say anything as he hugged me from behind, resting his chin on my shoulder.  

“What are you making?” Shawn asked, looking over all the plates of vegetables spread across the counter.


“Sounds very…”

“…Korean,” I finished his sentence with a giggle, “It’s pretty much a bowl of rice mixed with vegetables. There’s some eggs if you want them with it.”

The warmth of his body vanished as he grabbed the eggs from the fridge. There was a comfortable silence between us as we finished cooking – although I did laugh when Shawn nearly dropped the carton of eggs when Hunter jumped up on him, thinking it was her treats.

We ended up standing in the middle of the kitchen to eat, seeing as Shawn still didn’t have anywhere for us to sit, and the sofa was out of the option as Hunter and Teddy would do anything to get our food, even if it meant eating it straight off our plates when we weren’t looking.

“We need to go to Ikea or something when you have time off,” I froze, mouth half full of rice. Wow, this is our life now. We’re actually adults who have to do adult things like buy furniture.

Shawn nodded, not really paying attention to what I was saying. Most of his focus was on the clump of rice that he was trying to pick up with his chop-sticks. I struggled to mask my amusement as he finally gave up, letting out a frustrated groan as he all but slammed them on the counter and reached for a clean fork on the draining board.

“What’s that red stuff on yours?” He questioned, peering over into my bowl.

“Gochujang, but you can’t handle spicy food, so I left it off yours,” I half joked. I mean, he could barely handle kimchi when he first tried it.  

“I am hurt that you would think so lowly of me,” God, he was so dramatic.

“Alright then,” Gathering up some rice and bell pepper between my chopsticks, I added the tiniest amount of the red paste to the end of it and gestured Shawn over. Opening his mouth, he happily took the food, but it only took a couple of seconds for the heat to kick in. Eyes wide, his whole face flushed a vibrant red as he tried to hold himself together, too stubborn to admit that I was right.

“It’s not that bad,” He mumbled as he forced everything down. There was a hint of relief in his expression which gave me an evil thought.

“Really? Do you want some more?”

Stupidly, he agreed, taking in another mouthful, and another. It took him until the fourth bite to break. Spitting the remaining food into the skin, I was laughing my arse off as he ran to the fridge for the milk.

“I can’t believe you ate so much. This is like the extra hot stuff, I can only just about eat it,” And I love spicy food, so that was saying something.

Shawn sent me a glare over the carton, mumbling something along the lines of ‘I hate you’ as he continued to down the entire thing.


Blue Diamond!

I have way too much love for my Diamonds, of course I had to make Blue as well (Yellow is still my main bitch tho). As you might notice I took some liberties with her look, tried going for sad and devastated, with colder shades of blue to fully embrace her character. Might have shaved off half of my eyebrows again for this, hahaha.

A full video makeup tutorial is on its way!

heroscafe  asked:

lmaoooooo we all know who namor is for mermaid/fisherman but do johnnynamor for the ship ask meme, i miss your weird fish son


before we get started: see the problem with these lists is that a lot of these AUs don’t necessarily fit to certain ships. the dynamics don’t sync right and trying to force it just leads to genericness. from now on, if I can’t make the given situation work out, I’ll offer a counterpart AU instead.

  • werewolf+hunter AU sea monster+tourist AU: BEACH TOWN GOTHIC, DON’T KNOCK IT TIL YOU TRY IT. namor is somewhat terrifying and lovecraftian at all times. johnny is…fine with it, surprisingly. like, you know that sub-mariner the depths series? it’s kinda like that
  • fisherman+mermaid AU: wherein they first meet as kids and their paths keep crossing as they grow older. neither quite fits into the life that’s been laid out for them and sometimes they bond over that (alternately: just bite the bullet and go full little mermaid AU)
  • witch+familiar AU: congratulations on summoning the ocean, johnny. now he’s living in your house and leaving fishbones everywhere
  • barista+coffee addict AU baker+customer AU: namor has no sweet tooth. he’s just here to get a gift for his mom. and yet somehow he keeps finding his way back to this particular pastry shop. meanwhile johnny is Determined to make a dessert that namor can’t resist. (spoiler alert: johnny is the dessert.) 
  • professor+TA AU businessman+personal assistant AU: namor just inherited this corporation and he’s a little in over his head. luckily, johnny is really good at his job. (if there was ever an AU to have desk sex in…)
  • knight+prince AU: once again, johnny is a gallant knight. somehow, the heir to atlantis keeps coming up with new heroic quests to send him on (because he wants him to keep coming back)
  • teacher+single parent AU college roommates AU: people who are going to have a really hard time trying to cohabitate peacefully: these two
  • writer+editor AU tabloid blogger-journalist+reality TV celebrity AU: wherein the atlanteans are basically kardashians. johnny doesn’t even have to make up scandalous things for namor to do, because namor is already doing all of them 

anonymous asked:

Hey guys. So, what are your favorite off ice stretching and jumping exercises? My rink is going to close for renovations and there isn't another close by, so I wanna do off ice exercises to not lose practice. Thanks

Stretches: lunges/splits, toe touches for calves, anything that gets my closed hips to open a bit more (frog, butterfly), cobra/bridge for back flexibility, shoulder stretches.

Jumping exercises: jumping up and down in place, jumping and doing half a rotation, then another half, then a full rotation, then two rotations (half-half-single-double), axel off ice. Another jumping exercises is just walking through the motions of a jump. 

A masterlist of off-ice exercises is in the making! It’ll come out within the next week… hopefully.

more tapering


on the road to new york

Continued this mini-taper for Sunday’s Buffalo Half with another short easy run, a 5 miler just like yesterday on the same route.  Was warmer and sunnier today, the forecast for race day is mixed, sounds like overcast skies and in the 60’s, the rain should hold off for much of the half and the full marathon, but probably will hit the later finishers of the full.  Traffic warning signs ahead of Sunday’s race were posted around the neighborhood where the route comes through.  Still recovering from the past couple weeks of training, should be good by the time the weekend rolls around.  Looking forward to it.  

Tantrum (Request)

Can you do one where Harry punishes Darcy (his daughter) bc she’s in the stage of terrible twos?

Alright, anon, I know I said I wouldn’t be using the name Darcy in my stories but since you requested it specifically, I will do it for you. :) (I’m also making her middle name Anne because I am unimaginative…)


When Harry had first become a father he had sat in the hospital chair holding his newborn baby daughter, whispering to her about all the things that he vowed to do for her. Protect, love, support, comfort, the list went on and on. The one thing he wasn’t prepared for was punishment.

When Darcy had been a baby, punishment hadn’t really been an issue. Sure, she had gotten into the occasional thing that she shouldn’t have - especially around the time she was learning to walk - but the easy fix for that was just to take her by the hands and say a firm, but gentle, “No” and then distract her with something else. Anything that had been more serious than that, Harry had conveniently let you deal with.

The day you decided to take an overnight trip to visit your parents after your father had surgery, Harry realized that this would be the first time he had been alone with Darcy for more than just a day. He absolutely loved having that daddy/daughter time with her, but at the same time, that meant he was taking care of everything else as well. Darcy was now well into being two years old, and was definitely displaying some of the personality traits that came with being a toddler, including temper tantrums and complete meltdowns. Part of the reason Harry always let you handle that was because he couldn’t stand to see his little girl upset. The thought of having to discipline her was difficult for him.

The morning had gone smoothly. Darcy had woken up, Harry had made her breakfast and she had been more than willing to let him dress her and then play for a bit in the living room.

It was lunch time that started the chain of events that would set the tone for the rest of the day.

Keep reading