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Chapitre 83 - The Final Obstacle

In which the ultimate family roadtrip is an Actual Literal Roadtrip. 



I N C O L O U R.

And this is how you know that Clamp secretly loves me. (For now)

But can we talk about how the family is shamelessly and unapologetically wearing matching shirts? Not even stylish matching shirts, but straight up tourist-shop-esque shirts with tiny feather patterns that THEY ALL AGREED TO WEAR TOGETHER AS THEY DROVE A JEEP THROUGH A SUNFLOWER FIELD. 


Please never show Tomoyo any evidence that this ever took place. 

(found peter/stiles in my drafts; cage fighting, implied prostitution)

peter finds the place by happenstance. he’s restless, wandering, and pissed, and he’s drawn in by a crowd’s roaring cheers as the sound spills out of an industrial building. there’s a couple huge looking guys on either side of the entrance, but they wave peter in as soon as they look at his face. within seconds, peter’s swallowed up by a wild, shouting mob of people. 

the people are surrounding a cage in the center of the floor, close enough to be rattling the chain link fencing. the floor above them is open in the center so that more people can look over the edge to watch the show. peter has to crane his neck to get a look at the cage, and he does so just in time to see a man deliver an uppercut so harsh that the other fighter’s teeth snap together with a crunch before he crumples backward to the floor, unconscious. the crowd screams in victory, and peter feels a hunger in his chest that roars with them.

peter weaves his way around the cage, watching as another pair of fighters are let into the cage. he gets close enough to see the blood stains on the concrete flooring. he can taste the sweat in the air, and ends up getting pushed back by a hulking bouncer guarding the door to the cage.

“i want to fight,” peter says, pressing in close so the bouncer can hear him.

the bouncer points past peter’s shoulder toward a raised platform at the front of the building. there’s several people seated behind a long table, accepting money and writing down names, having people sign paperwork. peter must have missed it when he first entered.

ten minutes later, peter’s paid his way onto a list of fighters and signed papers that free the club owners from responsibility for injuries. the guy he signs with starts talking about what he gets if he wins his fight, but peter doesn’t care.

he cuts the guy off with a curt, “just get me in the fucking cage.”

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Animes in 3 words (Spoilers...kinda)
  • Hetalia: Gay ass countries
  • Naruto: Ninjas run weirdly
  • Pokemon: Balls trapping animals
  • Fairy tail: Crazy loved mages
  • Assassination Classroom: Assassinating Yellow Tentacles
  • SAO: Sword fighting asleep
  • SAO 2: Remember me Kirito
  • AOT: Everything half off
  • Noragami: Kofuku hugging Yato
  • FMA: Al hates milk

hi i’m trash

  • Me: *tries to write*
  • Me: *writes two paragraphs*
  • Me: fRICK
  • Me: *goes back to watching cartoons*

thing that you should do: bring a refrigerated orange into a hot, hot shower and viciously tear it in half, rip its insides out with your teeth, and eat it like the beautiful snarfmonster you are.
let the cold juices run down your naked body and enjoy the liberating feeling of having no responsibility and an abundancy of vitamin c.

Inked (Tatto Artist Michael au): Chapter 3

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5:15, 45 minutes until the store closes and I can go home. Working at Lush had its benefits, half off everything in store, being able to talk to people all day and always smelling nice. However, after a 2-hour lecture and a flat tire forcing me to take the bus, I was spent.All I wanted to do was get home, eat and fall asleep. The store only had a couple people in it, so I resorted to standing by the door to greet anyone coming in and out of the shop, but ended up straightening up the displays.

“Hey I know you from somewhere don’t I” a voice came from behind me. I spun around to see Michael. He was carrying a large black bag and was sporting a Blink-182 sweatshirt and his classic skinny jeans.

“yeah aren’t you the guy who gave me a super lame tattoo?”

“Nope that wasn’t me” he smirked “but I know you are the girl who took me to the worlds tackiest restaurant.” His grin spread from cheek to cheek as he laughed as I crossed my arms. “I forgot you said you worked her. I was just passing by and saw you”

“Well welcome to my kingdom of soaps” I joked “did you want to have a look around?”

“I have no idea what any of this shit does” he snickered “can you help me find something to make my hands not so rough? Having rubber gloves on for most of the day make them pretty gross” he rubbed his neck.

“Oh my gosh yes! I have a ton of things for that” I responded as I took him into the store. While I was demonstrating all sorts of soaps, scrubs and creams to him, I didn’t even realize the time, until my coworker informed me to get Michael out so we could close up.

“Sorry your visit was so rushed, next time if you come earlier I can show you even more products” I smiled at him

“I think I’ve got more than enough for now” he grinned back at me “how much do I owe you?”

“$58.22, and I’ll throw in our catalogue so you can browse some more at home”

He took out his credit card and paid for his products, as I bagged them.

“so-um-y/n are you just heading home after this?” he questioned grabbing his bag from off the counter.

“yeah oh my gosh I had the longest day. My car broke down after my lecture, so I had to take the bus here and was almost late for my shift.”

“your car broke down” his eyes softened with concern “do you want me to give you a ride home?”

“god no Michael you don’t have to do that, I don’t want to be a bother”

“it’s no bother” he smiled again, god did he have a nice smile, “I mean I owe you. I came in less than an hour before you close and made you take me through the entire store”

“okay thank you so much”

After the shop had been cleaned and closed for the night, I met Michael who was standing outside the doors.

“sorry for making you wait, And thank you again” I greeted him when I came out

“Don’t worry about it, I didn’t mind waiting”

We walked through the empty mall to the parking garage, although our conversation was made up of small talk, it was blissful. The more time I spent with him, the more I began to care for him. He is so kind, gentle, funny and nothing ever felt forced with him. In the past, I’d never had much luck with relationships; always knowingly settling for less than I deserve, and getting mad at myself when things didn’t work out.

As we pulled out of the parking garage, it began to pour. The rain hit the windows in buckets, flooding down the glass clouding our line of sight.

“it’s a good thing I saw you when I did. I wouldn’t want you going home alone in this weather” He said softly

I smiled and thanked him again as we drove out of the mall. The radio softly played through the radio complementing the sound of the summer rain. We were both comfortably silent, enjoying the sounds that surrounded us. It was a short drive but it was the most peaceful I had felt in a long time.

He pulled up to the front door of my building and told me to wait as he began rummaging around in the storage compartments of his car.

“what are you doing?” I enquired

“I think I have an umbrella in here somewhere. I don’t want you walking in the rain” he responded

“Michael, the door is literally a 10 feet away. I think I’ll be okay” I laughed at his kindness “thank you so much for the ride”

“It’s not a problem y/n. Anytime” he smiled at me with those emerald eyes again, the golden specks in them seemed more prominent when the sky was stained with gray.

“Do you have work tonight?” I asked him

“nope, I’m going to head home and order a pizza I think” he laughed

“did you maybe want to come up for dinner? I mean you don’t have to but I was just thinking because you don’t have plans and-“

“I’d love to” he interrupted “I like spending time with you”

“ I wasn’t expecting company so sorry about the mess” I told him as we entered my small apartment.

“if this is messy, then my place is a train wreck” he joked

“It isn’t much, but it’s home. Would you like a tour?”

He nodded as I walked him around my small place. He seemed to be intrigued by everything, from the photograph montage of my memories on my bedroom wall, to the elephant mug half full of coffee that stood on my counter.

“So I don’t know about you but I’m extremely hungry. So would you mind if I made something quick? Maybe pasta and sauce?”

“that sounds perfect, what do you want me to help with?”

He plugged his phone into the speakers that we sitting on my counter, and we began to cook. As we cooked we chatted, and moved around each other to make our food. I wondered if this was too intimate for Michael and I. Sure we’d been talking for nearly a month, had been on a date and had kissed, but it still felt very intimate. But it did feel right. Being with him in this cozy setting, felt blissful and natural. I could defiantly get use to it.

A half hour later, our dinner was finished and I invited him to sit on my couch and watch a movie while we ate. As the movie played we continued to talk, and eat our food.

“sorry for such a terrible dinner, when I invited you over I forgot I didn’t have much food, and was way to sleepy to make something complex” I told him

He smiled affectionately at me, before speaking “It’s fucking delicious, and way better than anything I would have made at home.” He laughed glancing down “Next time you can come over to my place and you’ll see how great this pasta is compared to whatever I’d make”

My heart swelled at his statement, he wanted to invite me over. “I’ll hold you to that, next time we’ll eat at your house and the food better be terrible.” I Joked

“Well I know you wouldn’t be disappointed” he flirted.

After we had finished eating, Michael took our dishes to my kitchen, and despite my protests, washed the dishes we had used. “You’re lucky I like you, I usually hate doing dishes”

He came back to the couch but sat closer to me this time. Our knees vocationally bumped together as the movie played in the background. He drummed his hands on his legs, as if he was contemplating something. The comfortable silence was back. It happened quite often with Michael, we’d be talking for a while, then the conversation would die down and we’d sit in silence. It was a nice quite though.

“could I-um. Would you mind if I-um” he stuttered

I looked at him questioningly, before he continued

“Is it okay if I put my arm around you?” he asked, he cheeks flushed ruby red.

“yeah please go ahead” I smiled at him. I loved how kind he was. His affection was always so nice, but he was always so scared to give it. I wanted more than anything to be intimate and affectionate with him.

His large inked arm snaked around my shoulders and pulled me slightly closer to him. Our knees knocked again as I leaned into him, our sides now pressing together. I could smell the cologne and mint on his skin again. His body was also so warm, even though we were barley touching, his warmth radiated off his milky skin and made me feel warm as well.

In what seemed like just a moment, the movie ended, and the clock read 11:30. “crap y/n, I have a morning shift tomorrow, I think I have to get going” He said soflty pulling his arm away from me. “Yeah I’m so sorry I didn’t realize the time. I have a morning class, then work as well” I responded getting up.

I walked him over to the door, and gave him a tight hug. His hugs were warm and soft, his stubble grazed across my neck as his head rested in its crook.

“Thanks again for the ride home Michael”

“No worries, thank you for dinner” he smiled “and y/n”


“you can call me Mike if you want”

“Mike?” I repeated

“yeah, if you want I mean”

“what about Mikey” I joked

“I usually hate when people call me that, but I don’t mind if you do” He smiled at me again with those bright green eyes.

“Well goodnight Mikey” I smirked, kissing his cheek.

“goodnight y/n” he responded, lacing his fingers with mine, bringing them up to brush against his jaw, before dropping it again.

As I watched him walk out of my home, and down the hall to the elevators, I couldn’t help but think about how excited I was for things to come with Michael. I could only hope that he wanted things to come as well.