half of these are just because his face looked pretty

I firmly believe that Yuuri speaks better English than Viktor.

Like they’re both fluent and speak VERY GOOD English, but Yuuri just got off a five-year stint in a country where English is the predominant language, where he had to speak English every day just to function in society. Viktor’s experience with English is pretty much limited to international competitions and if he forgets a word, it’s whatever, because half the other people there aren’t as fluent as him anyway.

This headcanon doesn’t really matter most of the time bc I write them communicating in English (Which they canonically do, it being their only shared language) so obviously they effectively have the same amount of fluency that I do, but I just love the idea that sometimes, out of no where, Viktor will pause in the middle of conversation and get this look on his face.

“Did you forget the word?” Yuuri will ask kindly.


“What’s the word in Russian?”


“Okay, I’m not familiar with that one. Describe it?”

“Evil chicken.”


Viktor beams. “Yes! Turkey!”

Neil and Andrew being constantly hyperaware of each other is such a beautiful thing so here’s some headcanons about that:

  • Like obviously these boys spend 90% of their time staring at each other so hard they forget that anything else is happening
  • But the other 10% of the time they spend Not Staring at each other while still managing to keep track of everything the other is doing
  • (Neil will go off to spend time with Matt or Dan or Allison but his mind is still at least 40% occupied by Andrew’s hair in the sunlight)
  • (and for Andrew it’s plausible deniability)
  • (not because he needs to uphold his reputation or anything but because if he doesn’t stare he doesn’t have to face everything that Neil means to him)
  • (who is he kidding)
  • So Andrew will be sitting in a beanbag chair with his glasses on reading a book and when Neil comes in he’ll keep his eyes firmly on the page
  • but then Neil starts rifling through the room, putting on his shoes and jacket for a run, and he keeps digging through drawers and looking under papers and in all the coat pockets trying to find something
  • and Andrew just reaches over without looking up from his book and grabs Neil’s keyring from the countertop and throws it at him
  • Neil goes on his run but it takes him ten more minutes to leave because he keeps stopping to stare at Andrew and smile

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Ok but Alec not realising he's grabbed the wrong shirt until he's put it on and suddenly it sits funny around his shoulders and it's far too loose basically every where else. And it's too late to change because Magnus is staring at him like he's the best thing he's ever seen and Izzy is standing in the doorway with Jace and Clary, all looking like the cat who got the cream.

okay but listen i love this concept

magnus of course looks some kind of smug, glancing at them and then back at alec and clearing his throat. and alec just kind of rolls his shoulders back, stubbornly stepping forward. “is everyone going to gawk at me wearing my boyfriend’s shirt or are we going to actually leave?”

izzy rolls her eyes at him. “you just wanted to say my boyfriend’s shirt.”

alec gets this huge, slow self satisfied smile on his face before he says. “yeah you’re right, i did.”

magnus’s laughter echoes through the loft, twinkling and gorgeous.

i also see this and raise you catarina and magnus sitting in the living room in the morning before magnus’s early clients, both sipping tea, the morning light streaming through the big windows, all molten yellow. they were discussing setting up a meeting with some warlocks to trade rare books and were halfway through deciding what location when suddenly alec bursts out of the bedroom looking sleepy eyed and all too shaky.

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You grabbed the last things that your mother asked you for as you made your way over to the cashier. Half absent in your thoughts you mumbled the lines of your favorite song as you heard voices outside the Fair Mart. 

“Carol, for once in your life shut your damn mouth!“ a voice shouted which you knew all too well. You glanced outside, catching the sight of Tommy and Carol, as well as the infamous Steve Harrington, who was sitting on the trunk of his BMW. 

“Hey, what’s your problem, man?“ Tommy said aggressively, protecting his girlfriend. 

“You’re both assholes, that’s my problem!“ 

And then all of the sudden right in front of your eyes, Tommy and Steve began to shout at each other so loudly until Tommy grabbed Steve by the collar, pressing him against the door of his car. Your eyes widened as you weren’t used to that from the three best friends. 

Noticing that the cashier already waited for you to pay, you quickly apologized, counting the money together before giving it to him. “Are those your friends?“ he asked you. 

Immediately you shook your head, “No, Sir, but I know them. They got to school with me.“ 

“Well, would you make sure that they don’t cause any trouble?“ 

“Sure,“ you replied with an unsure smile, grabbing your bag and the change he held out as you left the Fair Mart. It was the truth—those weren’t your friends. Hell, you never even spoke three words to them really, except for Steve. 

You walked—more likely, stumbled—outside as Tommy let go of Steve’s collar, turning around to his girlfriend as he gave his best friend an disgusted, disappointed look. “Let’s go,“ he said to her, pulling her with him away from the market, still saying his next words loud enough for Steve to hear them, “maybe that asshole will get some sense in his head by tomorrow.“ 

What great friends, you thought as you glanced over to Steve who looked after his friends. Just now, you noticed how half of his face looked pretty beaten up. Steve and you knew each other since you were little and you sighed because of the fact that you actually felt sorry for him, although it probably had been his own fault. The times of being his actual friend were over and yet you found yourself walking over to him, grabbing the Cola can out of your bag. 

“Rough day?“ you asked him, handing him the can. 

For a moment, he gazed at you like you were an alien by frowning like his grandpa used to do. You raised your brow. “It will help,“ you said, meaning the cooled can. 

“Why are you doing this?“ Steve asked you, instead of taking the damn can and putting it against his bruise. You shook your head as you stepped closer to him, not caring about any personal space and holding it against the still bleeding bruise yourself. 

“I’m not an asshole,“ you said, “Now, hold this. It will help with the pain.“ 

Steve did what you said, replacing your hand with his own to hold the can. Being that close to him was weird, which is why you were happy to take a step back again. He didn’t say anything. Not a ‘thank you’, nor anything else but that was okay. You didn’t expect him to. 

You leaned next to him against his car. “You know, I thought I never experience the day where the legendary Tommy and Steve get in their hairs. But there it is.“ you commented, catching Steve glancing over to you. “I heard you standing up for Nancy. That was…“ 

“Unusual from me?“ Steve said, sounding not as confident as he usually did. 

“No,“ you replied, “it was nice from you. It was the right thing to do because you know what? I’ve noticed the way you looked at her.“ 

The thought made you smile because you actually did have seen the way he looked at her. It was no secret that most girls at school were absolutely in love with Steve Harrington and that he had experience with girls, but never in his life he had looked at girl like he looked at Nancy Wheeler and somehow that made you happy. 

“You really like her, don’t you?“ 

Steve took a deep breathe. “Yeah,“ he mumbled, “but I fucked up.“ 

“To be honest with you, that doesn’t really surprise me. You can have a tendency to fuck things up.“ 

“Wow, that really helped me, Y/N.“ 

You rolled your eyes, leaning onto the side against the car to look at him. “That wasn’t suppose to help you, Harrington. What I meant was that you can have a tendency to fuck things up because that’s how you think you need to behave. Tommy and Carol are assholes and standing up for Nancy was the right thing to do. You don’t allow yourself to be good, although you can be. You can be a good person if you want to, Steve.” 

He held your gaze as his mouth slightly twitched. It was the first thing similar to a smile that you had seen from him for today. “Why do you still know the right things to say to me?“ he asked you. 

You smiled back at him. “Because I still know you, Steve Harrington. And now, go and get the girl you love.“

A/N: I actually wrote this for my little sister because she can’t wait for the second season of Stranger Things. I might start writing for the characters very soon or around when S2 hits :) x

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do you have any headcanons about the marauders having a wet dream about you while you're in the same bed


  • ok he would get super antsy after waking up
  • like after that dream all he wants to do is touch you 
  • but at the same time he doesn’t want to wake you
  • and his cock is still semi-hard because although he came, he was still super horny
  • but you had an exam the next morning 
  • and so he was just stuck there for ten minutes debating whether to wake you or not
  • “hey (Y/n), wake up so I can fuck you” like that’s gonna work, you asshole he’d commentate in his head
  • and while he was suffering in indecisiveness, you shuffled around in your sleep
  • and wow that made it 10x worse because your tits are nearly falling out of your singlet and your lips are parted and oh so fluffy
  • so he decides to take action, gently pushing the blanket from your body
  • and he feels like such a freak, but now he’s jacking off to you while you sleep
  • it’s alright though, because you’re his girlfriend, right?
  • and now he’s feeling guilty while he strokes himself and oh Merlin I’m going to hell
  • he struggles to keep quiet, and it wakes you up as he cums
  • and he just looks so pretty with those pink cheeks and shocked face, your half-asleep mind doesn’t even register that he’s holding all his cum in his hand
  • so you lean over and kiss him on his warm cheek, mumbling an “i love you” before turning around and going back to sleep
  • James swears to never tell you what happened that night, but obviously it comes out during one drunken night and everybody teases him about it for a long time

Remus & Sirius under the cut!

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Tornado with legs

Levi scrubs the last of the dirt off the coffee table. “Finally.” That’s the last time he trusts Isabel to bring a ‘mystery box’ into the apartment.

He hears a crash in the kitchen, followed by a squeak of “Oops!” Isabel is a freaking tornado with legs. He sighs as he goes to investigate what she’s mussed up now.

“I was never-”

“I know,” Isabel interrupts. “You were never this crazy when you were 5!” she mimics with R’s that sound suspiciously like W’s.

Levi suppresses a grin at her sass. He shoos her off while he rights the stool she managed to topple over.

The doorbell rings and Isabel rounds the corner at top speed. “I’ll get it!”

“No, no, no!” Levi scoops her up. “Remember what we talked about? You’re going to watch a movie while Eren and I study.”

Isabel nods wisely. “‘Cause it took you a whole year just to invite him over.”

Sure, tell the kid a million times not to jump on the furniture with muddy shoes and it’s in one ear and out the other. Mention your undying crush on a certain football player while you think she’s napping, however, and she remembers every single word you say about him. Unless, of course, Hange told her. Quite frankly he wouldn’t put it past them.

Levi takes a deep breath. “Don’t repeat that again,” he says. “Ever.”

Isabel giggles.

Eren knocks on their door. Levi sets Isabel down. “You remember how to set up Netflix?”

Duh,” Isabel says proudly before marching towards the living room.

Levi laughs. He never imagined himself as the guardian of such a spunky kid at the age of 19, but she makes him a little more grateful for it every day. Even if she does like to pour an entire bottle of bubble bath in the tub and turn the water on full blast. He shudders.

He makes one last stop at the mirror in the hallway to fix his hair before he opens the door. He has to pause a second, the same as always, and just admire Eren’s radiant smile before he can say hello.

“Levi!” Eren says. “How’s it- oh, who’s this little angel?” he asks, peeking around Levi.

Angel. Levi almost snorts.

“I’m Izzy!” Isabel says confidently. “And I’m-”

“Supposed to be watching a movie,” Levi finishes for her, turning around to fix her with a stern look.

Isabel sticks her tongue out at him.

“Izzy, huh?” Eren smiles another brilliant, blinding, beautiful smile. “That’s a cool name.”

Isabel nods. “And you’re Eren.”

Eren tilts his head at her and Levi’s stomach drops a little. “How did you know that?” Eren asks.

“Green eyes. Nice hair. Pretty face.” Isabel ticks each point off on her fingers. “You gotta be Eren.”

“Izzy!” Levi whispers.

Eren raises his brows at Levi’s back.

Levi’s face burns. He refuses to turn around; half because he can’t look at Eren right now, half because he’s having a stare down with a pint-sized hurricane that possesses just as much bravado as he does.

Eren pipes up against the silence that has fallen over the apartment. “Pretty face, huh?”

And like a switch, Isabel goes from scowling to grinning. “Uh huh. Levi talks about you lots. Like, all the time.”


“S’kinda annoying. But he really, really likes-” Levi clamps a hand over her mouth.

“She’s had a little too much sugar,” he explains apologetically. He shoots Isabel a look. “I’ll make sure she doesn’t get anymore for a while.”

Isabel glares at Levi. A hint of mischief lights up her eyes, and before Levi can work out what she’s up to- “Ew!” - she licks his hand.

Levi grumbles his way to the bathroom, turning the water on as hot as he can handle it.

Eren shifts under Isabel’s intense stare. She’s sizing him up, lips set in a firm line and eyes narrowed. She nods, satisfied with whatever conclusion she’s come to and takes Eren by the hand. “C’mon. I’ll paint your nails.”

Eren laughs, and allows her to lead him into the living room. She chatters away a mile a minute. He tries his best to keep up, and nods encouragingly when she finds the perfect nail polish to match his black shirt: the brightest blue in her collection.

He looks around at the pictures on the walls, tempted to ask who they all are, but Isabel says something that catches his attention.

“What was that, Izzy?”

“You’re nice,” she repeats. “That’s why Uncle Levi likes you so much.” She brushes another coat on his index nail. Half of it ends up on his skin. “You like him too, don’t you?” She looks up at Eren and smiles. “I can tell.”

Levi watches them from the archway, waiting eagerly for an answer. Eren simply smiles at Isabel, and when she resumes her work on his fingernails, he gives a small nod.

Isabel is a freaking tornado with legs, and Levi loves her more than anything in the world. Though, watching Eren ruffle her hair with his clean hand, he’s becoming a close second.

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god ive wanted to read this for ages and im terrible at writing BUT jsjsbsjs could you maybe write a florist au! with hyungwon snjsns it's so silly im sorry but i love your writing and you could really do it justice

sure, no problem!! someone else asked me for a soft hyungwon au so~

  • owns a flowershop that specializes in flowers for runway shows and weddings,,,,big events and stuff
  • even though when you walk into it,,,,,it kind of seems like a gem in the rut???? like the outside looks a bit,,,,shabby and when you come inside the place is so cramped and tight 
  • but it’s ,,,, beautiful nonetheless??? because the flowers are all well taken care of and bright and the ceiling has hanging pots with long leaves that tickle your shoulder when you walk by 
  • and ?? hyungwon seems to have this slight fascination with keeping the counter which he works at in the back lit up with candles ???
  • which you’d think is weird for a flowershop,,,,but he claims that the nice smell mixed in with the smell of flowers helps keep him awake on the job
  • since it’s kind of lonely because no one walks in just to buy flowers - most people order his services online and someone else delivers them
  • is so used to falling asleep at work that he keeps a rollout mat in storage along with blankets in case he doesnt feel like going home after a long night LOL
  • brings his dog to work because again,,,most people don’t come into the shop so it doesn’t matter
  • the dogs cute he’s a chowchow and his names tiger lily which is sometimes too long for hyungwon to say so he’s like “tiger,,,,don’t sit on the new shipment of roses ,,,,,,im begging you”
  • friend changkyun helps hyungwon with the online orders and managing the website because hyungwon cant type more than 10 words without accidentally deleting the entire post apparently
  • you’re one of the stage managers at a fashion show for a big brand and since the theme is summer they’d ordered some flower arrangements and whatnot
  • and someone tells you they’re here but when you run out to greet the person all you see is this tall, handsome man
  • and you’re like ‘excuse me, models have to be in the back getting dressed? what are you doing out here?’
  • and the man points to himself and is like ‘me?’
  • and ur like,,,,,,,,,,,,,,yes you you’re obviously a model go get changed!
  • and you motion with your clipboard but the guy just blinks slowly and is like ‘nope, im not a model. im here with my flower arrangements. where do you want them?’
  • and you’re taken back like,,,,,wait what he’s not a model???? but he’s over 180cm,,,,,his features are striking and pretty,,,,,,plus he has that half dazed look going on that’s so in these days???
  • but he just stares at you and you feel your face go pink and your like,,o,,,oh im sorry right the flowers i need them over here follow me
  • and hyungwon waves for helpers to unload the big arrangements and he follows after you,,,slouching and yawning
  • and you get everything set up and hyungwon is fixing some vines here and there and you’re still,,,,shocked looking at him because is he really just a normal florist???? looking like that????
  • you suddenly catch his eyes though and you get shy and pretend to write something down instead
  • until you hear him coming over and he’s like “im all done” and you’re like th-thank you
  • and he doesn’t leave,,,,,sleepy brown eyes looking at you and you’re like “i-is there anything else?”
  • and he’s like “do  you really think ,,,,,,,,, i look like a model?” and you’re like,,,,,well,,,,,,,yes i mean,,,,,,you’re tall and good looking-
  • “good looking?”
  • you bite back your lip and you’re like objectively,,,y,,,yes you have attractive features-
  • hyungwon seems to grin,,,,the first sign of something that isn’t tiredness on his face and he leans closer 
  • tilting his head he’s like “you’re attractive too,,,,,,here you go.”
  • and suddenly he pulls a flower from behind his back and you’re like ????? and he’s like “in flower language that daisy means would you like to have coffee with me.”
  • and you’re like dfkhss who knew he was sauve too
  • and you’re like “r-really?” and hyungwon is like lol no actually i don’t know anything about flower language but i am asking you to get coffee with me
  • and you’re like oh my god,,,,,cheesy,,,,,,,but you’re holding the daisy and you’re like “that,,,,,sounds nice, id love to-oh mY GOd THE shOW IS StarTING IN tEN MInutes i NEED to gO-”
  • hyungwon watches you dash off, daisy and clipboard pressed to your chest and he just smiles to himself because,,,,,,you’re cute
  • but also a model? he never considered,,,,,maybe he should,,,,,,but nah he’s good being a florist for now~

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Sterek Prompt Number 47 Please!

AHHH I LOVE THIS!!!! Here is #47: “I thought it was a one-night stand…but now we’re married…”

Stiles woke up with a headache and a small groan, eyes adjusting to the sunlight coming from the wall of windows he was facing. It was weird…his and Scotty’s motel room didn’t have a wall of windows let alone a killer view of the Vegas strip.

Oh God this wasn’t the motel.

Stiles suddenly was hyper aware of the body pressed against his back and the arm hooked around his bare chest. He swallowed so hard it hurt as he glanced down to see the sheet barely covering their undoubtedly bare lower halves. Then his eyes caught sight of the body behind him and holy shit he was ninety nine point two percent sure he was sleeping with a GQ model.

He turned his head back to the windows trying to think of a way out of this, except then there was movement and stubble ran across the nape of his neck and there was a hard cock pressed against his ass–

With that he slithered ungracefully out of the man’s grip until he rolled off the bed and took half the sheets with him. There was a groan from the bed when he fell to the floor with a thud, and somehow he managed to hit his funny bone.

“Ow, fuck,” Stiles whined, sitting up to see the GQ model awake and naked in all his very sexy glory. Man for a one night stand he really got lucky, but terribly so he can’t remember a fucking thing.

No more alcohol. Ever.

“Um, hi,” the guy said, face pinched up.

Stiles felt like drooling because man those eyebrows could murder someone, but those green-blue eyes were to die for. Jesus those cheekbones couldn’t be real either, they looked so sharp and angular. This guy is photoshopped for sure.

“Well I’m pretty sad I can’t remember what I would assume to be awesome sex, but this was nice, gotta go,” Stiles blurted out and stood up, wrapping the sheet around his lower half just now noticing the marks all across his torso.

Oh the sex must’ve been amazing.


“No seriously man I gotta go, my best friend is probably worried sick,” Stiles pressed, grabbing his boxers.


“Look dude I don’t know–”

“We have rings on our fingers!” The model blurted out and Stiles paused looking at his hands only to see his ring finger with a gold band on it. His vision spiraled a bit as he stood up on shaky legs. He twisted the band on his finger, slipping it off to look at the rather expensive piece of jewelry. On the inside of the band he read a tiny engraving “drunk married is the best married”.

Holy hell.

“I thought it was a one-night stand…but now we’re married…,” he trailed off looking to the other man, stark naked and honestly still looking hotter than the sun. From his toned body to his bunny like teeth that poked from his slightly parted lips.

“I’m Derek,” the guy -Derek- said suddenly.

“Stiles–and yes, it’s a nickname,” he answered, moving to sit on the edge of the bed, still wrapped in the sheet. The silence lingered, sitting between them and festering until Derek pulled off his own ring and looked inside it.

“It’s says “his name his Mieczyslaw”…I think I remember you told me last night when we bought the rings,” Derek said and Stiles paled with a low groan, shoving his face in his hands. He doesn’t know where Scott is, he’s slept with the world’s hottest man alive, and he’s married to said man who knows his atrocity of a first name.

Great. Fucking great.

“I don’t think this is how a honeymoon is supposed to go.”

“Seriously, Stiles?”

“What? I heard they were much better than this– I mean most people know their husbands.”

Derek was quiet for a long time after that before finally saying, “…my favorite color is green.”

Stiles couldn’t help the smile that crossed his face.

So two years later at their real wedding the color theme was white and green, both of them wearing the same rings that started this beautiful perfect mess.


Grant’s portrayal of Evil!Barry is incredible.

Photo: Hey, tough guy.  Meet Evil!Barry – aka Savitar!

I love how Evil!Barry has such a menacing demeanor that leans on terror more than aggression.  He doesn’t use a show of force; he uses slow movements and removes his armor, putting himself in a vulnerable position in front of Our Barry.  As soon as we see him, we can’t look away: his expression is utterly arresting.  He has total control of the situation; he’s completely nonnegotiable.  He looks and acts like a zombie.  Something destroyed Barry, and this bastardized version of him and the Speed Force is all that’s left.

That smile is incredible.  I love that smile.  I love that it reaches his eyes.  This is a Barry who regrets none of his decisions and will make as many more as he possibly can.  This is a Barry who looks at an opportunity to kill his doppelgangers as a moral free-space, a situation where he can act as he pleases because he’s Barry and the rest are just Xeroxes, copies, clones.  Expendable.

This is also a Barry who has suffered grievously.  Look at his face: half of it is covered in scar tissue.  It looks eaten away, be it by acid, lightning, or something else.  He’s got a pretty serious cataract in his right eye; he’s at least partially blind.  The pure evil look I attribute largely to whatever happened to him while he was in the Speed Force, but I never predicted a physical injury to match the mental breaking point.  What happened to this guy?  I’m aching to know.  It won’t justify what he’s done, and I wouldn’t want it to, but I want to know the history of this guy.

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Touka looked pretty pissed at Kaneki in this chapter.

I wouldn’t say that exactly, if you look closer there’s actually a lot of detail to her eye. It’s foggy, and underneath it her makeup is running. There’s also indistinct wet spots at the bottom of her cheeks. 

I’d say it’s just as likely she’s been crying, but she’s covering it up with her anger. Which means that Touka is still repressing her emotions. I think Nishiki realizes almost immediately too, because angry Touka has never phased Nishiki, but look at the reaction he makes one second afterwards.

Nishiki literally never let’s anyone get the last word in, but he shuts up super quick. He was even acting like his normal self before that point.

Touka’s face isn’t even drawn in this panel, and in the next one the way her hair covers half of her face reminds me pretty heavily of this.

Which a great deal of people have read to be Furuta also covering up his own emotions. 

So I think rather than being angry, or anything at all, Touka is attempting to put on a face and hold it together, and it’s obviously already beginning to crack because she can hardly talk to Nishiki and just repeats the same phrase over twice. 


two updates in a row!!! yay!!!!!!

sorry if this one seems a little bit shorter (〒︿〒)

Originally posted by vernonxhoshi

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This is a Kaisoo analysis, again! I just made one yesterday (you can check it out because that Kaisoo moment hit me all the soft spots), and doing another now. This is not healthy, at all… And I’m half conscious so perhaps this is not really coherent…

First off, I wanna say many thanks to Alvabear94 for her amazing JI and Kaisoo videos. If you haven’t followed her Instagram, please do or you’ll miss out on many awesome vids!

Now, I wanna make a (not so) brief analysis on the Shyness of JI and KS at the last part of this vid.

This is super duper obvious that JI was a lot bit flustered when they all did that kneeling move and he met KS’s gaze. He all but blinked and averted his eyes (JI practically turned his head from left to right, shying away from making eye-contact with KS) and then reverted his eyes back to KS’s back again. (Could you be more obvious, Nini??)

But, the thing I found extremely interesting here is that KS immediately turned his head away too (Very subtle, Mr. Do!). I was wondering Why? Why after all those years living and working and falling in love with each other, they were still acting like they just met and got to know each other and flushed while being caught stealing glances (like they were just new in this relationship lmao).

And the most interesting thing is that when the kneeling move ended, all the members got to stand up, KS for a moment turned around again and smiled (that’s too obvious that he was smiling with his cheekbone rising even when the angle blocked most of his face). Why did he suddenly smile? What did he smile at? Who did he smile to?

So my sorry head used all the rare neurons that it possesses to over analyze everything, again. I’m not able to read KS’ mind whatsoever, so my next hypothesized monologue is just plainly based on what I think KS’ facial expressions were showing.

At first when he knelt down and caught JI’s gaze, he abruptly turned away because “Holy fck, our eyes locked. I’m so embarrassed. What should I do? Turn away, turn the fck away now.”

And then he just nervously stared at JD’s neck and back (it even looked like he almost lost balance while finding a right spot on the ground to put his palm on to gain support. Holy shit, I’m like over observing and commenting on every trivial stuff lol). And he was looking like considering something in his pretty little head. Probably he was thinking “Maybe I should give JI a smile when we stand up. Maybe a smile can make things less awkward from that flustering eyes locked (and just because it’s JI, he deserves all my pretty heart heart-shaped smiles lol).”

So he did just so. Given by how high his cheekbone rose, I bet he was smiling his face into half. So bad JI didn’t get a chance to see it or else he would be in ninth cloud and we could have a lot of Kaisoo smiling at each other pics now .

But when he realized that JI wasn’t looking in his direction anymore, he turned his face to other side and his smile faded and he looked extremely disheartened. Poor thing I just wanna hug the hell out of him. And when he walked to another spot on the stage, he even looked like heaving a sigh of disappointment.

I just really love it when KS can keep his emotions at bay, but it’s just so endearing to watch his getting all flustered around JI even though most of the time it’s JI who has his heart on his sleeve.

So that’s it. That’s all. That’s just a lame analysis and I bet most of you watching the vid can already see it. But I just have a lot of free time now, which makes me wanna rambling a lot. (sorry not sorry)

Hufflepuff!Joshua x Ravenclaw!Reader

A/N: The request was for a flirty Joshua and an oblivious reader and I relate so much to this because I am a dense human being and will not know if someone has feelings for me unless they flat out say it. rip whoever tries to date me in the future

  • You’re going to your Charms class one day, and as you head to your desk, you notice a cute box of candy heart just… chilling there.
  • You got there before the class actually began, so you ask generally to the class if the candy belongs to anyone.
  • Everyone is like “hmm nope. Not mine”
  • So you come to the conclusion that someone in the previous class probably left them on accident.
  • Because why else would they be there??
  • So when class is over you leave them… On the desk… For whoever left them on accident to come back and get them.
  • And with it you leave Joshua’s figurative heart. Rest in pieces.
  • Because basically eVerYone at this point knows that Joshua has a crush on you.
  • Everyone but you, that is.
  • Some people try to casually hint to you about his feelings towards you.
  • Like when Ravenclaw!Seokmin keeps mentioning all these great things that Joshua has done. But he’ll insert it randomly into a conversation where it isn’t relevant.
  • So you’re always like “that’s cool but back to Care of Magical Creatures, I think that with the Hippogriff it would be best to study it by…”
  • Some people are… Less subtle about bringing up Joshua around you *cough cough jeOnGhAn*
  • Jeonghan: “so what’s your deal with Joshua”
  • You: “I wasn’t aware I had a deal with him”
  • Jeonghan: “yeah but like… How do you feel about him”
  • You: “I don’t really get the chance to talk to him enough to answer that”
  • When Jeonghan reports back to Joshua on your responses Joshua’s just like “they’re literally not wrong like we haven’t talked much but I want to talk to them and I’m trYING”
  • Okay throwback to how y’all met:
  • This all started your first year. You were so eager to learn how to make cool stuff in your Potions class, that on the first day you didn’t bother to try and sit with someone you knew, you just sat next to a random kid.
  • That kid was Joshua. And first year Joshua in his head was like “oh god they’re very cute and it’s only the first day and wOw oKAy i’M fINe it’S fINE”
  • He’s too scared to speak to you for like half the year because you make smol Josh nervous with your impressive dedication to learning and really pretty eyes and the way you try to tuck your hair behind your ear whenever it gets in your face from looking down while you’re writing, but you never try to pin it back or tie it up and he thinks it’s adorable and that you’re the cutest and yeah he could probably ramble about you forever.
  • He’s like “the year is almost over, you have to say something to them”
  • So the next day he gathers up all his courage, turns to you, and is like “Hi, I’m Joshua”
  • And you’re like “Yeah I know that, we’ve been sitting with each other for months”
  • He’s screaming on the inside for two reasons because 1.) you know his name and he didn’t even have to teLL yOu iT and 2.) Dear god he’s actually talking to you and you’re talking back.
  • Next Joshua is like “Haha, you’re right. I left my textbook in my dorm,,, aha whoops so could we share one?? For today??”
  • And you’re like “Oh I’ll go get you one of the classroom textbooks, don’t worry!”, and shoot him a smile before leaving to find him a book.
  • And Joshua’s thinking “my plan did not work but I don’t even care because look at the way they just smiled at me”
  • After this, Joshua thought about trying to talk to you more during class, but you always looked so focused and concentrated and he decided it would be rude to interrupt you all the time.
  • But on the last day of your first year, he leaves a hair bow and some hairpins on your desk with a note reading “Y/N, if your hair is always in your face, why not put it up? Remember to take care of yourself, and keep doing your best!”
  • He wrote and rewrote that about 793 times because he was like “AM I TOO CHEESY?? What if they don’t like it. Is it too obvious that it’s from me? Do I want them to know it’s from me???”
  • You found the hairbow and pins and the note and quietly put it in your bag. On the outside your face didn’t change at all but on the inside you were “!!! asdfghjkl who the heck did this nICE THING for mE”
  • The first day of your second year, when the first years were being sorted into their houses, Joshua glanced across the dining hall to see you. Wearing. That. Bow. The one he gave you.
  • It was from that moment that he knew he was whipped for you.
  • And he’s been trying to do sweet things for you ever since but sometimes you just don’t get that it’s directed at you.
  • But when most people would be disheartened, Joshua is always like “I’ll do something bigger and better next time!”, after you end up not noticing him.
  • So Joshua’s attempts at flirting/confessing become more and more obvious.
  • To everyone but you, rip.
  • But even the most dense people eventually notice that something’s up, and you definitely do.
  • Some years have passed, and you’re cleaning out your dresser in your dorm, when you find the hair bow from your first year. You hold it with two hands, as if it’s the most precious thing in the world, when your roommate walks in.
  • They see you with this bow and are like “wow, by the way you’re looking at that, someone really special must’ve given it to you”
  • And you just sit there, dumbstruck. You knew that it meant a lot to you, but until your roommate pointed it out to you, you never realized how important it was.
  • Right then you decide, you’re going to figure out who the hell gave you this back then. You put it in your hair, so that if someone recognizes it, hopefully they’ll come talk to you about it.
  • You start by asking around, and first you ask Ravenclaw!DK, who is like “maybe you should ask some of the hufflepuffs… ;)”, but you’re like “why would the hufflepuffs know anything wth that’s not logical at all”, and you leave.
  • So next you go to Ravenclaw!Jeonghan and ask if he knows anything. It takes all of Jeonghan’s self control not to blurt out “IT’S JOSHUA, HOW COULD YOU NOT KNOW”
  • Instead he says “Instead of just that hairbow, has anything else… special… happened around you?”
  • You take a moment to think about it and are like “well… someone left heart candies on my desk yesterday… and there was that one time that I found roses in my bag…. But I thought someone just mistook my bag for theirs and put them in the wrong one… but maybe…”
  • Jeonghan: “yes you idiot, oh my god”
  • You: “they weren’t… from you, were they?”
  • Jeonghan: “Nope, wasn’t me”
  • You: “oh thank goodness, I mean you’re pretty I guess but you’re not my type and you’re always going on about-”
  • Jeonghan: “doN’T yoU haVe soMe gUY to fiND”
  • The weight of all the romantic gestures over the years is pouring into your head, to the point where you’re just trudging through the halls aimlessly, not looking where you’re going or paying attention to anything at all.
  • You feel awful for not noticing all this time, and are thinking that whoever keeps doing these gestures must think you’ve rejected them time and time again.
  • You’re legit about to cry when you stumble a little bit, expecting to fall on your face, but you collide with someone’s chest.
  • Tears start to pour down your face, this person’s shirt in you grip from you bracing yourself to fall, when you hear them ask softly: “You still kept my bow?”
  • You head snaps up and you look up to see Joshua, looking at you like you’re the entire world.
  • And it clicks. It was him. Of course it was him, he was always there, whether you noticed fully or not. That’s why Seokmin wouldn’t ever shut up about Joshua and why Jeonghan would ask you weird questions about the relationship between the two of you.
  • “But… why are you crying?”, he asks gently, cupping your face with one hand and brushing a tear away.
  • At this point you just break, and spill out everything that’s on your mind
  • “Joshua, I’m so sorry that I haven’t been paying attention enough to see all you’ve done for me, and I’m sorry for accidentally not accepting your kind gestures, and I’m sor-”
  • He takes yours hands in his, lacing your fingers together, and cuts you off in the best way possible- a kiss on the lips.
  • He pulls away and grins at you in a way that makes you just know that he’s not mad.
  • Joshua: “Who ever said it was me?”
  • You: “IT WASN’T?!”
  • Joshua: “Oh no, it definitely was me”
  • You playfully shove his shoulder because let’s be real how much more awkward would it be if it just wasn’t Joshua lmao
  • After this you two wander around the halls and catch up until it’s gotten so late that no one but the two of you are out of their dorms
  • You realize this and are like “frick what if Flich finds us”
  • So the two of you agree to meet up in the library tomorrow, but before you part ways, you’re like “so are we… dating?”
  • Joshua: “If I asked, would you say yes?”
  • You: “Well, of course”
  • Joshua: “Then yes. We’re dating”
  • You two walk to your respective dorms with the biggest grins on your faces.
  • You walk into you dorm looking like the happiest person in the world, and your roommate is like “smh maybe I should give someone a bow”
  • When you two are sitting together in the library the next day, Jeonghan walks up and says “Joshua you owe me, I’m the one who sparked all this”
  • And you’re like “um excuse you, I would’ve figured it out on my own eventually”
  • Jeonghan: “You’re right. It did only take you years to figure it out”
  • Joshua is trying so hard not to laugh but is desperately failing.
  • You: “Joshua who’s side are you on???”
  • Joshua: “yours!! Your side, I’m forever yours”
  • He gives you a quick peck on the cheek and you’re trying not to be flustered af.
  • But it’s okay, Joshua didn’t notice your cheeks turning a gradual pink because he was too distracted by Jeonghan making gagging noises and pointing at the two of you as he ran out of the library.
  • Neither of you care though, because even though you spent years apart, you’re both determined to make up for that lost time with each other.
Jared Leto x Reader ; Music Awards

Author’s Note; Sorry it seems like this took forever, I couldn’t find it in my inbox until now so yay! Thank you so much for the compliment omg! I have a section for reviews so please feel free to leave some feedback and some opinions. I need some !! Seriously I had a dream just like this request so this should be extremely interesting. I tried to make it a little bit shorter than the rest because I know I can get carried away so I hope this is ok! Thanks for the request. 

A gentle hand slid over the outside of your dress as you patted down the delicate places that deserved the most attention. It never really took you too long to get ready for anything, but this in particular was a big deal for you. In dating the infamous Jared Leto for more than 6 months you felt the need to always look your best when leaving the house to do simple errands such as going to the store, going on small dates with him, and just going out with your friends in general. However, this particular event required a bit more preparation, an award show designed to recognize actors, actresses, and amazing talents of the entertainment world, was the most important thing you’d ever really gone to. 

Previously, Jared went to these things alone or with some form of eye candy that he could strut around for photos and appearances, but no such event happened in your time together yet until now. This would be the first time you two actually attended a public appearance this big together, and you couldn’t stop the nerves from ripping through your entire body. Your hands were shaking, your palms were sweating, and you continued to fiddled with pieces of your dress that were already perfect. 

Delicate thoughts of judgement clouded the forefront of your mind as you truly wondered if you were good enough to really stand at his side on the red carpet tonight. Perhaps you should change your mind, there was still time. You could easily just watch him tonight on the tv, waltz the carpet alone like he usually did, but you knew deep down that if you backed out now he would be hurt. Although he usually did have a good time at these events, he often dreaded the boredom behind most of them especially when his friends were not around. 

A gentle knock pulled you from your thoughts and a small jump rippled through you as you turned towards the door. A glance down to your watch revealed that it was indeed time for you two to make your departure, but were you ready? 

“Come in….” you trailed off, turning towards the door frame and slipping your hands behind the dress to watch the ends of it flare around the back of your knee caps. It was spring, and the gentle breeze of tonight’s air would make it absolutely perfect, at least, that’s what the designer told you.  

his smile was contagious and spread across his face like the plague and you couldn’t stop the blush that took over your features at his reaction. He hadn’t actually seen the dress that you had picked out for the event, and the overall construction of it surprised even you. You had never really been a dress person, blue jeans or tights with a nice shirt was always your go to unless you were working and it was slacks and a decorative blouse, but dresses were completely foreign to you. The original gown you had picked out was the very definition of plain jane which was the direct opposite of what you were going for. You were never the type to value the attention of other people, in fact, you did everything in your power to avoid it; too many eyes on you usually made you uncomfortable. Even now, you felt yourself coming a part at the seams with just his crystal blue orbs scanning you over, but the devastatingly enamored smile he flashed in your direction destroyed every thought you had in that moment.  With the help of the store’s designer you had truly picked out a dress that was unforgettable. 

the delicate ombre of the dress was slightly overshadowed by silver glittered texture that formed small patterns around the flared bottom and slimmed bosom decorating your chest. It was absolutely perfect. Short enough to give awareness to your slightly long but beautiful legs, flared at the bottom like you like, and no long train for you to accidently fall over. It was the impeccable combination of elegant, flirty and fun. 

“Are you just going to stand there, gawking?” You questioned shifting your weight slightly in discomfort. His lips pressed together as he looked off to the side in an expression that mocked deep thought. A slight nod rippled through his frame and he smiled. 

“Yeah.” he answered simply before slipping one of his hands into his pocket and leaning against the wall comfortably. 

“Are you sure I shouldn’t just…..stay here?” you question slipping your hands up to your ears in an attempt to remove your earrings. Turning to face the mirror you could see his reflection in the background. It radiated unease and disappointment and that was the last thing you wanted to do to him. 

“I mean, if you don’t really wanna go….” he trailed off and the poorly hidden disappointment in his voice sent a sharp pain through the left side of your breast. He was hurt. 

“I just….I don’t want to ruin it for you……” you started before holding your earring in your hand and glancing down at the floor. He was aware of your low levels of confidence, and he respected you enough not to force you to do things you didn’t want to do. You were stubborn in that regard, but he shrugged.

“It’s just another award show, there will be more…….I just….would hate to let all this pretty go to waste.” the shuffling sound of his feet growing closer to you made you smile, and before you were aware of it, his fingers were on your skin. 

“You really think it looks good enough?” you question finally looking up at him and his eyebrow quirked. Blue orbs slid from your eyes down to your shoes before returning back to your face, and you had half a mind to check if you were still clothed because it felt as if he had just visually undressed you. 

“Good enough?” he was genuinely confused. You didn’t want to explain, you felt as if it were a petty insecurity that he wouldn’t understand, but you couldn’t hide from those eyes. 

“Somebody like me ….” his hand raised and landed on your lips before you could continue and he sighed. 

“Stop.” he said simply before slowly letting his hand run down the delicate confines of your lips to your hands. 

“Where you come from, and who you are, are two completely different things. You’re just as good if not better than half those people that will be out there tonight. You’re important to me, and I want you there. You are the most interesting thing about tonight.” he admitted, and the confidence behind his words fueled you. his face grew closer to yours and you prepared yourself for his kiss only to feel the absence of his lips. 

There was a gentle air against your face as his frame moved away from yours, and his fingers were around the small clutch in your hands.

“I mean, but if you don’t wanna go I mean…” he went on walking away and turning his back to you playfully. You chased after him slightly, wrapping your hands around the back of his shoulders and resting them on his chest.

“I’m going, I’m going!” you laughed before watching him turn to you.

“Good, because you’re beautiful and people deserve to see you.” 

“You just say that because you want my goods.” You joked wrapping your arms around the back of his neck and pulling him closer.

“What? Did you hear that line I just laid on you? Oh I’m gettin’ your goods. I could have em’ now if I wanted them.” he urged.

“Oh you think so?” You questioned. 

“Mhm.” He nodded planting a small kiss on your lips before pulling you closer. His eyes flickered towards his watch before slipping his hand in yours. You followed along excitedly while practicing deep breathing in an effort to calm you raging anxiety.  

The ride was nearly excruciating as you stared out of the window in awe of the illuminating buildings that took up most of the night life. The distant sound of Jared having side conversations with the driver and a few of his band mates in the backseat went unnoticed to you. You had originally joined in on the conversation previously, but the realization of you growing closer and closer to the red carpet sent a tingle of discomfort through your spine. Were you sure this was a good idea. The tabloids hinted at Jared having a significant other, but you had done a good job of concealing yourself from them, but tonight was the night that you exposed the rumors for what they were and you didn’t know if you were ready. Would you be what they expected? 

The distant feeling of Jared’s fingers colliding against yours sent your eyes in his direction and he smiled. He was always a master at sensing your moods even when you didn’t let on what you were actually feeling, and the sensation of his concern forced you to smile. 

“You look hot by the way.” Shannon’s voice slid through the forefront of your mind, but you couldn’t help the laugh that fell through your lips at his eyes on your skin. The playful look on his face made it hard for you to take him seriously.

“Says the guy with the impossibly perfectly tied bow tie.” you spoke. 

“Hey….I didn’t say you looked as good as me, but close.” He joked pulling at the bow tie attached to his dress shirt before everyone broke out in laughter. 

You two were on the red carpet before you knew it and the cascade of blinding flashes from the camera’s of the reporters nearly gave you a seizers. You stood there frozen as they threw questions in your direction. 

“Jared this way! Over here Jared! Flash a smile here Jared! Jared! Jared! Who’s your date!?” The questions fell from so many directions that you didn’t really know where to look and the tightening grip of Jared’s hand on yours wasn’t helping. In fact, it just made you more nervous. His voice was low in your ear as he directed you to smile at the camera’s on your left and to simply not stop smiling. He didn’t brief you on the expectations in the car, but it became simple after a while. Just don’t stop smiling. If they catch a picture of you without it, you’ll be misconstrued as the stuck up date with a bad attitude, or the weird mousey girl next to him that he probably didn’t even know. Your lips were on fire, and your cheeks felt as though they would fall from your face at any moment. 

“Maybe they’ll think i’m some sick person from the make a wish foundation and this is a one time thing.” you joked and his laugh radiated in your ear before he leaned down to whisper. 

“You don’t fuck like a sick person.” he teased. Your eyes flashed toward him with a look of pure shock and the smirk plastered on his lips nearly sent your lower half into a pooling mess of arousal. You imagined that the picture associated with the current reaction would be legendary. Your wildfire of a blush spread across your face, while his devilish smirk nearly overtook his features. You could see it now.


Your laugh turned into a small giggle as you tried to hide your reaction and suddenly his hand was gone from yours. An interviewer caught his attentions and began her questions with him, but instead of interrupting you attempting to continue smiling in the background. You assumed that with his absence you wouldn’t be the center of anyone’s attention anymore, but the camera’s continued to flash in your direction without warning. 

You could feel the growing anxiety in your abdomen reach its peak and the sudden panic attack you wanted to avoid began rippling through your spine. Your smile started to fade and you swallowed hard, only to find Shannon at your side. His frame stood in front of yours as his hand rested on your hip. His voice was low in your ear as he questioned you.

“You alright?” He was concerned and you had never heard his voice like that before. 

“I….I think so I just….I need a second?” You spoke and he smiled.

“Totally normal. I don’t think we could’ve warned ya about this enough.” He admitted. 

“Just breathe….” he trailed before his eyes connected with yours. It was easy and once you gained your breath, you smiled. 

“Just like that.” He instructed before moving aside and posed for some pictures with you. Jared’s eyes connected with yours as you were photographed and he stopped mid sentence. There was a look on his face that you couldn’t quite decipher; it mirrored awe and slight arousal. He had lost his train of thought and you were sure that the interviewer was probably confused. 

His hand slid against yours and before you knew it you were at his side with his arm around the back of your waist. 

“I can’t leave her alone too long.” He joked into the microphone as the interviewer laughed whole heartedly amused. You couldn’t help the smile that slid over your features as he continued to speak with her. 

“Have you looked into her eyes, I mean it’s insane. They’re like little gifts from the Gods.” He answered looking into your eyes and making her blush worse. 

“This man, knows how to speak to ladies.” You admitted before looking back towards the interviewer. Her blush nearly out weighed yours as you directed his attention back to her. 

He was finally attentive to her as she questioned him about tonight’s festivities as well as previous projects he’s worked on. As she finished up he leaned closer to you 

“You ok?” he questioned. 

“Perfect…..” you responded. 

l.jh ❥ i dreamt about you last night

jihoon x reader; 100wtsily

gif; mine

word count; 542

synopsis; jihoon tells you about a dream he had. prompt number 7, “i dreamt about you last night”

✎ this is so short i apologize lakdsjf + i was this close to making it a smut but i was feeling wholesome. sorry chiju

You rested your head on his shoulder, the light ghosting of his breath on your neck distracting you from the cries of the characters on the brightly flashing screen. Jihoon held you firmly against his side, his arm draped around your shoulder. You sat in a comfortable silence, simply enjoying each other’s company. The movie raged on, battles destroying cities and characters losing loved ones. Jihoon was as unaffected as you were; neither of you paid the film any mind, each too focused on the other to care about the dramatic climax displayed across the room.

You played with Jihoon’s fingers absently, enjoying the feeling of his hand against your own. He smirked as he watched you fiddle with his hand and unconsciously leaned in closer, his cheek squishing against the crown of your head.

You looked up at the screen as the movie ended and picked up the remote, deciding to switch to some other movie to fill the silent air of the apartment. “You know…I dreamt about you last night,” Jihoon said, his casual tone betraying the nerves beneath his skin.

“Oh? What happened?” you asked, already more interested in the sound of his voice than the plot of the random film you had chosen.

He cleared his throat. “Nothing much. We were together—on a date in that little café Joshua hangs out at—and just talking. It was nice. You looked…really happy. Calm and tranquil, but still lively like usual. It was just like a normal date until—” he cut himself off, his gaze aimed anywhere but toward you.

“…Until?” you pressed. You took note of his red cheeks, his hand playing nervously with your hair across your shoulder, the shifting of his gaze. Why is he so nervous?

Jihoon swallowed thickly before continuing. He met your curious look and showed off that smile that you held so dearly. “—until I got down on one knee and asked you to marry me.” Your eyes widened and you held your breath as you could practically hear your heartbeat thumping loudly in your ears.

Jihoon laughed, half due to nerves and half because your reaction was cute. His smile eased your surprise, if only a little bit. “Don’t worry about it y/n, I’m not proposing or anything. I was just thinking…Getting married to you some day sounds nice.”

You met his gaze and couldn’t help but grin at the soft, content smile on his face. He looked so at ease, none of his usual tense shoulders or cautious glances anywhere in sight. “Yeah…that does sound nice. Someday, when we’re ready, I think that would be pretty great,” you told him, the sincerity and seriousness of your tone sending shivers up his spine. Jihoon’s grin lit up his entire face as he held your hand and rubbed his thumb over the back of it.

“You said yes in the dream too, by the way,” he added with a chuckle after a pause. You laughed along with him and shrugged. “I guess you know me pretty well then.”

“Yeah,” he breathed out, images of your future together flashing across his mind, its events and direction better than any movie could ever hope to have. “I guess I do.”

Jungkook imagine. Not requested.

To everyone he was that cute little boy who blushed at everything, that was until the doors actually closed. He was ruthless, violent, dangerous even. His voice was smooth, enough to get anyone talking. Only when someone did something he didn’t like, he got dangerous.

People knew better than to screw with Jungkook, they knew better than to cross him. They knew better than to take what he wanted, needed…craved away from him. Things didn’t particularly end well for those people.

Essentially he was an innocent face with a bad attitude. The amount of strippers and wannabe bond girls that threw themselves at him had no idea of how ruthless this man really was.

But you did. You knew him like the back of your hand. That is, if you’ve never looked at or even realized you owned a hand in the first place.

Jungkook was a mystery to you, his image, his style, his way of life seemed to confuse you more and more every time you saw him. You wanted nothing to do with him, yet , he wanted every thing to do with you. And then some.

The city was busy with people as usual. The sun was out, no signs of a storm hitting, which meant smooth transition for at least half the day. You were walking down the street to the local market. You needed to stock of some fresh produce and twenty minutes wasn’t that bad a walk. At least not now.

You were a simple female, a happy female. It didn’t take a whole lot to make you happy. The same as it didn’t take a whole lot to piss you off. Your world of glamour consisted of watching people on TV kill each other over nothing. Ah, the joy of reality television. You were respected by people, mostly because you have them a reason to. You were a nice person. In your eyes, all it takes is kindness to be given kindness.
The same could not be said for “some”.

As you walked, you couldn’t help but notice worried looks you received. It was random and quite frankly out of nowhere. People hugged buildings, or held their loved ones closer to them. Confused, you slowed down, which only made the looks grow more worrisome. Suddenly, you felt a hand on your shoulder.


You gasped quietly, whipping around to find the tuxedo clad man. His dark eyes glistening. Your eyebrows narrowed as you were met face to face with the bane of your existence.

“To what to I own the pleasure Jeon?” You asked begrudgingly, crossing your arms. Your history with his violent being, wasn’t the most pleasant.

“Last name basis. How disrespectful, you know what I do to people who are disrespectful ?” The man challenged, a smirk evident in his face.

“Bore them to death with your violent schemes?” You retorted, bored of the conversation already. You turned around and kept walking, still fully aware of your mission to the market.

However, Jungkook was a patient man, so he followed you. Soon he was walked beside you. It appeared to some as if you two were a couple. And that’s exactly how he wanted it to look.

“You know me so well baby” he chuckled.

“First of all, never call me baby. Second of all, care to tell me why your mucking around in broad daylight? Don’t you guys wait till the dark to do whatever it is you do?” You didn’t mean for it to come our harshly, it just sort of did.

Jungkook clenched his teeth. Can’t lose his temper with you. Don’t chase her away…again

“Hm. I suppose you have a point. I’ll cut to the chase. I’m hosting a dinner party with my business partners. Big event, lots of people are gonna show up. I want you to be my date” he said.

You paused for a second, let his words register for a bit and before you knew it you burst out laughing. Though you stopped when you realized he wasn’t laughing with you.

“You’re serious?” You asked, wide eyed.

“As serious as the sky is blue, baby.” He replied, stepping forward. “I’ll have them put your name on the list. Wear that dress I like so much for me.”

You knew what dress he was talking about. The little (F/C) , number. The corset open back. It hugged your body in all the right ways.

Jungkook trailed his fingers up your arm, his eyes burning into yours.
“It would make me really happy”

Snap out of it, Y/N!

You jumped back from him, pointing your finger in his face.
“Look. I don’t know why you came back, but I’m jot falling for it again. You can’t use your sexy smirk on me and expect me to be all like ”’ I missed you, I want you, let me kiss your face nyeeehh’“ you rambled, pointing your fingers in his face.

"You still think my smirk is sexy?” He chuckled.

Dammit Y/N, you just couldn’t keep your mouth shut.

“I’ll tell you what. If you change your mind. I’ll be waiting for you at the far end of the room.” He grabbed your hand and pressed his lips to your knuckles. As he looked up, his dark eyes met yours. You could have sworn you saw them flash or glimmer as a mischievous smile spread across his face.

He walked away and you couldn’t help but glare as he did. He couldn’t just waltz in here and demand things of you, it wasn’t fair! You were a damn respectful woman AND DAMMIT YOU DESERVE SOME DAMN RESPECT! There is absolutely no way in hell, that you would-

“Right this way, Ms. Y/L/N.” The tall guard nodded respectfully. You followed the big burly muscle man to what appeared to me a huge room. It was pretty much packed. It was strange because there weren’t less than half as many people outside as there were inside.

You looked around, crossing your arms as you studied the room. How were you supposed to find your date, er…not date.

The people dressed extravagantly, and your assumptions were confirmed when you you heard “business” being discussed by some people who were walking by. The men cleaned up nice and the women were drop dead gorgeous. It made you feel strange. Why did you even agree to show up in the first place?

Whilst about to continue your journey for Jungkook, you were stopped when a male, who was way taller than you appeared in your line of vision.

“Hey pretty girl” he said, walking up to you. You didn’t know how to respond, you had never been by a slimy scumbag before.

“Uh hello” you said politely. You started to look around. Hopeful that a certain sly dog would show up.

“I’ve never seen you around before sexy girl. What’s your name?” he asked. Damn, he didn’t knew when to quit did he?

“Uh…Y/N” you trailed off, stepping away from him. You were taken aback when you felt a cold arm slap around your wrist.

“What do you say, we get out of here” obviously he wasn’t gonna take no for an answer. A sudden jolt of fear courses through you as you yanked your head back, and before you could snap on him, a voice rang out.

“Is something wrong here?” A voice rang out. For once, you smiled at that voice. Jungkook walked up to the two of you, his hands folded behind his back.

“Nothing at all boss. Just a hard fish to catch”

Since when we’re woman supposed to be damn fish?

“A fish huh. What gives you the right to go around grabbing women without their permission? ” Jungkook asked, his face hardening into a glare. Jungkook stood in front of you, kissing your knuckles like he did earlier. “You okay?” He asked softly. You nodded, unaware of the mini crowd you were beginning to create.

“Humph, no disrespect boss, but why the hell do you care”

That made you mad, you knew it would probably be a long shot, but you decided to try it.

“Oh I’m sorry. I don’t believe we’ve met. I’m Y/N” you said with a hard look. Your theory was confirmed when a look of shock crossed his face. He was screwed now ..

Jungkook hid a knowing smile, he bragged about you to all his friends. Sometimes he even sent them on protection missions just for you.

“I’m sorry boss. I didn’t know” he tried to fix his act, but anyone could tell he was just brown nosing.

Rolling his eyes, Jungkook snapped his fingers, and in less than ten seconds, there were three burly men around around the sleazy man.

Before you could object and ask what he was doing, he gently grabbed your hand and mumbled a “dance with me”

All you heard before he dragged you away were punching sounds.

Jungkook led you to the dance floors with many other people. His hand rested on your waist while you held his shoulder.

“You look stunning tonight” he mumbled, beginning to move you to the slow tune. You hummed in response.

“I was surprised when you showed up” he began again, smiling. “I was almost sure you weren’t gonna show up”

“Hm. I thought I’d entertain you for a while” you replied.

“Oh really?” He smirked, turning you with ease. “And how so?”

“Considering I hate you, I was so sure you could help me with that.” You replied, your brows narrowed. You began moving your waist with a bit more speed and both your gazes hardened.

“You don’t hate me, beautiful girl” (YOU’RE BEAUTIFULLLLLLLL lol okay back to the story) he smirked again. The orchestra took note of the two of you, and the composer instantly got an idea.

The waltz music started becoming more deep, and a bit speedy, but more than enough to keep the sensual atmosphere. The party goers seemed to think this was for entertainment and began watching as yours and Jungkook’s dancing turned intimate. Fast.

“Oh please, you know for a fact that’s bullshit” Jungkook spat, spinning you around. You growled in frustration when your back hit his chest.

“Is it? You had the guy beat up and you did it for my safety??” You asked. Somehow neither of you were aware if the crowd you seemed to gain.

“Hm, like I said. No one messes with what’s mine” he spun you around again until, his hands were dangerously close to your rear.

“I was never yours” you mumbled, a bit sadly. Suddenly, the surprise hit you before you could even register. He grabbed your hips firmly, and leaned your entire body down.

“Did you just dip me?” You asked in shock. You were now staring at the ceiling, the very high ceiling.

“You. Were. Always. Mine” he mumbled before bringing his lips closer and closer. He placed a burning kiss over the front of your neck while your head was leaned back.

He stood you you on your feet and you were trying to register what happened.

You opened your mouth to speak again but you were drowned out with applause and whistles. Your eyes were wide. You gazed around room, beginning to feel foolish.

You turned to glare at Jungkook who only gave you that annoying little smirk. In that moment all you wanted to do what wipe it off. You whipped around, making sure your dress matched your movements for dramatic effect and disappeared into the crowd of people.

You don’t know how, but you ended up on (big shocker), the extravagant roof. You were leaned on the balcony looking around. You could even see your apartment complex from where you stood. It was a cold night. You kind of regretted showing up without something to keep you warm.

“I thought I’d find you out here”

Oh geez, not again.

“Guess I’d better find a better hiding spot then.” You turned around to meet his eyes.

“They’re starting to clear out, if you we’re wondering. You could leave if you wanted” he said. For a minute you though he was being genuine. Until he continued. “Unless you wanted to spend the night with me?” He smirked.

Your clenched your teeth. “You know, your sex jokes are really starting to bum me out” you sighed, crossing your arms. Jungkook shrugged and walked up next to you, leaning on the balcony too.

“So this is what you do when you can’t sleep” he mused allowed. You hummed in agreement, staring up at the sky. “It’s kind of nice”
You didn’t respond for a while. The peace and quiet was something you, without a doubt enjoyed.

“I should go.” You said after a while.

“I’ll uh, walk you out"Jungkook offered. Wow, that was new. You’ve only ever seen him nervous one other time.

You two found yourself at the door where you were led in. It was still hard to believe he actually lived here.

"Uh thanks for uh….saving me” you mumbled. “I guess I owe you one” you continued.

“Not at all” he replied taking your hand in his. You nodded politely. “I’d never let anything happen to you”

You two stood, looking at each other. The moment made everything you said before completely obsolete.
You had no idea what happened, but something in you told you he was telling the truth.

“Um, don’t take this the wrong way but it’s kind if dark out. No cabs are really in service right now. You can’t walk in heels all the way to your apartment-”

You eyes widened at what he seemed to be implying. No, no no! Absolutely no-

“The bathroom is through there.” He said, giving you a neatly folded black button up. “Take as much time as you need.”

“Thanks"you mumbled. When we’re you gonna start following your own advice? You padded into the bathroom and changed your clothes.

When you walked out, you saw Jungkook, completely bare of any shirt but still in his pants. He was leaned back on one arm. A phone to his ear on the opposite hand. You decided to stay quiet and sit next to him while you waited.

He smiled at you a bit when he saw you in his clothes, though that didn’t stop his conversation on the phone. He sat himself up, the hand that been on the bed was now grazing against your bare thigh. You kept quiet as his conversation continued.

Probably like a few minutes later he hung up the phone and threw on the table next to him.

"Hey” he whispered, causing you to smile.

“Hey” you replied. His hand still perched on your thigh, drawing circles into your exposed skin. He sat up until he was as eye level with you, him hovering above you by just a little. You noticed his eyes flicking to your lips.
Okay Y/N, last chance to take your own advice. You could run, or you could let him do what you’ve been wanting him to do since you saw him again.

You leaned your head up and met his lips, kissing him feverishly. His tongue slid through the gap in your mouth and began swirling around. His hands moved to grip onto both of your thighs and yanked you forward so you were straddling him.

“I missed you” he growled between kisses, his nails digging into your skin. No doubt you’d have bruises later on. “Fuck, I’ve missed you”.

You ran your fingers down his chest and up his arms.
“You’re all mine” he mumbled sneakily as you began rocking your hips against his groin. “All mine…”

Suddenly you were pushed backwards onto the bed. A yelp left your body and you saw Jungkook crawling over you. He snatched the hem of your panties and ripped them off.

“Do you know how expensive those were?!” You asked in shock, prompting a chuckle to leave Jungkook.

“Can’t be any more than the sets I’ve ripped from your body before” he chuckled teasingly. “Do you want my hot mouth on you?..do you want me to claim you as my own….do you want me yo make you cum again and again.?” His fingers dipped through your folds teasingly, causing a gasp to shoot from your throat.

“So wet for me….so responsive” he growled…“I hope you’re ready, baby girl…”

(Not a request, just something I’ve been working on since the beginning of forever. )

[fic] sweet dreams [7k] [m] [chp 1 of ?]

jonathan byers/steve harrington/nancy wheeler (stranger things)

Steve maybe isn’t doing so hot right now. But, other than running from the terror of constant nightmares and shrugging his way through a crippling lack of sleep, he’s making do.

After a long and heavy moment, filled with silence and static, Byers asks: “Do you want some company?”

It’s not what Steve expected. Jonathan’s been looking like he’s itching to get out of Steve’s house the second he set foot inside. He hardly looks like he wants to settle in and watch some ball. But, when Steve studies his face, he can’t find anything that resembles reluctance there. Just the soft curves of Jonathan’s face forming into a hesitant smile, a little skeptical, but only because he thinks Steve might say ‘no’. Or ‘maybe another time’. Which is pretty much all Steve has said to either Nancy or Jonathan for a while now when it comes to long-term company.

He feels divided, split open at the seams. Half of him wants to shove Byers out of his house, to not let him in when Steve is feeling so exhausted and emotionally sore. But the other half of him – the one that kept the television on for noise, the one that crushed a pillow to his chest for comfort, the one that fell asleep in the field and dreamed of his friends screaming in terror – that part is much louder. Much more starved.

[read it on ao3]

Color Run

Bucky x reader (I mean, I guess. It’s more implied than anything..)
+ Natasha, Sam, Steve

Summary: You plan a prank after your 5k.

Warnings: nah

Word Count: 1k

A/N: I’ve participated in a couple Color Runs this year and I so badly wanted to hug some unsuspecting person after. But I didn’t so I wrote it instead. I’ll be making a masterlist soon so these things are easy to find. Yay!

You were moving pretty stiffly as you climbed out of Nat’s car. Not that you were in pain–quite the opposite. It’s just that you were trying not to lose all the brightly colored dust that clung to your clothes, arms, face, and hair from the Color Run 5k you’d finished a little while ago.

You groaned as you bumped into the elevator door, causing you to pout as some of the dust floated to the ground.

“You weren’t this uncoordinated when you were jogging, were you?” Nat asked, trying to hide the tilt to her lips and the amusement in her voice.

You almost folded your arms as you sent a half-hearted glare in her direction before realizing it would just dislodge more of the color. “I was fine. It’s just that the drive back to the tower was long enough for my legs to relax a little and now I feel all noodly.”


“Yeah. Noodle-esque. Like a noodle. Shut up Nat, you should be used to my weird-ass vocabulary by now.”

“I do enjoy it.”

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Seokjin Scenario: Follow My Lead.

Request: Could i request a cute/romantic scenario where Jin is y/n first boyfriend and isnt sure about how to handle all her firsts (first movie date, time together etc) including the kiss where Jin has to actually teach her and grade her in a teasing way until she got a hang of it and shes comfortable with all the other skinships. It would be nice if Jin was a little mischievous but still gentle with her. Thank you our fairygodmothers ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 

Genre: Fluff / Romance

Every day was a brand new discovery, or so you described it to him. Each time you got too close and he reached out for you, you either got flustered or giggled until you were getting a little red and precious and if Jin was honest with himself, he just loved each step of being a part of all this. He hadn’t believed that he was really your first boyfriend, you were playful and flirty even if you sometimes didn’t notice it yourself, you were still so innocent beneath all that confidence you had that this was also practically a first to him, being with a girl like you.

He leaned back on the couch with a smile on his lips, waiting for you to be ready. You were going to watch a movie that night at an outdoor cinema and you seemed pretty excited about that idea which was relieving since sometimes he felt like he didn’t know the right ways to go with you to make you feel comfortable enough around him, he’d been thinking a lot for things that you would enjoy without feeling overwhelmed or that he was going too fast because he didn’t want that, he was taking his sweet time with you and actually enjoying it.

–I’m all set! I believe…– you entered the living room with sparkling eyes and looking every definition there was in the dictionary for gorgeous, with tight high waisted black jeans and a light pink cropped sweater that left a bit of your waist exposed. Seokjin walked towards you praying to all the gods he didn’t look like the things he was thinking. –Should I take a jacket with me Jin? I wasn’t sure…–

You were too beautiful and too attractive, if it was for him he would jump right into the part when he could teach you how a good kiss was given, but he just settled for a light kiss on your forehead, you liked those, he could see it in your face whenever he did so, in your body language and the little smile you couldn’t fight away, the same one that bloomed on your lips right then.

–If it gets cold I’ll keep you warm – You giggled, averting your eyes from his and nodding, looking a little flustered but you held his hand and intertwined your fingers with him, which was a nice advance, now you reached for him more often without asking if you could, just because you wanted to and Jin felt proud. –You’re so pretty, did you doll yourself up just for me baby?–

He smirked when your eyes found his again, he made you do a little around for him and then tugged at your hand to pull you closer until you were pressed against his body with one arm sneaking around your waist. You stood there looking at him with big eyes until you brought your hands up to your face to cover half of it, you were laughing cutely. –Well… I, I just…–

–I like it Y/N– he whispered really low, moving his face closer to yours as if he was going to kiss you, but he just stayed with his lips in front of yours, you closed your eyes and he observed your pulse on your neck speeding up and he smirked a little wider, moving to speak next to your ear. –I like it a lot – he said at last, leaving a soft kiss on the place below your ear.

You opened your eyes then, taking a deep breath and biting your lower lip before giggling, you tended to do that a lot when you were nervous and it was cute. –Um… let’s get going, if not we’re going to be late and we don’t want that right? right… –

You laughed some more, turned around and fanned yourself a little and he pretended he didn’t see you do it, your hand kept holding his while you rambled a little, speaking too fast. You raised such tenderness in him, and at the same time Jin was sure you could drive him crazy without even trying to. Seokjin was really into you already, and now tonight than ever, he was up to teach you a few things.

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precision, accuracy, and the pursuit of trueness

precision, accuracy, and the pursuit of trueness
part one. shance. pg-13.
five times lance was oblivious and one time he wasn’t.


Lance knows that he can come on strong. He knows that his pick-up lines are not subtle; that his body language is open and loud; and that his overtures are not always welcome. This is why—when the cute Scalarian he hits on huffs and stalks away—Lance merely shrugs and says, “Well, you miss one-hundred percent of the shots you don’t take.”

To Lance’s right, Hunk heaves a long-suffering sigh. To Lance’s left, Pidge snarks, “With all the shots you’ve taken, you should be better at aiming.”

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