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lee jeno appreciation post

bc he deserves more appreciation????? i don’t understand why yall sleep on him?????

lets start with m’beautiful boys eyes because o my gosh?


um????/ they’re so sparkly and such a nice shape?????? i love them and you should too?????

moving onto his beautiful smile and eyesmile???????? 

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they become like a half moon shape and its so perfect????

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I!!!!!!!!!!!!! love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! his!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! smile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

okay and now,,,,, the way he laughs,,,,, just yall wait to see how cute it is,,,,,,,, just yall wai t

do u see?????? he’s a beautiful bright sunshine boy????????

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did i menTIOn that he can play guitar?????? incredibly well??????

Street Racer!Yoongi

Also before I start this, I realized that I won’t be able to finish this series before the Christmas one begins so I’m gonna write this post and maybe the hobi post depending on what I want to write the next couple days but I’ll be pausing this series to do the Christmas one so that I’m not doing Christmas in January but now it is time for the first half of the Daegu line, my highkey spirit animal, an absolute sweetheart with a smile that could melt anyone’s heart and a laugh that just makes everyone laugh bc it’s so cute I love it, Min Yoongi aka Suga aka Agust D

  • Visuals first bc yes plz
  • Green hair bc that is such an amazing look on him like that was such a good era to us we got so many good looks
  • Street racer!yoon does change his hair color a lo t but it’s not as frequent as normal!yoon does
  • He has the black hair for a while and that looks so fucking good especially bc he’s normally in all black so it’s just the black t-shirt, black jeans the boots and then black hair just take a moment to picture that for a second
  • He’s done the blonde, the pink, the orange all of those amazing colors that he somehow pulls off bc how the fuck does someone even pull off a million different colors idk I would like to know the answer to that though bighit bc you got quite a few boys that manage to look good in literally any color you give them
  • He definitely has some piercings and tattoos
  • Piercing wise, he has a tongue piercing bc why no T, I also just really fucking love the thought of yoongi with lip piercings so he’d have some snake bites, of course a few in his ears
  • He has some tattoos here and there but not too many people see them unless he wears a t-shirt or takes his jacket off
  • He’s got a few on his arms, one on his side, one behind his ear, one on his shoulder, he’s got one on foot that literally no one ever sees besides you and tbh he probably has a couple tattoos done in white that no one can ever see unless he points them out in very certain light
  • He’s got his Bangtan tattoo of course bc he’s gotta represent his boys, he has a lil “B” right below his elbow, on his forearm
  • It’s a perfect spot bc when he’s driving, you can obviously see his arms most of the time so the tattoo shows up and it’s subtle enough that newcomers won’t know what it means but anyone that’s been racing for a while will know exactly what it means
  • He totally goes by the name suga instead of his real name bc he l ovES seeing people laugh about it bc most people don’t connect suga and racing together but then they see him race and all of their smiles are just wiped off their faces when they have to pay up and he just loves it so much
  • He gets this smirk on his face when they’re all :O bc lil suga they were all teasing so much two minutes ago just won the race by a good chunk and now they have to give him his reward, which is usually money but some of the less than wise people who clearly know nothing about him get too cocky and bet a really expensive part for his car or a laptop or something like that
  • Yoongi would drive such nice cars (I mean need I bring up “big house, big cars and big rings”)
  • But he’s also lowkey the type to take a really shitty old car and make it his own like get it new parts, get Jimin to repaint it for him, get Jungkook to help him hook a new radio up to it so when he isn’t racing, he drives that around and it’s like his bby
  • Yoongi is the mechanic of all mechanics, whenever any of the boys have any issues with their cars, even Jungkook, they all go to him bc they know he’s gonna know exactly to do
  • He’s self taught bc from the age of 12, he’s just been toying around with his neighbor’s old car bc his neighbor gave him the okay since he never used it anymore and it was really broken down and it couldn’t even start anymore
  • But lil bby yoongi spent the next few years researching it all and constantly trying new things out and he eventually learns what everything is, what it’s called, why it’s there etc.
  • He gets the best deals on all of the parts bc he’s literally been doing this shit before he could even drive, he used to just sit there and collect any money he could to buy parts for his neighbor’s car (that would actually become his car once he could drive) but now he can get some shit like half off
  • When it comes to racing, long distance is his domain like if you ever wanna lose something just for the hell of it, challenge Yoongi in a long distance race and voila
  • He’s got such amazing control over the entire situation like no one has ever seen him nervous about a race, before, during and after the race, he’s completely calm and it freaks the other racer out so much bc it’s not even like an over confident type of calm where he automatically knows he’s gonna win
  • It’s just a completely calm vibe like you’d think he’s just driving to the store but nah he’s in the triple digits going down an empty street considering putting the top down and letting the wind blow in his hair like should he stop at the bakery after this will it be open this late is the real question
  • He’s the first boy to start racing and then he tells Jungkook about it and kook tells tae who tells chim and it just goes on and on until you have Bangtan formed
  • He’s super open about it with you bc you two meet through hobi and since you already know hobi’s a racer, Yoongi doesn’t really have to explain it
  • You already understand everything about it, why it’s fun, why they do it, what it’s like, hobi’s taken you with him enough times for you to get the gist of it
  • But you’re still curious about Yoongi’s story, what exactly got him into it so he tells you all about how he’d only raced bc he knew it was a quick (pun intended) way to earn money and he needed money for parts but then he ended up falling in love with it
  • He’s totally fine if you drive any of his racing cars, those are kinda come and go cars bc he’s always switching them out so he doesn’t really have much of a connection to them BUT his personal car is still off limits after two years of dating
  • “You could hurt her”
  • “Her?? It’s a car”
  • “Don’t talk about my bby like that”
  • “Oh my god”

also if it isn’t already clear by now, i fully endorse roleplayers who write canon characters that like to joke and say ‘i love my oc’ because……… fandoms and certain branches of story and who knows who else can just demolish your dreams and grossly misrepresent or misinterpret your favorite character and sometimes you put so much effort into a canon character on a blog that they just BECOME your own. your child. like. acd wrote my boy right here, and then sh/er/lo/ck fandom jerkoffs make him this half-baked, sex-crazed thug with zero substance and/or any sense of distinctiveness, so i take him and write him and now he’s my child and he IS basically my oc. so i am 100000% in support of writers that love a character so much, they make them their own. you WRITE those ocs, babes.


All of our mouths simultaneously drop, except Rose who is about to punch him. But she can’t. Hands swoop around her waist from behind.
And Ryke suddenly appears beside Daisy with a murderous glare, directed at the bartender. Oh shit. “Lily,” Lo says my name in my ear.
My chest rises. They’re all back. Unharmed it seems. Even Sam, Poppy’s husband, his jaw unshaven like Ryke, and his features just as masculine as the rest of them.
Ryke has a paper bag in his clenched fist. Cigars, I think. To the bartender, he growls, “I don’t even know what to fucking say to you.”
“I do,” Lo sneers; then he motions between Ryke and Daisy. “They’re together, you dumb fuck. So swallow your tongue. And consider yourself lucky that only three out of eight people pray you choke on it.” I’m guessing that’s Ryke, Lo, and Rose. The hot-tempered triad.
I smile again, even though this is not the time to be smiling like a dopey fool. I just never really saw the three of them as a team like that until now.

i’ve been tagged in this a bunch of times so i frankensteined them all together into one giant get to know me tag :P tagged by @6hyojong @momjeonghan @writeiolite @hansolsdog and i only went back to january so if you tagged me in this before that just… i love you too and i’m sorry i didn’t do it ahh

name: liv (technically olivia but no)
nicknames: sometimes people call me livvy and it’s cute
gender: female
star sign: aquarius
height: 5′3″
sexual orientation: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
hogwarts house: slytherin like half my biases
song stuck in your head: special by lee hi
favorite color: charcoal grey (all greys actually)
favorite animal: SQUIRRELS
favorite food: waffle fries!! and watermelon in summer
time right now: 9:55 am
cat or dog person: por que no los dos?
favorite movie: clueless
favorite tv show: futurama
favorite fictional character: i’ve developed an incredibly soft spot for leo de la iglesia 
favorite singer/band: deftones/seventeen
average hours of sleep: mm 7
how many blankets do you sleep with: 2 and i have like six pillows
dream trip: i’m a nerdy architect so i’ll say either dubai or east asia like shanghai/tokyo/seoul/taipei/hong kong
dream job: municipal architecture, like designing libraries and public housing
last movie watched: back to the future
last tv show watched: rupaul’s drag race (season 6 best season) (#justice4dela)
last thing i googled: it was actually “how to view your search history” but for the sake of this game i’ll go with “can you use bleach alternative on dark clothes” i’m fun i swear
what are you wearing right now: college sweatpants and a crop top and i casually went to breakfast with no bra on whoops
when was this blog created: remade in august ‘16, but i’ve had a kpop blog @ this url since january
do you get asks regularly: occasionally and it’s always a happy surprise
what kind of stuff do you post: as many kpop groups as possible, too much jeonghan, not enough original art
why did you pick your url: it’s english for yoon cheonsa and svt did that andromeda once with the kimbap and the english translation was “please take care of angel yoon” and i melted it sounded so cute 
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Muppy - Laugh at me


I wanna go a day

Where all the light 

Stays Bright and shines on you

Ill stay away

Ill try to pray I make it

Made my life about you

I always tried but you just laughed at me

Love and then fight

I did that happily

I wanna die and you take after me

Open your eyes

Cus this ain’t half of me

*cracks knuckles* and now for some half-white half-mexican lance headcanons that nobody asked for

  • he’s not fluent in spanish because his mom never learned either. her parents didn’t teach her because they wanted her to have an easier time growing up in america, and she and lance feel the effects of that
  • lance’s mom has kind of given up, but lance studies spanish a lot in his free time and he tries to teach his siblings some of it so they can learn early 
  • learning and speaking spanish helps lance feel really in touch with his identity and it makes him really happy
  • in school everyone knows lance for being really good at spanish and they just assume everyone at home speaks it and it makes lance so proud
  • about half of his siblings are white passing and he’s secretly really thankful because that way people will treat them better
  • komo lo zupo
  • he honestly first learned some basic spanish words by listening to latino pop like enrique iglesias and shakira’s spanish songs (he loves lo hecho está hecho) 
  • in 7th grade his ringtone was amor prohibido by selena quintanilla for like the entire year
  • he buys a harry potter book written in spanish in 10th grade to see if he can understand it and he realizes he’s getting most of it and feels like he could just do a backflip
  • he loves the “si ya saben como me pongo pa’ que me invitan” vine
  • sometimes he resents having such a “white” sounding name because it makes people ask him all sorts of questions about where he’s from and what ethnicity his parents are and really, it’s nobody’s business
  • has lots of little nopal charms
  • he looks at himself in the mirror a lot and is just so proud of his brown features and his brown skin 
Babe, Happy Birthday! - Evan Peters Imagine

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Authorsnote: HAPPY BIRTHDAY ESTELLE (@harvest-witch )!! This is a little story I wrote to you on your special day. Hope you enjoy! (And yes I have used her name in this imagine, because I wanted to).

Written by: Astrid 

“Oh, DJ, when you play my song

Make me feel bigger than old King Kong

At the risk of this coming out wrong

Feel like making love with the radio on” You hummed along with the tune of the song, as you half walked, half danced down the street. It was your third day in Los Angeles, and you were loving every second of it! You had just picked up a fresh brewed lemon tea, and you were excited to spend your birthday with Evan. You had seen him every day since you got there, but you missed him when you weren’t together. If you had to admit it, you did have a thing for him, but you couldn’t imagine in a million years he would have feelings for you.

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I Exist-- Some thoughts on Scraps of Representation

There is a joke among some of my friends that I don’t engage with media unless it has wlw in it. (I used to be able to joke back that I got into How to Get Away With Murder just fine, but then that show decided it loved me very much and can no longer be used as a counterpoint.) The point being, I demand representation pretty rigorously. I spent too long without it. I will not settle for erasure or scraps.

Except right now I’m reconsidering the scraps bit.

Recently, Diane Duane released Games Wizards Play, the tenth book in the Young Wizards series, which I have been following for about half my life. Now, YA fantasy is hardly a kind genre to people like me. You may be scrambling to say no, Malinda Lo’s books, no, this one book—but they are exceptions. You have to seek them out. As a teen, I didn’t know what I was, I didn’t want to be anything but a totally normal straight girl. I didn’t know what to look for, wouldn’t have looked for it if I did.

Back to Young Wizards—it’s an incredibly important series to me. One of those things that came into my life at exactly the right time, with concepts and themes that settled into my heart and stayed there.

And Games Wizards Play threw me some scraps. I rolled my eyes a little bit at the minor gay character, because I am a Connoisseur of Gay Representation, please, this is almost quite literally nothing. But then.

Oh, but then.

Page 528, US edition:

“Nope, I’m ace,” she said. Nita blinked.

Asexual,” Lissa said.

Cue the water works. Seriously. I was sobbing with joy over this minor character who got introduced ten books in. I can demand real representation for gay people, for wlw, because I have seen it before, I know it can be done. I have never, in my life, seen the word asexual casually used in a real, published, non-queer lit book. This minor character suddenly meant the world. This small, throwaway scene, ran me straight through the heart. I am real, I exist, I am right here on this page.

I am actually tearing up about it again.

It means so much to me now, when I am 22 and well-versed in all the labels I can use to define myself. If I had seen this at 11, 12, 16, when I had not yet found the words but knew I was not what people said I should be? It would have been world changing.

It makes me look differently at the minor gay character. When I had nothing, he would have been something.

LGBTQIAAP main characters are incredibly important, and we should keep demanding them. I don’t think we always have to be grateful for scraps. But I think it’s important to not discount them. I think it’s important to remember how we would have reacted to them before we knew everything we know now. A minor character might be the only light in the dark for a kid who doesn’t know what they are yet. And it’s incredibly frustrating that there are so many instances when we don’t even get those. There are so many series that I loved that gave no hint to my existence. Young Wizards may not have given me much, I wouldn’t even really call what it did representation, but it told me I exist, it’s telling some kid who just found it at the library they exist, and that’s not nothing. It’s a huge incredible something.

It takes one line. One word. There is no excuse to not throw one word to the people who need it. We can talk all day about good representation and what that constitutes, but in the meantime, just one word is going to make a difference. We need to know we exist. And when we’re children, or teens, we need to know there’s a way to exist when the way we’ve been taught feels wrong.

Everything makes a difference.

And that difference might mean everything.

  • Sorey: *takes a deep breath*
  • Sorey: I lo-
  • Anyone who has spent five seconds around Sorey ever: yes, you love Mikleo, we know, you love Mikleo so much, he's the light of your life, your other half, you love him so much, you just love Mikleo, we KNOW, you love Mikleo you fucking love Mikleo ok we know, we get it, YOU LOVE MIKLEO. WE GET IT.
  • Me: *takes a deep breath*
  • Me: I lo-
  • Anyone who has spent 5 seconds around me ever: Yes, you love C-ta. We know, you love C-ta so much, he's the light of your life, your other half, you love him so much, you just love C-ta. We KNOW. You love C-ta you fucking love C-ta ok we know, we get it, YOU LOVE C-TA. WE GET IT.
  • Rick Riordan: *takes a deep breath*
  • Rick Riordan: i lo-
  • PJO Fandom: yes, you love Percy Jackson, we know, you love writing stories with Percy Jackson so much, he's the light of your life, you love him so much, you just love Jackson and those demigods, we KNOW, you love Percy Jackson you fucking wont stop writing new books about camp half blood ok we know, we get it, YOU LOVE PERCY JACKSON. WE GET IT.

I’ve waited for more than an half of a year to listen to this <3

“ C’è solo amore in noi, SO-LO A-MORE IN NOI …”  (There’s only love in us)


I was bicycling along Sunset Blvd today, going from my apartment in Los Feliz to UCB Sunset when I suddenly missed New York City so deeply I had to pull over and stop for a moment.

I’ve been in LA for a year and a half and I love it. I wasn’t having regrets. It was just a surprise moment when the chemicals in my brain combined and I could suddenly remember very distinctly what it felt like to be walking along the avenue in Manhattan, feeling like the most interesting person in the world just for having the goddamn guts to live there. 

I lived in NYC for (gulp) 17 years and had several lifetimes while I was there. Most of my memories are attached to the UCB theatre, which I was involved with for the final 13 years. But oddly when I’m missing NYC my brain takes me back to the very first two years, when living there was such an exciting novelty that I would sometimes just run down the street as fast as I could, overcome with the reality that I had actually moved to New York.

My first job in NY was for a finance company in midtown. I had to be there by 6:30am, and I would take Microsoft Word documents containing financial predictions for the stock market, and I would have to format them as text documents which would accepted by then-new online financial news services. I was done by 3pm. All for a decent salary and generous benefits package. This job, although boring, made me feel safe enough to come to the city from rural New England and so I was grateful for it.

I’d get out of the subway at 6:15 am at the 50th street stop on the 1/9. The streets were still quiet at this time. You could smell all the coffee being brewed in the bagel carts, and sometimes see the newsstands opening up. I’d buy a coffee from the same guy and walk across 50th street. 

The only people up were either finance people in their suits and big thick coats OR service industry people going to work their shift cleaning/cooking etc. 

I’d see Letterman’s studio to 2 blocks up to my left, and Times Square 7 blocks down to my right. I knew where DC Comics’ and Mad Magazines’ offices were and I’d look up at them, too (they had Superman logos and thing in their windows). I also walked by Rolling Stone’s offices (2nd floor of a building on Sixth Avenue) and you could see guitars and magazine covers on the walls through their windows.

I was so excited just to know how to get around in the city. How the subway worked, where my restaurants were, where to buy clothes, etc. I was for REAL and everyone else in the world were COWARDS.

At my job, the finance jerks were jerks, which thrilled me in that they were fulfilling their stereotype. Lots of dumb dirty jokes, lots of impressively tailored suits. They were all crude (men and women) but they were also smart and capable which for me made them easy to work with. It was my first job that more than covered my rent and so I felt like the richest man in the world, even though I was the poorest guy in the building.

I’d sit at my desk and start editing the Word Docs. I had a “squawk box” which meant I could hear the morning meeting of the finance guys going over what they thought the market would do. I remember hearing the meeting the day after a big plane crash from a discount airlines Valu-Jet. The airlines guy was so mad because the company had been poised to really turn a big profit but this “one, OUTLIER of a STUPID accident” had thrown those plans into chaos.

Every time the Dow broke another 1000 points, there would be a champagne toast by the reception desk. 

One of the researchers was a brassy chick from Hoboken who’d tell me about the idiots she’d met in bars the past weekend. Another guy, the youngest researcher in the company, grew up on the Upper East Side, was obssesed with the Foo Fighters and would tell me about his family’s insanely opulent vacations. One of the temps was getting her doctorate in sociology and was dating an editor from The Nation and she invited me to their joint birthday party at which I met Lemony Snickett (whatever his real name is). A woman in my department was from China, and it turns out lived in my apartment building, splitting a room with her older sister. She told me a crazy story about how on her deathbed her Mandarin Chinese mom had given her a list of ethnic preferences from which to choose a husband. First: Mandarin Chinese. Second: NYC Jewish. Third: Cantonese Chinese. In last place was Vietnamese! She once surprised me at my apartment with some Chinese meal where some rice is wrapped up in what looks like corn husks, and I feel like she was flirting with me but I was at least a personality change and a half from being bold enough to do anything about that.

I got out in time to do an open mike at FOUR O CLOCK PM up near Columbia University. I started taking an improv class at Chicago City Limits because a guy on the Real Estate Trust desks had let slip that he took one. I was funnier than HIM, I knew, so that emboldened me.

I subscribed to the New York Times. I dropped off my clothes to be washed and they got delivered to my door.  I fell in love ten times a day with people I’d see on the street for five seconds. I saw Allen Ginsburg do Buddhist chants in Central Park. I saw Yoko Ono and Sean Lennon do a (ridiculous) concert. I went to CBGBs and saw insane bands including Hellvis and Fly Ashtray. I bought the final issue of the initial run of Love and Rockets Comics at St. Marks Bookstore. I attended a taping of a They Might Be Giants live album in my first month there. I walked by Woody Allen directing a scene.  I passed Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson going into the Union Square movie theatre. I visited Jack Kirby’s birthplace, as well as Spider-Man’s. One Saturday morning, I walked the entire length of Broadway from 218th street down to Battery Park. I saw the Red Sox when they came to Yankee Stadium. I met a cool journalist from Columbia who looked as hot as Jodie Foster and had gotten a 4.0 from UC-Berkeley and we dated a few years. I went running in Riverside Park – from Grant’s Tomb all the way down to the statue of Eleanor Roosevelt. I read the Village Voice and the NY Press and I’d scour the comedy listings to see what was good. I got stand-by tickets and saw a taping of SNL (Teri Hatcher hosting, Dave Matthews Band musical guest). I saw Dave Chapelle and Ray Romano do a show at the Comedy Cellar. I was watching a show at Gotham Comedy Club when David Brenner dropped in and did a set. I saw the U-C-fucking-B before they had a theatre.

Everyone wants that comparison: New York vs LA? Which do you like better? I was asked that when I had lived here in Los Angeles for three days! We humans, we do love to rate and list and compare.

The real answer is that it doesn’t matter, that it’s comparing apples and oranges. NYC is ten million people and is probably the oldest Real City in American. LA has four million, perfect weather and was founded ten years ago. They’re on different scales. Your life is more about your internal mindset, and whether or not you have 3 or 4 closest friends to connect with.

I don’t regret leaving NY at all! I’m so happy here it’s crazy. But it still hits me hard now and then, how cool it was.