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Week #1 (Jan 2nd - 8th): Favourite Episode(s).
Week #2 (Jan 9th - 15th): Favourite Scene(s).
Week #3 (January 16th - 22nd): Colours.
Week #4 (January 23rd - 29th): Black and White.
Week #5 (January 30th - February 5th): Lyrics.
Week #6 (February 6th - 12th): Favourite Quote(s).
Week #7 (February 13th - 19th): Underrated Moment(s).
Week #8 (February 20th - 26th): Favourite Relationship.
Week #9 (February 27th - March 5th): Favourite Location/Realm.

Things You Said in a Hotel Room

A/N: bus kids  (s4 hiatus) The first night they share a room since Daisy’s return she realizes Jemma is not as okay as she would have the rest of them believe.

Huge thank you to @agentcalliope for helping bring this to the finish line!

~1900 words

read on ao3

“Really?” Daisy asks, rolling her eyes to the heavens when they stumble exhaustedly into their cheap motel room and find only one bed shoved into a corner against the mirrored closet doors.

“We could call the front desk…” Jemma suggests half-heartedly.

It’s past midnight, though, and if any of the ten seedy rooms in this place is a double they’re all silently hoping Mack, Coulson, and Mace drew the lucky roomkey.

Daisy drops her bag on the ground by the foot of the bed with a resigned sigh. “Hello floor, old buddy, old pal.”

“Don’t be ridiculous,” Fitz scoffs, dropping his own bag next to hers. “You’re still healing. You and Jemma can have the bed.”

An argument follows, consisting mostly of the two of them playing tug-of-war over the extra sheets, and Jemma trying to convince them both there’s plenty of room for all three of them on the bed. (There really isn’t.)

In the end, though, Fitz wins. Only because Daisy flexes her wrist wrong and winces and the other two pounce on the sign of weakness.

None of them bother  changing. Daisy does a hasty scrub job so her mascara doesn’t end up all over the pillow, then eases herself onto the mattress, trying to leave as much space between her and Jemma as possible.

Of course they’ve shared many beds many times: on missions that went long, when they fell asleep watching a movie or got too drunk to stumble back to their own bunks or just when the night was too big to be alone. They both know Jemma hogs the covers and Daisy always ends up a little sideways, that Jemma likes sleeping by the window and Daisy hates being the closest to the door. Jemma’s warmth at her back is usually a comfort.

But it is the first time they’ve done this since her return, since Hive, since Daisy changed . As she thinks about the last time they were here, staying up far later than they should to whisper under the sheets, giggling like little girls at a slumber party, it draws into stark relief what a different person Daisy has become, and she imagines that darkness seeping across the bleached sheets between them. And she doesn’t think it’s her imagination that Jemma’s equally as tense on the other edge of the bed. She must feel it too.

Daisy shouldn’t be this close to her. She shouldn’t be this close to any of them.

It takes her a long time to fall asleep.

Daisy wakes to something hitting her hard enough in the stomach to knock some of the breath out of her. For a moment she can only gasp, disoriented in the darkness, but then something smacks into her shoulder and instinct kicks in. She grabs her assailant by the wrist, twists, and only the high-pitched whimper makes her stop.

“Jemma?” she croaks as a knee slams into her hip. She dodges a blow aimed at her face, feels herself being shoved toward the edge of the bed. “What the hell is going on?”

anonymous asked:

The finale will be very chaotic but do you think that Carol's return to the ASZ will be played up in regards to Daryl? Will they share a moment? Maybe a kiss? And where do you see their storyline going in S8? I just can't see anymore separations

I think that it’s possible that Carol and Daryl will reunite in the finale. Even though it’s chaotic, there could still be time for a reunion. But I’d only be expecting a hug from that reunion. And that would be totally fine with me, because this is Gimple and dragging the kiss out till 8.01 would be his idea of “good story telling”. If we get a hug in the finale, and then have them hyping up Caryl, I’ll be happy during that hiatus. 

I expect that we will probably get canon in S8. The first half. Because there is the inevitable talk that they have to have about Daryl lying to Carol about Glenn and Abe. And I imagine that will get pretty emotional, and put them even closer to canon. At least make their feelings even more clear. Also I think that it’s plausible that Carol will tell Daryl about Lizzie and Mika when they talk about Glenn and Abe and his imprisonment. It would make sense for her to do it when they’re getting all the secrets out of the way. 

I’m sure there will be more separations to come, because that’s how things go. But in S8, I don’t think there will be nearly as many. Mainly because it seems clear to me already that both Carol and Daryl really will not want to part in 7x10. It will be extremely difficult for both of them. Which makes me believe that once they’re reunited again, they won’t want to be apart as often. They’ll grow together more, as a couple. 

Right now, I feel very positive about Caryl going canon in season 8 because I feel like 7x10 will dash the ambiguity and make their feelings for each other clear. At least, that’s how it seems right now, imo. :) 


[[ Dear all, as most of you know, I have been dealing with some lack of inspiration to write lately. I just don’t feel my muse that much anymore, which makes it rather hard to portray him.
Another issue I have is my general lack in writing skill, which is kinda frustrating for me, but it doesn’t bug me that much, since I’m aware learning to write in a language, which isn’t my mother tongue might take a lot of time. And also, I have been rather busy lately too. But even though those issues are secondary, they still increase the frustration I feel about writing in general.
So I thought instead of giving you half-assed replies, I will call semi-hiatus and be done. I have done nothing, but procrastinate anyway, the status update is only there to take away some of the pressure I feel to not let people wait for replies.
Why semi-hiatus and not full hiatus? Well, because I will probably still reply to some threads, especially those I have plotted together with some of you, since they feel easier to reply to, because I know where the story is heading. I might as well write crack and light-hearted threads, as well as AUs. The reason is, with those I feel like having more freedom to portray Griffith in a different light.
Canon verse threads will not be dropped, but I will take my time with those. They are too much for me to handle right now.
This won’t last forever though. I just need time, maybe some rereading of the manga, writing some metas, etc. until I start feeling my muse again. ]]

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Really Lou? You see them getting married right away after reuniting? Which means potential wedding this season? Ok, now you've gotten me all excited! LOL! Felicity proposing over the comms? Field wedding perhaps? Or a quick ceremony they throw together after they take down Prometheus in the first half of the finale? Hehe! But they can't show us a wedding without showing us the wedding night!! I mean COME ON!! :p For me personally though, I'd just be happy to see them back together again. :)

Well, I’m certainly not ruling out a wedding this season, Nonnie. But I definitely see them planning on getting married right away. Whether that takes us over the hiatus and come back to a wedding, I don’t know. However, the different dynamic of a married Olicity works neatly into the idea of a soft reboot for next season that MG was talking about. We have a different dynamic to the team after the dust settles of S5 and we’re no longer working through Oliver’s recovery. 

At least, that’s what I’m guessing. :D 


Hey everyone!
I’m sure y’all know that this blog is pretty much half-dead (or like almost fully dead) and I just want to apologise for it. School finally started this February and everything’s been,, hectic to say the least ;u; That’s why I don’t think I’ll be able to keep with a regular/frequent upload schedule for this blog. Don’t worry though! I definitely will come around to finishing those requests already in the inbox so I’ll get to them eventually.
I also really want to thank you for your support of this blog and how patient you’ve all been. I’m just so happy and humbled that you enjoy the content on the blog and I hope to keep making quality stuff for y’all! Till then, feel free to head on over to the Discord server (link in the description) and make yourself at home even if it’s a little quiet. c:
I’ll still be open for any non-request asks so feel free to send those in if you wanna talk!

ooc.♥ this post for a short starter when i get out of the shower ??? i’ve put my main blog on hiatus so i’m going to focus more on here now, also don’t be afraid to start up multiple threads if you’d like !!


I guess this is it. First of all, thank you so much to everyone who still actually follows me even though I kept going on hiatus for like half of my tumblr stay lmao. I don’t understand how I’m still able to have so much amazing followers in my entire stay here because I’m just a lame naruto weeb trash blog. But thank you so much to each and every one of you guys!!! I hope you guys won’t get tired of blogging and still enjoy Naruto even if the manga already ended.

Secondly, thank you so much to my senpais and the people I follow. I did lose a lot of interest from Naruto ever since the manga ended, but following a lot of you guys made me still have a little bit of motivation to click that reblog button once in a while. To all the fan artists, graphic and edit makers, and fanfic writers, don’t ever stop doing what makes you guys happy! I hope you guys will continue to shower this amazing fandom with all your fantastic edits, fanfics, and art! Keep up with the wonderful work!

Lastly, a lot of people told me that I should just switch fandoms and continue to blog here in tumblr, but the deciding factor for me leaving is definitely because of my grades. My GPA used to be pretty high, but every time I come back from hiatus, my grades would always suffer. Right now, I have so much pressures and expectations that I have to fulfill, and I really want to try my best to in my studies because I know I can do so much better than what I can right now.

So yeah! Thank you Naruto fandom for being such a great fandom! We all have our ups and downs, but we’re all still one big ninja clan! Thank you so much for all the love, and I hope you guys continue to be a wonderful fandom. I’m pretty sure there are much better Naruto blogs than this one ahahahhaa.

Don’t worry. I won’t delete this blog. I don’t want to delete the doujins my sister and I have translated over the years and the mangacaps/edits I’ve made.

To my mutuals, don’t worry!! I can chat here once in a while to catch up (since I won’t delete this blog), but I’ll most likely be late in replying, haha.

Once again, the reason why it took me a long time to leave Tumblr was because of my followers ;A;. All 18k of you guys are such precious people to me, and I thank you guys for sticking up to me whenever I make stupid rants here. Love you guys and stay amazing! Don’t ever forget about Naruto! Never give up on your dreams, and always work hard for them. Just like Naruto! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

さよなら!!    \^ウ^/ Thank you Naruto fandom! I’ll be taking my leave now. For good this time. I think since Naruto already ended, I can leave this blog without any worries haha. Goodbye, and I hope you guys will still have fun blogging here! (≧∇≦)/

lenaluthers  asked:

Stranger things :))

thanks for sending it in!! 

  • all-time favorite character: dustin! he’s so adorable i love him :)
  • character I didn’t used to like but now do: hopper
  • character I used to like but now don’t: i have no idea, the demogorgan?
  • character who deserved better: BARB or benny
  • ship i’ve never been able to get into: joyce and hopper, it’s cute though
  • ship i’ve never been able to get over: JANCY
  • cute, lowkey ship: mileven, lil cuties
  • unpopular ship but i still enjoyed it: I think barb and nancy had a cute friendship
  • ship that was totally wrong and never should have happened: hmm im not sure
  • my favorite storyline/moment: jonathan, nancy and steve killing the demogorgan
  • a storyline that should have never been written: stop hurting eleven and will
  • my first thoughts on the show: i thought it was a horror show and closed my eyes for half of the first episode
  • my thoughts now: this hiatus is killing me!

send me a tv show!


After half a year of hiatus and spending much of my time either working in a hospital’s laboratory or traveling locally here in my country, Wordstuck is back!

Launched 3 years ago and one of the very first blogs that feature words and phrases, mostly untranslatable, around the world, & though many writers and artists started to create their own similar blogs and projects since then, I really appreciate that you’re still following Wordstuck. From the bottom of my heart, this really means so much to me!

Also, I’m glad that I’m still receiving messages from most of you, though I can’t promise to answer all of them.

To anyone residing here in the Philippines, I’ll be having a giveaway soon (probably a week or two, when I have enough donations from friends and sponsors already :D), and one of these will be a set of words from this blog in calligraphy.

Thank you!


07x23 “Survival of the Fittest” / 11x23 “Alpha and Omega”

A Perfect Circle: The River Ends at the Source - From Purgatory to the Garden?

Part I of ∞ in the Series “Of Blood, Bone and Darkness”: A Carver Era Rewatch Hiatus Meta-Series

“It’s like the backside of your worst nightmare. All blood, bone and darkness.”
- Bobby Singer describing purgatory in 6x12 “Like A Virgin”

Technically the quote above predates Jeremy Carver’s time as a showrunner on Supernatural by one and a half seasons and yet that very line in more ways than one seems to sum up with only a handful of words quite perfectly some huge and vital aspects and topics of the show spanning from S8 to S11. And even though strictly speaking 7x23 “Survival of the Fittest” was written by Sera Gamble and therefore not yet truly part of Jeremy Carver’s run, just like 11x23 “Alpha and Omega” written by Andrew Dabb can be considered to no longer having been part of it either, in this kickoff meta these two episodes will be the ones to look at as they served as the beginning and ending points of the big story of individuation and coming of age centered around one hunter named Dean Winchester.

“Dad wants us to pick up where he left off. Saving people, hunting things, the family business.”

This line is probably one of the most iconic lines of Supernatural as a whole. Dean was the one to say this to Sam in 1x02 “Wendigo” when he was still young, wide-eyed and crouching on the muddy ground in the middle of the woods hunting a wendigo. It’s not accidental that Carver Era kicks off with 8x01 “We Need to Talk about Kevin” having this line repeated and said by Jensen Ackles from the off in Dean’s voice some seven seasons later and a lot more worn down set to the recap of S7. That was in so far also a genious touch as the way 1x02 “Wendigo” starts out

is mirrored in 8x01 “We Need to Talk about Kevin”

and it alludes to one thing rather directly: the aspect of duality, because it frames Dean from the very moment he returns to earth as the monster and it is the monster inside, his darkness that he reconnected with in “God’s armpit” as Dean called it himself, that would determine his arc all throughout Carver Era.

More on all this in the next installment though, for now back to the beginning and the ending of Carver Era, back to 7x23 “Survival of the Fittest” and 11x23 “Alpha and Omega”, because both of these episodes draw their importance and meaning not only in how they are alike, but more so in how they differ, because in many ways one can consider the two season finale cliffhangers as polar opposites and yet to be forming a perfect circle.

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Welcome Home (A Dirty Harry Styles Imagine) *Requested*

Your POV

Harry had been gone on tour, and you missed him dearly. Don’t get the wrong idea you loved being around him, but you really really missed the sex. You weren’t like a little sex addict but you were a women with needs. And it didn’t help the fact that your boyfriend was always half way across the world. But, they were going on a hiatus and you were so happy to finally be able to spend time with your boyfriend.

But, you knew he was going to come home hungry and tired. You didn’t want to have him working hard on his break. So, you knew exactly what to do. You got up and for dressed in your best new lingerie. Did your makeup even though it would possibly get ruined. Fixed your hair and then got on your black Christian Louboutins. You put on a robe and walked downstairs and started to fix him dinner.

Harry’s POV

I walked out of the airport. I was so happy to finally be home. And then, I’ll be home with my Babygirl. But, most of all to be home in London my home town. And be able to sleep in my own bed. I’m going to miss the boys and being on stage, yes. But, nothing is better than being home with my family. Especially since I haven’t seen them in forever. It’s going to be a great vacation.

I got in the cab, got home. I walked in. “Y/N! I’m home.”

I saw her walk over to me, she had a silk robe on and I hoped that it was something sexy underneath. “Hi babe. I missed you.”

I hugged her, “Missed you to.”

“I fixed you dinner, come on.”

We walked into the dining room, ate dinner. Eventually we went into our bedroom, and then as soon as I was near our bed. I felt her push me onto the bed, “Eager are we?”

She smiled shyly, “I missed you a lot.”

I smirked, “As I missed you baby. Come here, Yaa?”

She nodded and came over to me. Now, it’s time for some fun.

Your POV

As soon as you walked over to him, he pulled you close and started taking off your robe, he groaned seeing you in his favorite lingerie you owned. He flipped you both over and smirked down at you. “I’ve been waiting to taste you since I got on that plane.”

He slid your panties down with his teeth, then he kisses up your right leg, once he reached your thighs he pulled away. He spread your legs and blew cool air on you sending you chills on your body. “I love how your body reacts to me baby.” He licked a long slow lap up your folds, then swirled his tongue around your clit. “Stay still baby.”

You tried your best to keep your breathing steady, but Harry wasn’t making this easy on you. His tongue started exploring more and more of you. He’d go In, right, swirl, left, out, then back in and curl his tongue. He knew how to make you want him. “Oohh Harry.”

Harry’s POV

I felt so good, knowing I was gone for so long and I can still make her want me that badly. But, I decided to tease her, I didn’t let her cum. “I want you to cum from me fucking you. Understand?” I slide up and get off her, I start slowly taking off my clothes to tease her even worst.

She nodded, quickly, “Yes, Harry I understand.” I laid down and pulled her over to me.

“I want you to ride me Babygirl. Do all the work for me, okay?” She nodded, and got on top of me. As soon as she slid down onto me, we both moaned at the feeling.

Your POV

This is exactly, what you wanted. Sex with Harry was always more than amazing. But, since it was so long of a wait it felt better than you remembered. He felt so big inside you, it was honestly the best feeling in the world. You knew you were being a bit loud, but you were in too much pleasure to care.

Eventually, Harry was getting close to his climax and he started meeting your hips when you went down against him. “Fuck, baby I’m close.” He started rubbing your clit making you feel in complete bliss.

Once, you both felt your climax, you saw complete black, everything felt fuzzy. You finally open your eyes and see Harry holding you. “You alright baby? You went into subspace a bit.”

You nodded, “I’m fine. Glad your home. I love you.”

He smiled, “I love you.” He pulled you into his arms and held you close, “And for the record, I’m glad, I’m home to because once you get up to shower, we’re going at it again.”

You didn’t have a problem with that at all. You were away from each other quite a bit.

(A/N: Anonymous requested some Harry smut. Hope this is good, it’s really similar to my Zayn one…..sorry.)


This is fanart for Rewind and Replay fic by @skelegirl-fanfic !
The reader is not exactly Frisk, but I view it like that hahaha. I really liked this fic! It even had some alternate endings(one if the ending is EVIL) it’s really cute hhh. If you’re interested, might as well check her whole Rewind series! It is on hiatus though.

Uuh I think I’ve started drawing this on 16 March? But my procrastination is so strong it just done now o)–( I’m really putting my effort on the background, I know it’s not even the neon blue part of waterfalls in the fic, but I just want to draw that beautiful neon blue part of waterfall I kind off make it half neon blue and half normal? Hope you don’t mind that!
the echo flower seeds didn’t really noticeable at the end I think *cries* I ended up can’t decide between adding the dialogues or leave it plain so… voila, 2 pictures.

people who comment things like “I wish SHINee was more popular” and “even though they aren’t a big deal I still love them” on SHINee’s music videos make me want to walk off the face of the earth